Season 3 PBE: First Impressions

With the release of numerous changes on the PBE last night, our writing team was unleashed on to the Rift, to put the changes through their paces. Below the bloggers speak their mind on the changes. Make sure to leave your comments below on what you think of the changes.



Too many item changes, will be very difficult to balance the game. DFG OP - amazing single target Vlad ulti. Veigar and Syndra gonna have a heyday. Masteries could use some more changing still. Overall the feel is pointed in the right direction just off a bit it seems. The jungle is okay. Leashing is weird and a bit harder now. Overall meh - I can get used to it.

Read on for more insights!


Were the play-testers 7 mages, 2 ADs, and a guy who hates bruisers?


I like what I have seen, tried and read.  Some of the new AP items are amazing and I feel like all AP Carries scale really well now.  Expect nerfs to those AP's that already do I say.  The new support items have me smiling.  One to cleanse my AD, another to basically allow another champion (maybe even me!) initiate team fights.  One prediction someone made was that Season 3 was going to be more aggressive and I cannot disagree.  Offensive items are overall cheaper and small defensive items (like chain vests) cost more.  This is going to be a wild ride.


After playing on the PBE, the new shop and HUD changes are welcome additions. They are moving in the right direction and I like a lot of the mastery changes they tweaked them but didn't completely overhaul the trees as I thought might happen.

As for items, it's a whole slew of new stuff ranging from ridiculously strong (new DFG is bonkers, all AP items in general very strong), to a lot of weird attack speed items that seem situational at best (Statikk Shiv). Tanks seem a bit underwhelming with the defensive item adjustments but Blade of the Ruined King and Black Cleaver as both excellent addition to bruiser damage items. I think items definitely need some tweaking with this much coming out it's going to be difficult to balance it.

I haven't gotten to experience the jungle firsthand, but the new jungle items seem quite good but I'll leave the bulk of the jungle impressions to Stonewall!


The item rework will bring in a drastic change to the way the game is played. I'm especially excited for the support items and I think they may bring back the roaming meta - one can only wait and see.
The jungle rework I particularly enjoy - purely because my AP carry will not be taking half my jungle now - not early on anyway. So more creeps for me - yay!
The masteries changes seem strong. You now have more options and it feels like you can have stronger options for your role thanks to masteries. The % increase in resistances and the attack speed for every crit seem particularly effective.


So that's what our writing team thinks about the changes. We've heard enough of these bloggers chatter on. Let's hear what you think of the changes - are they yay or nay?



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