The News Roundup: Heimerdinger Rework, Changes to Rengar - Possible Buffs,Baron Nashor Icon, Curse Esports Update

RoG Article Recap

Changes to Rengar - Possible Buffs

Rengar has been a complicated situation.

Our initial approach to the champion was to chip at him until we put him in a good spot. Unfortunately, it turns out there are core mechanics on the kit (ie: % Health based heal, a huge Armor / MR buff, instant stealth) that simply don't fit the gameplay patterns we were trying to create for Rengar...thus we began to gut / remove them.

For example, his stealth duration was nerfed due to the fact that it was instant, but we have now made it non-instant. This leaves his ult feeling more lackluster than ever. The end result is a huge mistake on our part where Rengar is both weak and unsatisfying to play.

Classick and I are currently working on buffing Rengar back into a state where we feel more comfortable with his gameplay. Some of the changes include re-increasing the stealth duration back to create the prowling feel again and adjusting the W heal to be a flat heal based on champion level. We're still working out all of the specifics but we know we took a faulty approach to Rengar's balance for the past few patches.

How to Get the Baron Nashor Icon

A lot of players wanted to know how to truly get this permanent icon. Though no 100% direct answer was given, Lyte goes into some detail about why some have already got it, when others should be getting it, as well as discussing feedback on rewarding items in this way in the future. If all you care about is how to unlock it, then the key thing to take from this:

  • The first wave of players that got the icon first were among the most positive in 2012. However, players who are positive during Snowdown Showdown can also unlock it at the end of the event.

Keep reading for the full text, or head over to our Red Tracker.


It's not just about avoiding bans and is not directly tied to Honor.
Just be positive in your matches throughout the holidays and you'll have a chance to unlock Santa Baron at the end of Snowdown Showdown as well.

i had it unlocked instantly, im guessing i met the requirements early?
The first wave of players that got the icon first were among the most positive in 2012. However, players who are positive during Snowdown Showdown can also unlock it at the end of the event.

I wish they would be more transparent with the info related to these icons. It's one thing to hold back raw mechanics on the honor system/tribunal to prevent abuse but for a limited time unlockable that players will never have a chance to obtain again?
Having mysterious requirements just seems like a horrible and frustrating choice.

I agree in some ways this is more frustrating to our players; however, it's intentional for many reasons. Let's say we tied it to getting 1 Honor during the holiday season. What do you think would happen?

Every game would be players just saying, "Hey, give me 1 Honor and I'll give you 1 Honor." Even if we announced that we would annihilate cheaters/abusers, players would spam this behavior in the game. Not only that, when players legitimately get their 1 Honor they will just go back to behaving normally instead of spreading the holiday spirit.

We want to instead encourage players to just be positive in their games. If they are consistently positive, there will always be pleasant surprises like this. You never know when the next surprise for positive players will be... 

hahaha. So in other words, "Be positive in games. Or just give us money, that works too."
Spending has nothing to do with the Santa Baron.

A chance? If there's any luck involved, I know I'm screwed.
That's actually pretty depressing...

It has nothing to do with luck. If players are genuinely positive and make the games they are in more positive, they will unlock the icon. However, if players 'think' they are positive but we don't agree... then they won't get the icon.

For example, some players might think that screaming racial slurs against other players for playing poorly is 'positive constructive feedback.' We don't agree.

im kind of pissed, i always try to be polite in games, thank people for ganks, buffs, help of any kind, and i always say gj to anyone who does good, never one said gg noobs, always just give the ggwp. However on my friends list the people i know who rage, yell in all caps at their team mates, and are generally toxic all have the icon. Im no saint, not even close, i have my bad days, but i believe i deserve the icon alot more than alot of the people im seeing with it. Never been banned or even a warning in the past 3 years my account has existed.
You may just want to be patient, it takes a few days for the first wave of icons to go out to the most positive players of 2012.

You say just be positive and you will get this. But that isn't true because I have been positive all year and I didn't get it. I am dissapointed and feel whatever metrics you are using are not good.
I took a quick look and you probably should just be patient. It takes a few days for the first wave of icons to go out and you probably qualify. 
I don't think genuinely positive players have to worry about not getting the icon--we were pretty generous when calculating the math behind these.

