The News Roundup: New Login Screen and Music, Eternum Nocturne And Arclight Varus, Update On Changes for 1.73, And More

RoG Article Recap

New Login Screen And Music

With the launch of Eternum Nocturne riot has updated the login screen and music. Check it out below, you can also download the track here.

Update On Tentative Changes for 1.73

Riot has updated the list of changes for 1.73. It looks like a few will not be making it live.

Here is a list of changes I'm exploring for 1.73. It'll be updated as numbers are fleshed out and feedback comes in. Anything with strikethrough won't make it in for 1.73, but will likely make it in for 1.74.

  1. Tear of the Goddess and upgrades get faster-charging Dominion-specific versions.
  2. Rod of Ages charges in 7 minutes.
  3. Super minion MR reduced by 15.
  4. Ranged minion MR reduced by 5.
  5. Global penetration removed.
  6. 20% increased energy regeneration (from 10/s to 12/s).
  7. 33% fury generation (5 to 6.7 per attack, 10 to 13.3 per crit/kill). This change applies only to Tryndamere and Renekton.
  8. 25% increased fury generation (2 to 2.5 per attack). This change applies only to Shyvana.
  9. 20% healing reduction now only applies to self-inflicted heals. Healing others will result in no reduction.
  10. Health relics will now grant 20 fury to Renekton and 10 fury to Tryndamere.
  11. Health relics will now grant 7 fury to Shyvana.

Legendary Eternum Nocturne And Arclight Varus Available Now

Two new skins have just gone live today. 

This alternate look for Varus emanates bright power. Rediscover the Ionian warrior just after he embraces the corruption he once guarded, but before the darkness consumes him. New animations and spell effects shine fresh light on the Arrow of Retribution, and you'll hear an uncorrupted treatment of his voice.

Rain a hail of light upon your foes with Arclight Varus for 975 RP, available now in the League of Legends Store.

Beyond time and space, a ruthless arbiter has been waiting and watching. The manifestation of all future nightmares, Eternum Nocturne now descends upon the Fields of Justice. This Legendary Skin re-imagines the Eternal Nightmare as a mix of biological themes with a technological frame. 

Duskbringer tears through reality, exposing the darkness between worlds. Eternum Nocturne dives towards his target as a whirling corkscrew of whirring blades when he casts Paranoia. All-new animations, spell effects, voice over, and sounds augment this sleek and deadly new take on the popular jungler. 

Summon Eternum Nocturne’s terrifying power for 1820 RP, now available in the store.

1st Anniversary of KR Server - New Commemorative Skin

The KR server looks to be getting a commemorative Shaco skin



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