Season 3 PBE: First Impressions

With the release of numerous changes on the PBE last night, our writing team was unleashed on to the Rift, to put the changes through their paces. Below the bloggers speak their mind on the changes. Make sure to leave your comments below on what you think of the changes.



Too many item changes, will be very difficult to balance the game. DFG OP - amazing single target Vlad ulti. Veigar and Syndra gonna have a heyday. Masteries could use some more changing still. Overall the feel is pointed in the right direction just off a bit it seems. The jungle is okay. Leashing is weird and a bit harder now. Overall meh - I can get used to it.

Read on for more insights!


Were the play-testers 7 mages, 2 ADs, and a guy who hates bruisers?


I like what I have seen, tried and read.  Some of the new AP items are amazing and I feel like all AP Carries scale really well now.  Expect nerfs to those AP's that already do I say.  The new support items have me smiling.  One to cleanse my AD, another to basically allow another champion (maybe even me!) initiate team fights.  One prediction someone made was that Season 3 was going to be more aggressive and I cannot disagree.  Offensive items are overall cheaper and small defensive items (like chain vests) cost more.  This is going to be a wild ride.


After playing on the PBE, the new shop and HUD changes are welcome additions. They are moving in the right direction and I like a lot of the mastery changes they tweaked them but didn't completely overhaul the trees as I thought might happen.

As for items, it's a whole slew of new stuff ranging from ridiculously strong (new DFG is bonkers, all AP items in general very strong), to a lot of weird attack speed items that seem situational at best (Statikk Shiv). Tanks seem a bit underwhelming with the defensive item adjustments but Blade of the Ruined King and Black Cleaver as both excellent addition to bruiser damage items. I think items definitely need some tweaking with this much coming out it's going to be difficult to balance it.

I haven't gotten to experience the jungle firsthand, but the new jungle items seem quite good but I'll leave the bulk of the jungle impressions to Stonewall!


The item rework will bring in a drastic change to the way the game is played. I'm especially excited for the support items and I think they may bring back the roaming meta - one can only wait and see.
The jungle rework I particularly enjoy - purely because my AP carry will not be taking half my jungle now - not early on anyway. So more creeps for me - yay!
The masteries changes seem strong. You now have more options and it feels like you can have stronger options for your role thanks to masteries. The % increase in resistances and the attack speed for every crit seem particularly effective.


So that's what our writing team thinks about the changes. We've heard enough of these bloggers chatter on. Let's hear what you think of the changes - are they yay or nay?



  • #34 Douggie

    Problem I see is in the first example why even run flash as a spell. Playing in the beta, damage is just ridiculously high. There is almost no survivability until you have like 4 defense items and even then you still melt. A bruiser running 9/21/0 in masteries just melts to everyone in the beta right now. I'd rather pop their flash and try again over not even being able to use it.

  • #37 CommissarTaco

    Flash not being a must-have is a good thing.


  • #11 ghetifal

    Agreed, classic hashinshin. Absolutely zero meaningful or useful content.

  • #26 CrazedMcCrazy

    We're all glad your dumb ass got the joke...

    Also, your comment, on the other hand, is definitely the prime example of meaning and useful content, right?

  • #9 guy420

    Bitches dont know 'bout my support ashe.

  • #6 SY23

    Bruisers, with their decent damage output and new item choices, are fine. Playing a tank however is just pointless in the current state of things. All the Chos, Leonas, Maokais etc. just evaporate now as if they were no tankier than a Veigar. I think they overdid it AND failed to address the most ailing issues - AD OPness, mobility creep and bruiser impact. I'm not liking the rework so far. I'll get used to it and just play assassins (who feel quite awesome, esp. early-mid game) until the dust settles, but I'm not quite sure if this is the right direction.

  • #12 ChaosBloodterfly

    Cho is more of a bruiser than a tank.

  • #16 OuterRaven

    Cho can be both at the same time, the health he gets from his ult lets him build bruiser items or AP items and still be tankier than most champs.

  • #27 Stetto

    I expect pure tanks to still be strong, because they offer a huge amount of CC. If burst damage becomes even more dominant, CC will get even more important, too.

    If Leona manages to catch an important target with her CC and allows her team to finish the target quickly, then she'll still survive longer than an assassin or carry. Feel free to focus her, she'll be glad about it.

    But this is just theoretical. I haven't played on the PBE yet. Maybe I'm completely wrong.

  • #5 Cerbereth

    At first I saw Elementz had moved Syndra up to tier 3 and I was like Elementz your an idiot Syndra sucks. Then I saw what you wrote about Deathfire Grasp, and I was like dammit I'm a idiot she's awesome now.

    Veigar still better though and guess who bought a veigar skin on sale months ago. (winning)

    Hashinshin- Obviously there were 7 mages 2 adcs a guy who hates bruisers and a support player. Wards don't just suddenly become free for no reason.


  • #13 ChaosBloodterfly

    Ironically, top lane is usually the only other person that buys wards in middle ELO, since the support is all the way down bot. 

  • #2 FinalValkyrie

    Too bad Stonewall, the only person who I come to this site for, doesnt have comment here.

  • #3 DiffTheEnder

    Stonewall is going to write a much longer article on what he thinks - keep an eye on the site in the next couple of days!

  • #25 CrazedMcCrazy

    Talk about a despising, disrespectful and downright stupid thing to say.

    Every single writer at RoG seems to put a significant amount of work into their quality articles and yet the best thing you've got to say when they share their experienced thought is "hurr durr i came for da stonewall, i don't give a shit about all you other guys".

    What a dick, no?

    Don't take me wrong, I absolutely love stonewall. Hell, he's the one I should thank for introducing me to RoG. But to say that's he's the only writer worth paying attention to (specially when he's one of which posts the less) is nothing but disparaging.

    See, the thing that bothers me is not the fact that stonewall is your favorite. I've got nothing to do with that and, would that be all, it would be absolutely reasonable thing. My issue with you is the derogatory way you made sure to say it (yes, made sure, because if stonewall didn't comment you could have easily just ignored the post and not bother commenting such utter stupidity).

    Have a nice day.

  • #28 Cerbereth

    Can someone ban the above poster? All he does is troll and insult people. 

  • #31 HellsToyMaster

    This comment dose not seem like a troll post to me cause  CrazedMcCrazy is right about leaving a comment like that about the lack of one commentator.  There are alot of good writers on this site and it pisses me off to see people bad mouthing people who donate their time and efforts to give valuable feedback.  Dispite LoL's popularity there are not very many good commentators who frequently post, allow criticism, and Most of the time post useful information.



    Last edited by HellsToyMaster: 11/17/2012 1:40:58 PM
  • #1 mrobert5

    Classic Hashashin.

  • #4 Faren22

    "Oh no, my poor bruisers are getting bruised :( Bring back atmogs meta :("

  • #7 NoCuddle

    I feel by this point Hashashin is becoming a caricature of himself and everytime he is asked to contribute something to this site he just thinks ten minutes about a creative way to say that bruisers got screwed over without even studying the issue.


  • #8 azetsubou

    but hashashin is right, bruisers will get f*ckd wih these new items

    only very strong ap and even stronger ad carry items, but nothing for bruisers

    ad carry are now the srongest and will get even stronger

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