Thanks, I will be patient. I will continue doing what I do. I usually only give honor out to those I think REALLY deserve it but maybe I will hand it out more frequently as many people speculate that giving it out more somehow makes you more positive in your calculations. Worth a try I guess.
It's not directly tied to giving out Honor. 
It looks like we just didn't make it clear enough that icons always go out in waves. It takes days (maybe a week) for batches to roll out, especially because we are dealing with a huge load of players during the holidays.

hah huge load
Well my finger is crossed for getting it
btw what does this one mean? Being one of the top participants this Snowdown

There's actually multiple ways to be one of the top participants in the Snowdown.

One way is tied to behavior, others are not.

this is most Positive of 2012
As long as you were Positive this year, it's ok you earned it
Don't dwell on the past, look forward and improve!

Players that 'reform' and become better can definitely still unlock the icon. That's why some players that have been banned a long time ago have gotten the icon already.

We really value players that make an effort to change, and we of course value players who are already positive to begin with and want to keep doing surprises for them in League.

since when was i positive?
i was sure that ive been put on the tribunal for quite a bit of times - or was that just my imagination? O.o

Players who are making a difference and trying to improve their behaviors were eligible for the icon. Keep working on it  You aren't all the way there yet but you're getting better.

I'm share in common a lot of people here that admit they have their bad days but are generally positive in games. I'll hold out, but I am doubtful. It wouldn't be the first time Riot hasn't delivered or I've gotten passed least in my experience :/
It's all relative. If everyone has their bad days and is generally positive, we're still looking for players that go above and beyond the norm.
Just being average is not the criteria here, you have to go above and beyond and try to make a positive difference in your games.

I got mine in the first wave. I am always a positive player in game and I always report toxic behavior. At least I get to main a cool holiday avatar for the holiday season.
Actually, the icon is permanent. Congrats and thanks for playing League!

tht explains why some people on my friend list got it, i actually felt ripped too, i'm not the biggest saint and i'm the kind of person that gets mad at bullying and stands in between the bully and the victim (which oftens leads meto be kinda "toxic" ahving been a bully myself in my eariy schhol years) and that's why i figured out i wouldn't be getting item, but then i see some people on my friend list that i know get consistently banned, proudly "wearing" the icon and felt kinda disheartened
I'd just be patient, a lot of the icons are still being distributed.

All three people I have spoken with on my friends list have no idea how they got this icon.. one of them has only played 2 games in a while. The only common factor is they all have bought RP, I haven't.
I mentioned this earlier but the Santa Baron has nothing to do with spending.

There is no need to like make this an achievement. The icon shouldn't change who you guys are but make you guys understand respecting other players. I don't want this icon to make people pretend they are people that they aren't but make them understand and learn and change that way.
I view this a bit differently:

We want players to be positive in League of Legends because they are positive people and want to be positive. No matter how hardcore our players are, they still love playing with hardcore positive players instead of hardcore toxic players.

We want positive players to have a place in League of Legends that doesn't exist anywhere else in online games. Here in League, positive players will often get surprises or perks on a consistent basis just for being who they are and making our community a better place.

We're not going to give exact details or rules so players can 'fake' it this holiday to try to get the surprise. We want players to learn that they should just be consistently positive in every game they play and if they do, cool things will happen in League.

Well according to Riot and Lyte, you aren't a positive person. You are infact being told you are a negative person and don't deserve any sort of rewards regardless of what kind of person you actually are.
Do you even think about what you are passively telling the people who play this game Lyte if they don't get these rewards but are honest to god good people?

Let's tone it down a bit. There's toxic, neutral and positive. The vast majority of players are neutral. We also are obviously not assessing your behavior in real life--we care about the experiences you are creating for others in-game. You could be an amazingly positive person IRL, but if you scream racial slurs in every game in League, you're toxic to us.

Not getting an icon does not mean you are toxic. In fact, only about 0.7% of players on NA right now are considered toxic.

Lyte is right. Just don't be an ass in games and play how you would play a game in real life. Be at least respectful to people.. I never raged at people for making mistakes, even if we were down 0-10. Instead, we tried to work together. Seriously, it's not that hard. I have the icon now .
This. It's not that hard to be respectful in all your games and be the one that makes the game more positive for everyone else--even in the face of adversity.

Congrats on your icon!

So I have 140 honors and no ribbon or icon. Am I really that toxic? I haven't been banned once since I started playing.
Players who don't get the icon aren't necessarily toxic--most of them are just neutral. The players who got the icon on the first wave were among the most positive.

