The News Roundup: Player Choice January Sales Event, Summoner Showcase #93: Shoes Fit for a Jester, and More

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Player Choice January Sales Event

 With the news of no Black Friday sale this year, Riot has decided to hold a sell in January. Head over to the official forums now to vote!

We will be putting together a sale event after the holidays and would like to give players input into what goes on sale. Vote for what you’d like to see included in the sale, and feel free to add any additional feedback/ideas in the thread below.

  • 50% off boosts
  • 50% off rune pages
  • RP purchases get extra bonus RP (similar to September)
  • 50% off skin super sale (10+ skins, including some never before on sale)
  • 75% off skin retirement (retiring several older skins to the legacy vault)
  • 50% off legacy skins (bringing back some retired skins not currently in the store)

EDIT - to clarify the last option, the legacy skins that would go on sale at 50% off are skins that were previously retired during sales events, NOT holiday skins or limited edition skins such as Kitty Kat Katarina. The list of eligible skins includes:

Crimson Akali 
Matador Alistar 
Pharaoh Amumu 
Red Riding Annie 
Annie In Wonderland 
Safari Caitlyn 
Nightmare Cho'Gath 
Red Baron Corki 
Mr. Mundoverse 
Toxic Dr. Mundo 
Masquerade Evelynn 
Nottingham Ezreal 
Desert Trooper Garen 
Scuba Gragas 
Alien Invader Heimerdinger 
Angler Jax 
Phantom Karthus 
Unmasked Kayle 
Swamp Master Kennen 
Sonoran Kog'Maw 
Shamrock Malphite 
Vizier Malzahar 
Dragon Knight Mordekaiser 
Leopard Nidalee 
Sasquatch Nunu 
Blacksmith Poppy 
Noxus Poppy 
Professor Ryze 
Workshop Shaco 
Frozen Shen 
Yellow Jacket Shen 
Hextech Sion 
Spectacular Sivir 
Emerald Taric 
Badger Teemo 
Firefighter Tristana 
Highland Tryndamere 
The Magnificent Twisted Fate 
Kingpin Twitch 
Butcher Urgot 
Feral Warwick 
Time Machine Zilean

EDIT2 - Global results will be posted here and on Reddit on Wednesday after the poll is closed.

Oh god I want all of these.

Some people need to realise though that legacy skins aren't the same as limited edition skins so do your research on what skins are exactly legacy before you consider voting for the legacy skin option.

Silent night sona is not legacy, it is limited edition and also kitty kat katarina. Look at which gives a collection of ALL of the skins, noting if they are legacy or not and also have screenshots of them with regular updates.

Correct - it would be legacy skins only, which are mostly skins that were retired during sales events in the past two years.

@Hippalus, can you elaborate on option #4? What do you mean by "some never on sale before"? Random skins that just happened to never have been on sale before? Or possibly Legendary skins? Please explain 
It would not include Legendary skins. We would select just make sure to include skins that are eligible to go on sale but never have.

I feel the poll should have been reset after the clarification. Probably would have changed some votes around.
If another option beats out #6 in votes since the edit was made, we'll do both.

Quite a few holiday skins are legacy (the older ones are limited), but not all of them are.
There are about 10 holiday skins that are legacy and eligible to come back, but that would usually happen during future holidays and not during this kind of sales event. I added the list to help clarify that as well.

@Hippalus, so for option 5 it says: 75% off skin retirement (retiring several older skins to the legacy vault)

does that mean you are retiring some older skins and if so could you give us an idea on what skins those might be?

No decisions have been made about retiring older skins like we have a few times in the past, but if it wins the poll, we would put a plan together to do that.

Wait, so you'll only be doing one option? From the wording, I got the impression you'd be doing more than just one (but obviously not all), and so I voted for multiple things that I would've liked to see. I'd have only voted for the one I wanted most otherwise.
Yes, we will likely do more than one.

Any word on the inactive summoner name clearing that you said was "coming by mid November"?
That hit some technical snags and got pushed into early/mid December.

Well as long as there is no Kitty Kat this poll and sale is pointless. As is the corporate decision to PURPOSEFULLY lose money. Does this mean Riot is so rich they don't care if they don't sell certain items? GG Capitalism OP!
Riot made a commitment years ago to the players that bought them that it would not create additional copies of Kitty Kat Katarina and other Limited Edition skins. We would obviously love to sell them to new players, but despite what you might hear frequently in GD, greed does not drive decisions at Riot.

Then declare them "legacy" skins and release them in the future.

Sorry, but a handful of angry gamers will not override the support of the millions of others who missed out because they hadn't heard of League of Legends until recently. I would gather that the more than 35 million summoners who have joined the League worldwide would appreciate the opportunity.

We are working on ways that players who own Limited Edition skins like Kitty Kat Katarina can sell them to players who don't. There are several challenges with implementing this kind of system, one of which is that demand will be much higher than supply, which could mean prices of 5,000 RP for some of the rarer skins.

Six probably has liike 500 votes that were built on false hope.
I am tracking the votes between #4 and #6 since I added the addditional clarity to the post. They are tracking very closely since then, which likely means both will be included in the sale event.

Hipp, Is there any way that riot will do 3 of the 6 above? or just a max of 2
Yes, if the voting is close, we will err on the side of doing more rather than less. Option #5 is tracking closely at this point as well, especially since the edit.

New Hecarim Splash Art on Chinese Server

Reddit user karas1014 spotted a new splash art for Hecarim on the Chinese server

Summoner Showcase #93: Shoes Fit for a Jester

New Minecraft Features for the Curse Client

Though not League of Legends related, some may be interested to know of a few new items added to the curse client.

  • Saved Worlds: Each world on your computer can be locally backed up for safe keeping! In addition to showing when a world was last backed up, the "More Info" tab will show you your health, level, and the number of items in your inventory, as well as give you the ability to share your world's seed with a simple click to copy option. Any saves listed on this screen can be restored.
  • Quicksave: At regular intervals or at your choosing, the Client will create a quicksave of any given world. If you manage to fall into some lava, have a creeper destroy all your hard work, or just want to go on an NPC rampage without there being consequences, the Quick Saves will have you covered. Just click to restore the world back to its previous state!
  • Saved World Sync: Any Curse Premium member will additionally have the ability to sync any world to the cloud, allowing you to download your world to any PC without the hassle!

If you want to test out World Syncing, Curse is going to be opening up the premium Minecraft features of the Curse Client to everyone from Friday to Sunday 100% free!



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