Reign of Gaming Massive RP Giveaway

The holidays are over, however your chance to win free RP is not! We will be holding three contests within the following weeks to give away loads of "1380 RP" cards. The first two contest will be starting right now! Read below for information on each contest.

Facebook Giveaway

Already enjoy following us on facebook for the latest LoL news? How about checking it out for free RP! It's about that easy. Simply head off to our official facebook page, give it a like, and share the contest post! Winners will be selected at random. The contest is open to all members of RoG. This contest will last until Wednesday, January 16th.

The following is required to enter:

Honorable Poster - Forum Contest

Enjoy chatting with other players on the RoG forums? How about winning some RP while doing just that! Posts will be randomly selected at random times. If your post was selected, constructive, and added to the discussion, you win! If you already use the forums daily, then you don't need to do anything different to enter this contest! This contest will last until Wednesday, January 16th.

The following is required to enter:

Summoner's Challenge - Forum Contest

Throughout the duration of this contest, we will be asking random questions or tasks at random times on our forums. The first user to reply with the correct answer or the correct requirement wins. Users must have at least one (1) post between each question (or task) they attempt to answer. Though the threads will come at random times, you can follow our twitter or facebook pages for hints when they will be posted!

The following is required/suggested to enter:

  • Be the first to meet the requirement requested or answer the question asked in the contest forum thread which is posted at random times.
  • Users must have at least one forum post between each time they enter.
  • You may follow the RoG Facebook page or the Twitter page for hints of when a question will go up.
  • This contest has not started, This contest will start Monday, January 7th and last until Wednesday, January 16th.


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