Lyte, seriously. I'm a toxic player. Why do I have Santa Baron?
I guess I could remove it from your account...

You may not be the most positive player in League, but you've been actually improving over time. You are getting fewer reports and more players are enjoying playing with you. If we got it that wrong let me know and I'll remove the icon.

Lyte, I had it unlocked at the start and I have no clue why. Other than I've never gotten a warning in my career. 
You could make it a little clearer.

We're trying something different in League. I am not interested in posting a bunch of rules so players can put on a mask and fake their way to a reward just because they want the reward--that's not the best way to build a sportsmanlike community. In the past, posting explicit rules for getting stuff has resulted in more cheating and abuse of the event and no lasting changes in behavior--this isn't the right approach in my eyes.

If players are genuinely positive people, they'll get random surprises and perks like this in League. No one in the industry really does it like this, but we'll see how it pans out because we're willing to take risks and just try things. Sometimes we might tie it to lower Reports or high Honor, sometimes we'll tie it to players with no bans and sometimes it'll be for positive language such as how often you say "gg" versus "n*gger." Players who are consistently positive and respectful in game will find that cool things just happen to them in League. 

This is just the beginning.

I know this may seem like I'm harassing you and whatnot, but I have no intention of seeming offensive. I found this in a topic back in march, because I was curious to see if I could look at possible cases to where I've been reported.
I was just curious, and once again, I do apologize if this post seems rude. The possibility that trolls, ragers, immature people, etc. may now be reporting to prevent others from getting this icon, will this prevent players from getting it? Here is the topic where I found this post:

I'm sure you've got many questions on-hand to deal with, and I apologize for putting another on the stack.

Thankfully, players who try to abuse/cheat the system or try to hurt the experiences of other players just won't get anything.

We also will ignore silly reports like that, so don't worry.

I didn't actually mean rules. Sorry if that was unclear.
I meant just letting people know which action is assigned to which icon. Yeah, it should still be a surprise and I like that it was a nice surprise since I fret over my account a lot (I really want to work for RIot in a year or two and I treat every game and forum post like you guys could pull it and show it to me in an interview) but the wording on which icon on the Snowdown page can be obtained would be a little better. Even if it was just placing the icon box next to its general criteria.

Ah yes, we're going to improve on the event messaging for next time. It was a bit too ambiguous this time but we'll work on that.

I was pleasantly surprised to find I have this icon. Surprised because the rate at which I play games over x amount of time is pretty low. I would have expected this to be people who play a bunch, have loads of honor (a ribbon at least), etc. Not so. Maybe it's like Wil W. says "Don't be a dick."
We've normalized the number of games people play so players have an equal chance to get the icon regardless of them playing 100 games or 1000 games.

Vast majority? Neutral? Then how come I get trolls, ragers, afkers in about 80% of my games? I mean I only play 3v3, which would explain most of this. But still, 3v3 players are still part of the playerbase.
The math checks out if you think about it... if you see trolls in 80% of your games, it still doesn't mean a majority of the playerbase are trolls.

If there's 1 troll in every single 5v5 game, that still roughly means about 10% of the playerbase are trolls.

What I'm curious about is that some people claim that a few of their toxic friends (who haven't improved their behaviour in any way) received the icon and yet some of their more pleasant friends were left out. What happened here? Did those toxic players slip under the radar?
There's a few hypotheses that I've seen so far.

Sometimes, friends tend to be pretty toxic towards each other, but this goes unnoticed by our systems. For example, I might play premade 5s all the time and one of my friends consistently yells at us in voicechat; however, because this never gets seen or heard by other players it's not reported or 'observed' in the game. 

In another example, sometimes friends might be toxic when playing in the same game; afterall, we tend to have higher standards and expectations when we play with our friends and things can get heated  However, these same friends might play in tons of games without you and actually be pretty positive people.

In another example, let's say a player streams often. In-game, they may not say that much; however, they use a lot of toxic language on the stream itself. This is unfortunately not something we can monitor and probably reward (or punish)--but these behaviors don't necessarily impact players in-game either so overall we aren't too concerned with this one.

want to confirm a suspicion Lyte, you say players who are improving (i.e. from toxic to neutral) are getting the icon, however, if your neutral, you are not necessarily going to get he award (or are less likely)? thus players who relative to you that are more toxic are potential getting icon over you? (regardless if they stop improving after getting icon)
It's easier for neutral players to 'be positive' and get the icon compared to toxic players trying to reform. We just wanted to make sure that players making a serious effort to change their behaviors were still eligible for the icon--it's our way of acknowledging their efforts.

