The News Roundup: Christmas Katarina's Recall Animation "Recalled", Nidalee Visual Rework Date, and More

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Christmas Katarina's Recall Animation "Recalled"

After an outcry from the community the 'sexy' recall animation of the new katarina skin is getting removed

They can keep making sexy skins, but Katarina is a bad-ass assassin. Not a stripper.
You’re right. This doesn’t really fit with her thematically, and it’s too much. We’ll be removing it.

I need to be clear about something here: the reason we're removing it (and make no mistake, we are) is because there's a lot of places where we're happy to do that, as you guys have noticed, but this skin was not the right place for this sort of thing.

Nidalee has a spear, easily a pole. She's also generally closely related to "hot night elf chick" and has some innate *** appeal to her - pole dance is awesome here.

Katarina in Reindeer ears with a pole dance is just off. It's not about right and wrong, it's not about sensitivity, it's about "what makes sense with this content?"

If you want to think there's some PC police that guide our hand, I can't stop you, but do a quick search on our thoughts to the contrary of this (go look in the spider queen or Nami threads) you'll find that we normally go forward with it when we believe it's the right choice for the champ or skin. In this case, it's just not.

Let me slow down and give you a more nuanced explanation herd (I tend to get caught up in the rapid-fire of volume posts coming in and post too quickly to fully communicate the intended thought):

Let's take a look at two sexy female champions, using their bases as an example: Miss Fortune andKatarina.

Miss Fortune Over-the-top pirate hunter. Outwardly sexualized to a point of character definition. "****ty" personality, "hot girl."

Katarina Deadly, sadistic dagger assassin. Sleek, quick and deadly. Shows cleavage and midriff to make attractive, but not seductive personality-wise. Keeps it sleek and quick - not a lot of adornment.

These characters are both really sexy from a proportions and clothing standpoint (equally so in a lot of ways). However, Miss Fortune's base should blast you with sexuality and never conserve on it - it's important to everything she is designed to be.

Katarina is generally sexy as an aside, not as a primary motivator. She's a cool assassin either way, having her be hot just makes her generally more visually appealing. Sexiness is secondary to cool.

You can do the same thin on Kitty Kat Katarina and the Christmas Katarina skin. Kitty Kat Kat is "that ****ty costume on Halloween" start to finish. Christmas Kat uses more Christmas tropes overall, and that tends to be the theme - it has sexiness because Katarina is sexy overall, but it's a secondary theme. High Command Katarina is the same in this regard (though more serious).

We may disagree, and that's OK, but this is the evaluation type we're talking about here. Maybe we sold "sexy" more than intended, maybe it's the read from the animation itself overall, but it's secondary to the character - not primary. Sexuality is more primary on Nidalee too (which is why we didn't change her pole dance on the rework).

Hopefully this makes more sense, in context. Gonna put this up front for more visibility.

Nidalee Visual Rework

Morello answered the question of when the nidalee visual rework will be rolled out

She'll be sometime in the next patch (the one with Vi).

Black Cleaver

Riot is looking for more feedback for potential changes

Alright, let's try this again.

Hypothetically, if... (ALL OF THE FOLLOWING HAPPENED)
1. Brutalizer's flat armor penetration did not stack with Black Cleaver or Ghostblade...
2. Black Cleaver's percent armor penetration were slightly nerfed...
3. And Brutalizer and BC's flat armor penetration are nerfed from 15 to 10...

Would it be OK to keep Black Cleaver on Dominion? Opinions, now!

pre-made vs non-pre-made matching

As you know, our system currently treats premades and non-premades different to make 50/50 matches between premades and non-premades. 

If you are in a premade, the game assumes you are stronger than otherwise, and gives you harder opponents. Right now, it seems we may be OVER compensating for this, so premades kinda get the shaft at mid skill levels -- but that's probably OK. At higher skill levels, we are VERY SLIGHTLY under-adjusting pre-mades. 

Additionally, our spread between WORST player and BEST player is currently 1600 points. That implies immense skill differentiation in our game because if you have a 300 point gap between a player, it means that a team of you and your 4 twins will beat 5 of that guy 85% of the time -- a major skill leap. So, you can repeat that hop 5 1/3 times currently in LoL, and the trend evidence suggests that this will increase at least another hop or two if we do nothing but let the game run. To compare, Chess has a roughly 2500 point spread, and is considered one of the most competitive games of all time.

Anyway, we ran the data, and it seems that a 5 man premade currently possesses strength adjustments as follows:

If a bunch of players randomly match, there is a 50/50 chance of winning.

If one team is now 5-man premade while the other is solos:
If the game is REALLY bad playres, this goes to 65/35
If the game is REALLY good players, this goes to 70/30
If average players, this goes to 55/45

Right now, we adjust the match difficulty for this, and it theoretically works out. 

Does this seem strange to you guys? But the data is pretty conclusive currently. It's of course highly specific to how LoL plays, it's not what I would expect in DOTA for example.

Lastly, partial premades are ineffective in some cases, and very effective in others. But it's fairly complicated, and im still investigating what the factors are.


0) We currently match premades vs non-premades, but tweak the teams to make it fair by putting weak premades vs strong non-premades. This has a few flaws still, but appears viable in the data. 

1) Being the worst player vs the best player is a 1600 point gap. This is 32x the advantage of being in a premade for most players (ya rly). So, the premade skill effect in the grand scheme of things, while important and something we adjust for, is not that large.

2) Pre-mades give the most advantage when looking at REALLY bad or REALLY good players. I hypothesize that this is because:
- If really bad, it means they arent actually really bad. It's probably their really good friend smurfing with them.
- If really good, the better and better you get, the more you know how to leverage team ganks.
- If really good, you are also really devoted, and take extra steps on team comp, ventrilo access, and so forth. 
- If really good, you screw around less by picking champions that are not effective in your lineup or whatever. 
3) Pre-mades do not give nearly as large of an advantage at mid skill.
- Mid skill loosely corresponds to newb who is levelling up. It should be no surprise that people in this category don't really know what they are doing and that being a pre-made might result in you not actaully doing much better.
4) Partial pre-mades are not very effective, and only confer a slight advantage. 
-Probably because the matching system tends to give them the biggest newb, and because LoL is all about the 5 man teamfight later on -- missing a link means you get owned, espec compared to the full 5-man premade.

Season 3 Path to Pro Deadline Reminder


Interested in competing professionally in Season 3? Then form your ranked 5v5 teams soon, because any teams created after the December 14th deadline will be ineligible to compete (no exceptions)! For more information on the Season 3 Path to Pro, head over here

But that’s not the only way for your team to potentially compete on the world stage and become a full-time League of Legends professional. Online tournaments hosted by IPL, ESL, MLG and Dreamhack all grant a slot in the live qualifiers to their winners. Five teams have already won a spot in the live qualifiers, but more chances remain:

  • 9/17 - IPL 5 Qualifier: Won by Meat Playground
  • 12/12 - 12/20 - IPL Online (two slots): Winners TBD

For more information on the rules of each tournament, click their respective names. Good luck in your quest to go pro in Season 3!



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