IPL 5 Day 3 Is Starting - Watch As Your Favorite Teams Play. Chance To Win A Free RP code

Day 3 of IPL 5 Is Starting

Day 3 is about to start. Check below for each stream. You can also check when all your favorite teams will be playing in your time zone here. IGN is also streaming in FREE HD if you check it out on their IPL site here. For more information about how to win the free Riot Points, read after the break.

If you missed day 1 or 2, fear not. You can check out the VoDs linked from IGN's site above, or read Tuck's recap here. 


IPL LOL Stream 2

IPL LOL Stream 3

Win A Free $10 RP Code!

Want some RP to spend while watching IPL? We have you covered. Simply post in the comments below with who your favorite player is, it's that easy! You can comment as many times as you like here, but you will only be counted once. The winner will be selected by the end of IPL5 and sent a private message here on RoG.

Note: Contest has ended!



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