I'm gonna go ahead and play Devil's Advocate for a second here, mainly because I like playing Devil's Advocate. 

I think there's a fairly strong implication here that if you didn't get it, you are on Bad Santa's Veigar's naughty list (toxic), and that's creating a strong perception of "I didn't get it, why am I such a bad person?" among the population you're classifying as "neutral."

I agree, and this is why we're going to improve on messaging in the future. It was a bit too ambiguous and the player behavior team needed to work a bit more closely with the messaging team on this one. To be fair, "staying off Bad Santa Veigar's naughty list" is just one of the criterion!

Lol Lyte, you better mean 'off'...

I play with all-chat off. Does this mean that I have less of a chance to be a 'positive' player because I'm using a feature Riot implemented themselves to help players avoid toxic experiences?
No, many players turn All-Chat off actually and have already unlocked the icon.

So I have one friend, he used to rage a lot in-game, whether it was solo, duo, or a full premade. But he plays a lot so he's gotten not only an honorable opponent ribbon, but the baron icon. My other friend who plays atleast 1 or 2 games a day, never raged, never complained, usually acts like a nice guy, hasn't gotten any good behavior ribbons or the baron icon. So this leaves me to believe that as of right now, the systems you guys are using to evaluate this stuff is favoring players who play a lot instead of just looking at behavior in each game.
The icon has nothing to do with number of games played. We've actually taken efforts to normalize the number of games played so it's an equal chance to get the icon whether you play 20 games or 200 games.

What about those that rarely (or seldom) talk but aren't exhibiting negative behaviour?
That's just neutral behavior, and we're looking to reward the more positive players for now.

Okay, I'm rather pissed now. A friend of mine who I am completely sure is not a positive force in game, got a santa baron icon. There's no way at all that he is. He leaves frequently, *****es at people, and **** talks in all chat. I'd really love to know how he's more positive than I am.
Lyte, I'd really like to see a comparison between his acct and mine.

If you can privately message me his account and your account (find a way to do so, I'm not going to invite everyone to send me stuff) I can take a look on Monday and see if everything is working properly with the icon.

However, remember that all of these analyses are based on trends. It's not about the one game a player raged or the one game a player was positive. It's about how behavior was over the course of 2012. You might have seen your friend rage once, or rage in all of your games... but they might not be that way when they play without you. Player A might play 5 games with you and rage in 100% of his games, but then play 500 games alone and be pretty positive. He might unlock Santa Baron because of this and you would believe he didn't deserve it.

As a reminder, all players have a chance to unlock the Santa Baron icon throughout the Snowdown Showdown event as well; however, the distribution of these icons won't start until after the event is over in January. Let's have a great Winter holiday together and make every game in League a fun one.

In addition, there might be a bonus for players who were the most positive in 2012 and among the most positive throughout the Snowdown Showdown.

Interesting how you guys are stating that it was given to players who were positive during 2012. And bans/honor don't have anything to do with getting the icon.
I'm curious as to what defines someone as "Positive".

I think there was a tiny misunderstanding. Reports, Honor, Bans all contribute to the process, but no single thing is directly tied to it. 

For example, it's not as simple as "Get 100 Honor and unlock Santa Baron." It's a combination of every behavior system in the game and not just any single system.

Alright, I suppose that is entirely possible. I'm not really sure why he'd have worse behavior while in game with me than with other people. He could possibly feel more confident I suppose (hence the trash talking). I know that he rage quits a decent amount when I'm not playing with him though. (I can't know if he rages at people while I'm not there.) I can understand you not wanting to be flooded with messages, and i have a pretty simple solution for that. My email is [email protected]. If you message me there, I can send you the account name.
Though thinking about it; I'm not really sure what I hope to gain. I don't really want him to lose his icon, and I don't think him being an ass makes me any more of a positive player.

If we made a mistake, players who got the icons because of our mistake won't lose their icons--afterall, it was our mistake. We will definitely give out icons for players that do deserve it but may have been bugged though. I'll be double checking the process over the next week to make sure the right people got theirs.

