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 IronStylus Explains;

IronStylus, known from the designs of Leona and Diana who recently joined the rework team had the following to say on why the time required for reworks is much more than the time needed for new champions or skins

So, if we're talking about visual reworks, it can take a while. Despite the character being already established, the in-game asset is completely different. This breaks down into these resources needed:

  • Concept
  • 3D modelling
  • Texture
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • VFX
So, that's pretty standard for any champion, original or rework. A new champion currently has 1 skin it releases with. A reworked champion can have a lot, take Ashe or TF for example. So, in the case of Ashe, let's say, that's five skins plus base. Despite two of her skins being essentially recolors, that's still 3 others that need new models, new textures plus custom rigging and animation support to flesh them out. Remember, no original rig remains. That's a really big deal if you know anything about animation. If you don't. trust me, it's a big deal. Depending on those skins, that might be several different sets of particle effects, again, depending on complexity. If we're doing a severe overhaul like we did with Soraka, that's pretty much taking on a brand new champion because we've brought in the other disciplines such as creative to work on new VO and other story elements. Also, since the old Soraka was appropriately disposed of in a back alley never to be heard from again, that required a brand new concept of her which required the standard amount of scrutiny and sign-off.

Twisted Fate was another such situation. Pretty much a reboot in a lot of ways.

On top of all that, add to the fact that it is our mission in these cases to retain the iconicism of a character beloved by millions and increase it's fidelity and consistency across the board. That's a pretty hefty job. With an existing champion you have a huge open sandbox. With a rework you have a framework that you must preserve. It's like reconstructing a historic landmark.

Just the other day I joined the relaunch team. It's something I plan on talking about more extensively in a couple of weeks. We're currently a pretty small team with not a ton of resources compared to Champion and Skins. But we've got a huge responsibility. I volunteered to be the dedicated concept artist for the team because we were lacking such a resource and right now I feel it's the best use of my time. I want to be able to take what everyone knows and loves about the champions on our list and be able to bring them up to the standard we now have with our current champions, but also to take some of that consistency we apply to our reworks, apply that to current champions and project that to future champion development.

By reworking the past we therefore improve the future. When we make the present consistent, we improve the past. Sort of Orwellian now that I think about it...

Zed Feedback

Riot is looking for feedback on Zed, who is currently on the PBE. You can contribute to the discussion here.

Hey guys, we're looking for some specific feedback on some of Zed's abilities. If you've played as or against him, could you answer the following questions?

Is there any part of his ultimate that you don't understand when playing against him or as him?
Are you ever confused or frustrated when using the ultimate?

Is there any part of Shadow Slash (his spinning E) that you don't understand when playing against him or as him?
Are you ever confused or frustrated by how his Shadow Slash works?

PBE FAQ updated

What is the Public Beta Environment?

The Public Beta Environment (PBE) is a test environment used to collect feedback and bug reports for content being prepared for release to live environments. The environment is not meant for those wanting to simply try out the newest Champion or feature, but rather, for those who would like to partake in helping us ensure that we release only the top quality of features to our players.

How do I join?

You can find the sign up form here:

Please note that signups are closed from time to time so you may need to try back at a later time. Additionally, if you are having trouble signing up, please make sure that PBE is selected as the region and you enter your birthday in the following format: DD-MM-YYYY.

Where can I download the client?

You can download the client here:

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you need to reset your password, please visit
Click on Login in the upper right hand corner of the page to proceed.

How do I get level 30 on my account?

Upon creating an account, you will automatically be leveled to 30. Please relog if you do not see this immediately. If you are still having issues, a quick bot game should resolve the problem.

How do I get IP/RP on my account?

Accounts are granted 10,000 IP and 4,000 RP when first created. Please give up to an hour for this to be granted to your account. Additionally, for those of you who are active on the PBE, weekly stipends of both IP and RP are granted on Sundays. If you fail to receive your initial or weekly stipends, please submit a bug report. Please note, however, that you will not receive a weekly stipend if you already have large amount of IP/RP on your account.

Can I buy RP on the environment?

There’s no need!

How do I report the bug I found?

When reporting a bug, please take a quick look at the forums to determine if it has already been reported. If it has, please submit your feedback on that forum thread to keep the conversation consolidated. If no thread can be found, please follow the steps here to submit your bug report:

How do I submit feedback on a new character/feature/etc?

Similar to submitting a bug report, if you would like to provide feedback on the newest champion or feature released on the PBE, please do a quick scan of the forums to see if the subject has already been created. If so, feel free to post your feedback in that thread and talk with your fellow PBE’ers about the new content!

If you cannot find a thread discussing what you would like to provide feedback on, feel free to post a thread about it!

Why is there a login queue?

When new content is released on the PBE, we see an influx of players attempting to login. This number typically exceeds the number of players we allow on the environment so a queue will form. Please note that when the maximum number of players on the environment is reached, the timer on the login queue may not update appropriately.

Why is the queue for my game so long?

With the size of the PBE being small in comparison to our other environments, some queues may take longer to populate. If you are experiencing longer-than-normal queues, trying starting a Custom Game or joining a different queue.

Why is my ping so high?

The PBE is used by players around the world while the servers are located in Northern American. If you are playing from a location outside of North America, you will experience higher-than-normal ping.

What is the gold medal symbol in the upper right hand corner of my client?

This is the Korea-specific feature testing for PC Bang rewards. Please visit this thread for details:

Where can I chat with my fellow testers?

Come hang out in Public Chat 1 and share what you found with other players on PBE. Generally, you will find a few Rioters around as well who are happy to receive your feedback, answer your questions, and occasionally play a game with a few people in the channel.

You can auto join this chat upon login by doing the following:

Step 1: Upon starting up the PBE client go the "View your chat rooms control panel" button located in the center bottom of your friends list tab.
Step 2: Click "Public Chat Room One"
Step 3: Click the gear in the top right corner.
Step 4: Click the Auto Join On Start Up Button.

Can I get punished for bad behavior on the PBE?

Please note that we do not tolerate abuse of the Summoner’s Code on any environment, including the PBE. If you are found to be harassing, trolling, abusing others, you will be banned from the PBE. We typically enact much harsher punishments on the PBE because we would like the environment to remain a viable place to test the new content.

Where can I find patch notes?

We currently do not post patch notes when we release new content but many players often do so a quick search of the forums may yield results. From time to time, you may see a post relating to new content to pinpoint your testing foci.

What can I discuss from the PBE?

There is no Non-Disclosure Agreement for the PBE.
You are welcome to discuss anything that is patched to the Public Beta Environment, although we would prefer it if you keep most bug reports and feedback contained to the PBE forums.



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