Lyte, i have a question for you. I have played this game for many years, and as far as i can remember I have never been banned. I dont talk much in games, so i am definitely not negative, but i cant exactly say that I'm super positive either. I find it kind of fake that if i go out of my way to compliment average plays, "pick up" the teams morale etc i probably would have been in the first wave of icons. The extent of my typed communication in game is usually limited to a gg at the end of the game. Is it truly fair to players to distinguish between negative, neutral, and positive? I feel like a distinction between negative and not negative would be more real.
Is the goal to have positive players in the game, or simply not toxic? 

I don't view this as a "fair" or "not fair" discussion--it's more along the lines of what we as a community want to achieve.

I've never been warned or banned and I still didnt get the icon 
Something like 98% of active players have never been banned or warned. I'd say that's pretty common :P We're looking to really push players to be consistently positive in every game they play and really go above and beyond. If they do, we want to surprise them with perks every once in awhile just to thank them for playing League and making our community a better place.

Lyte, I asked this question a while back but you didn't respond. I recently changed my name from ArchxWing to Arch and was wondering if that would effect me from receiving the icon in any way. I assume that it wouldn't matter but I haven't received an icon but consider myself a relatively positive person. I'd appreciate it if you could check for me or give me any info about it and if not that's fine. 
Thank you.

No, icons are tied to the account and not the Summoner name.

so lyte im pretty sure you hadn't planned this to cause alot of negativity. However it just seems like to me, you only picking people you like (aka the super positive people) instead of being realistic and giving majority of the community who you see as not toxic a gift for the holidays. I understand you want majority of people to be massively positive but you have to remember this is a game and people get competitive so they can get heated some times and other times they can be perfectly fine. I mean even riot employees have gotten mad and said people suck in game. That being said i haven't gotten an icon and i don't mind to much ( tho i do want one) however the game goes on i will still play league of legends for a long time. 
Really though i think you guys should gather your thoughts on a particular gift you might be giving out and see how people might perceive it!. sorry if it seems im being rude >_>

Sometimes we'll surprise both neutral players and positive players. Sometimes, it'll be just the positive players. The perks will always be completely optional meaning that they do not affect gameplay or power levels.

When we only surprise the positive players, will the neutral players or toxic players be unhappy sometimes? Definitely--that's to be expected. However, the choice is really up to you. How do you want to play League? If you are happy being neutral, then you might not have access to everything available in the game but you will get more perks than the toxic players. If you want to aspire to be more and be in the running for every surprise--you'll have to step up your game and be more positive than the average League player.

For this event, we didn't have something for the neutral players initially; however, remember that neutral players can try to unlock Santa Baron during the event and if they do, they'll get it at the end of the event. We did want to at least surprise positive players with the ability to display their Santa Barons during the event before everyone else has a chance to unlock it.

Problem is when you feel you have been positive and then told you aren't but no explanation to help you change that. Thus I fail to see where this choice comes in.
I can continue to be the way in which I think I am positive, but how will that help when I have already been flagged as not positive by your system?

No single event will teach everything. Sometimes, a feature will help educate players and provide complete feedback on what's good or bad behavior--Reform Cards and Justice Reviews are an example of this. The Teamwork/Mentor/Leader Crests of Honor are also examples of showing players what it means to be positive.

You also were not flagged as 'not positive.' Every time we do a surprise, we may use different metrics and reinforce different behaviors. One day, we might decide to surprise players who do a great job teaching League of Legends to newer players--if you aren't flagged for that, does that mean you're toxic? No, it just means we were rewarding a different positive behavior.

There's going to be lots of surprises for lots of different positive behaviors.

So....You're saying people who have been destroying in-game experiences before they started to wise up deserve the icon...
BUT the people who are nice and haven't even been warned before don't. What kind of logic is that.
I may not be the happiest or the most positive, but i'm still something.

This is inaccurate.

It is much harder for a formerly toxic player to unlock Santa Baron than it is for a neutral player to unlock Santa Baron. We just wanted to encourage reformed players to keep improving--that doesn't mean it was easier for them to get it compared to neutral or positive players.

What do you mean by neutral or positive? You haven't bothered to define this in any meaningful way, except to say that it isn't honor badges.
Many players in this thread have described how they play and mentioned that they've unlocked Santa Baron. There's numerous examples of positive behavior in their posts.

A fair number of them have mentioned raging.
A fair number of other people have mentioned playing similarly to other "positive" players (who have unlocked it), yet they haven't unlocked it.
I think that's where the uncertainty is coming from.

The problem is anecdotes and a few examples aren't what we are looking for or what is being measured. Everyone's friends have had bad nights where they might rage at a player and we might have to tell them "Hey dude, that's not cool." That doesn't mean they are toxic, it just means they are human beings and we're playing a hardcore competitive game and things get heated in the middle of a match.

However, what does the behavior look like over the course of a year? Some of the players that have posted here know some people that are 'toxic' and have the Santa Baron unlocked--but this is just observing a biased sample of the data. After all, sometimes friends are ragey/toxic only when they are with other friends--they expect more out of each other and expect to win every game. If the same friends are in another game alone, they might be pretty quiet or even neutral-positive.

Other players are observing their own behavior and wondering why they don't have the Santa Baron--the question is, are they truly as positive as they think they are? Or are they more neutral? Remember, it's all relative. Right now on NA, about 99.3% of players are not 'toxic' and are not up for a Tribunal case. Right now on NA, the average player gets about 4-5 reports every 100 games--that's a surprisingly low number and it's mainly because players rarely follow through on their threats to report. Right now on NA, the majority of players actually say "gg" or "ggwp" at the end of their games. This is how a typical League player currently is. Do you stand out above and beyond this behavior? Are you the one that lifts a team up when they've fallen behind? Are you the one that stands up for a player with some encouraging words when he's having a bad game? 

I've double checked a lot of the players who have unlocked Santa Baron and they actually are pretty positive--even in how they post on the forums and other social media. Does that mean these players never rage and never have bad days? No. Does it mean they might not slip once in awhile and use toxic language? No. However, most of these players tend to stand out positively in many of their games and we want to thank them for that.

"right now on NA, about 99.3% of players are not 'toxic'"
Really? o_o... I get like... 1 toxic player like every few games... Cursing at everyone, raging, afking...

Try doing the math on that!

If there's 1 toxic player in every game and 10 players per game, that's roughly 10% of the population. If there's 1 toxic player every few games... say 5 games, that's 1 in 50 players or roughly 2% of the population.

Your experiences seem to match the reality of the numbers 

The problem I see is that Lyte is saying that players who are "sometimes" positive deserve the icon while consistently (keyword) neutral players do not.
This is probably a misunderstanding somewhere.

Let's say we have 3 categories of behavior:

"Awesomely Positive!" = 2 points
"Neutral" = 1 point
"Toxic" = -1 point

A player that is consistently neutral over 100 games might have 90 neutral games and 10 toxic games for 80 points. A player that is awesomely positive over 100 games might have 90 positive games and 10 toxic games for 170 points.

In this schema, the positive player contributed more positive experiences to the community and that's why he unlocked Santa Baron.

Your examples all have false assumptions about how often a neutral player is toxic versus a positive player. To be frank, a consistently neutral player almost always has more toxic days than a consistently positive player.

Have you also thought that maybe some of the people do deserve the Baron Santa that didn't recieve it? I am sure someone else posed this question too, but like you said people have bad games even if they ARE a positive player and they get it. 
I know people who are generally toxic and rage, troll their team, the other team and recieved it. While, I didn't get this I KNOW I am generally a person who tries to stop the inside team fights and keep people focused, I try my hardest not to rage and yet I didn't get it. I think it is a good system, but to sit there and generally say who is or isn't a positive player is a bit broken when you have a game of 30 million+ players.
I know where my sort comings are, but I know my strengths. If you have something like this you should at least release a report card on WHY people didn't get it if they want to know. I would be curious as to why, so I can improve.

I think the main problem is... only Wave 1 went out.

There's more waves. The final wave is going to be sometime in January after the event ends so until then, a lot of players are jumping to the conclusion that they aren't in Wave 1 and therefore will never get it.

Not to mention, players that are positive throughout Snowdown Showdown will be able to unlock Santa Baron at the end of the event as well.

I also think it's kind of gross that you would even consider giving this "good guy icon" to people who have been banned before over people who haven't been banned before and actually TRY to help / be positive.
If a player was banned before and got the icon, it means they have reformed and done such a good job that they are now contributing more positive experiences than the neutral players.

It's all relative.

I guess I'm a super positive player somehow.
Rumor has it you get the icon by spending RP, and that it really has absolutely nothing to do with how you behave. A friend of mine has gotten week long bans, and he has the icon.

RP has nothing to do with Santa Baron--this has been mentioned several times.

I apprciate the reply, you should know I love you Lyte. I am not trying to be a hassle and you have stated to me before that there is a couple of waves.
I think that if there was a way to send out a end of the year report card to everyone so they can improve their game attitude to be on the "nice" list, I would very much so would like to know what I can improve on. I am always trying to be a better player in general... at least with my attitude cause I can't play SR to save my live. A sort of letter from Santa Baron would be a adorable idea.
I think overall a few lessons have been learned from this in general. I think it is a nice, sweet idea and gift to those people who are truly positive players but everyone wants everything generally with this game. 
I know you have already responded to be over twitter with your last statement, and I think what I was saying was being taken in the wrong context.
You're awesome Lyte.

We definitely have a lot to work on and have learned a lot of lessons already. We'd love to do a pop-up or "thank you letter" to better inform players about why they got the icon--we may even include details about which wave you are in and what % of the population you rank in terms of positive contributions to our community. But we wanted to start with a simpler approach and see the effects both good and bad.

We also definitely need to work on messaging better, because the intention was not "If you don't get this icon you are naughty." We also could have explained the waves better. It's a learning process and ultimately we want players to understand that being positive means potential surprises at any point in their League of Legends journey. 

Finally, no method, strategy, or promotion is going to be perfect. Yes, some players might have unlocked the icon and don't deserve it but we can't let edge 'rare' cases like this stop the entire effort. If 99% of players that do deserve Santa Baron unlock it but 1% of players don't deserve it and unlock it anyways... we're OK with that.

Will this be something that happens during this Showdown? Or is it something that might just happen in the future, I would love to know my stats as far as that goes.
Definitely not during this Snowdown, but maybe in the future--no promises since details are up in the air on the next surprise.

Heimerdinger Rework

As Morello says, nothing is really new here, but it is always good to see someone talking about upcoming changes!

No updates that are new here;

* We're still reworking Heimer (and will be working on it more now that preseason changes are launched)

* Like all reworks, some things will get better, some will get worse, some will get laterally changes (please don't expect "all skills buffed!")

* Xypherous is working on it

* No ETA yet

 Curse Esports Update

The this first edition of the the eSports Update is live! IPL5 hits record numbers, Curse wins the TSM Tourney, Ecyplsia disbands, plus check out our Top 5 plays of the week! Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this Esport update, and if you have any feedback as well!



  • #21 silasdoomEU

    Good news on Rengar. As someone who actually spent money on the character (reaaaally liked the launch skin!) having him in the state that he is just feels like such a waste. Looking forwards to playing him again!

  • #20 K0stra

    Yo dawg i heard you like reworking unpopullar champs... some of us are still waiting for Karmal rework you promissed God knows how long ago (i am pretty sure it was at start of S2?).

  • #17 docishere

    You made me happy when I heard Rengar's possibly buffs...


  • #12 darkfollowers

    i want to ask, i got the icon but my green (teamwork) thing that always on the corner was gone, is it normal or...

  • #8 Wiltsee

    i'd seen a couple douchebags with the nashor icon. don't want to ruin the legitimacy of the icon, but because i know these people to be twats on occasion in chat, i'm guessing a large part of it revolves around the report/honor system. it's the only way i could guess the system would consider them kind at all.

  • #6 smexxyhexxy

    Heimer rework? Where's Karma rework -,- 

  • #7 Molster

  • #5 SpacianEU

    Friend of mine, who AFKs and leaves pretty frequently, got the icon, I didn't. Sad face... But there's still hope^^

  • #9 MICHAEL419
    I rage on people all the time and I got it. Was kinda surprised
  • #13 scruftypufty

    just show's that the whole system is crap, you just play  a few games with friends, rage on the other team as much as you wnat and there you go, though in all honestly the community in league is still crap, i see people with a green honor and they are huge noobs who blame every1 else for their mistakes while in all chat they play the bf, everytime i get honored up to red i try to get banned, the system is just trash


  • #22 Kinaro

    If you mean the tribunal doesn't catch enough toxic players, I think you are right. But if you think the tribunal catches too many innocent players I think you are wrong.


  • #23 Privatemanos

    The system is not crap there is just too many people playing LoL and with only 20 cases to review at tribunal you cant ban enough people.

    Now about the icons i found that:

    You’ll receive a special Snowdown icon for the following actions between now and January 6th:

    • Participating in a five-man premade match in any queue
    • Behaving well in the spirit of the Snowdown season
    • Purchasing RP as a gift for a friend
    • Purchasing a champion as a gift for a friend
    • Purchasing a skin as a gift for a friend
    • Being one of the top participants this Snowdown

    Distribution of Snowdown icons will begin a few days after the upcoming patch(1.73.12_12_14_11_46) and may take several days to hit your account after they are earned.


    Last edited by Privatemanos: 12/19/2012 12:32:56 AM
  • #19 Privatemanos

    I got the nashor icon 3 days ago after doing a 5 man premade with some newbie friends to boost them

  • #4 Erioblaze

    I'm a Rengar player, and i agree with the decision of buffing him again. the only reason Riot nerfed his W is because they want Rengar players to max Q, which is useless considering they nerfed the Q damage what would you benefit in maxing that skill, different from W regardless if youre AP or AD rengar, it gives you armor and magic resist well it deals descent damage, not that descent, and it has a shitty cooldown (9 secs), the fact that these Nerf has made Rengar less viable to play, (i didnt say not viable at all).

    the deal is nerfing one champion is ok but overnerfing thats just wrong, whats the point of having balance if step by step there are less champions to be used because they're to weak. 

  • #11 guy420

    I completely agree... when i first bought rengar, i was looking for an assasin character, maybe a little less "bursty" and a bit more "tanky" than the average assasin, but anyway, just a guy who leaped on you and chunked away your hp.

    Then his mechanics weren't working well on that role, specially: the hp% heal and the ferocity bonus. A "sudden double cast" system should be more tought of before releasing, since for an assasin character, Q was the only real option to use. Then he got W buffed (no cast time) and the doublecast on it was better than ever. People started to build him 1-2 dmg, 3-4 tank items and proceeded to doublecast W in your face, dealing massive damage and healing himself for 400 hp. All of it while Q still was doing non-negligible damage.

    TL;DR: they should focus rengar more on the damaging/predator style, rather than on the tanky side like they did.

  • #3 alcolitoz

    Rengar is useless in the jungle, they overnerfed him. Also Diana, he shield dmg has a shorter range than her autoattacks. Riot has no clue in terms of balancing.

  • #14 scruftypufty

    diana is a she, and btw i'm maining diana since she came out ( well ''maining'' let^s say maining her together with annie) and the nerfs riot did we're ALL reasonable, she's still an amazing jungler (and even got better in s3) you're just a low elo guy raging about a op champ not being op anymore ;) meanwhile i knew these changes we're comming


  • #2 ohGr

    What's this, you admit to overnerfing Rengar? Claiming he's "weak and unsatisfying to play," when all you did was nerf what needed to be nerfed? Undo the duration nerf on his stealth, keep the current nerf of entering it, and you're done. The base/ratio on W was too good, the heal percent was too good for how fast you can get ferocity back.

    Oh, here's another one, make Urgot and Diana fucking playable again. Rengar is still plenty viable. You bent Diana over and sodomized her. FFS, her ult can't even be cast on stuff you hit with your Q half the time because it has 100 range more than her shitty new R range.

  • #10 MICHAEL419
    I miss Urgot....
  • #18 raikaria

    Urgot is still playable if people play him like what they used to build him botlane.

    He's brutal in toplane, especially now there is Muramana to add to his damage of both his Autos and Q's, and Iceborn Gauntlet. It's very hard for most toplaners to trade with Urgot, because of his Acid Hunter spam, and if they go all in, they just get auto-Q'ed to the face over and over while their damage is cut by 15%. Very, very few toplaners can deal with Urgot. Urgot toplane is comparable to Jayce toplane, except Urgot pushes far less when he harasses [But is admittedly more vulnerable to being ganked, he's a better receiver of ganks too due to the slow when his shield is up and his Ult]

    People are just stuck in putting Urgot botlane because he used to be so broken you just put him bot and the enemy suddenly had no ADC.


    As for Diana, yes, both the Rengar and Diana nerfs were overnerfs to shut GD up. I think it sounds like they're gonna give Rengar a minor rework [And honestly he needs it. His ult right now is a worse Twitch ambush], and Diana [Who wasn't even broken, she wasn't ungankable like Rengar, and could be shut down like any assassin, and had no way out, even her winrate suggested she wasn't an issue] probably will get something too.

    Last edited by raikaria: 12/18/2012 6:26:52 AM
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