The News Roundup: More on the New League System in Ranked, Champion Price Reduction Schedule, Morello on Darius, and More

Patch is coming out tomorrow, we will post patch notes soon as riot has them up.

More on the New League System in Ranked

In case you missed the big announcement, you can read more about it here.

This is interesting. I'm wondering what happens if you lose your division or promotion series best of three or best of five. Do you lose all your current league points and start over, or is it a relatively quick process to try again? I'm sort of picturing current Elo Hell complaints to be translated into people complaining about bad luck in games that are artificially more important than the rest of the process.
It's not a big deal if you lose a division or promotion series. You'll simply end up back in the ladder rankings with say, 60-90 LP (depending on how the series went) and there's nothing preventing you from qualifying for another series quickly.

What if no one in your "league" is on at 4am... That mean you cant play ranked?
You can still be matched against anyone else who's playing ranked at that time, even if they're in a different league, division, or tier. So you shouldn't have any trouble finding matches at 4 AM. In fact, given my sleep schedule recently, you'll probably have me on your team. 

If you cannot drop tiers does that mean you will continue to be matched with the people at the bottom of your tier no matter how many times you lose afterwards? And if so do you have a system implemented in order to resolve elo boosting and/or getting lucky in your placement matches and then continually underperforming in a tier you don't belong in?
Matchmaking will continue to match you based on a hidden MMR (matchmaking rating) that's tracked behind the scenes. If you are continually losing matches at the bottom of Gold tier, you'll start to play against Silver players even though you're in a Gold league.

There are a lot of checks and balances that must be passed before you can move up a tier, so we don't think that it will be common for players to be in this situation (with the exception of something like Elo boosting, which we'll be continuing to address).

Will our elo be resetting then?
We won't be resetting ratings, no. Players and teams will seeding into a league based on a combination of their current and top ratings from the preseason. If you didn't play enough games in the preseason, then you'll be placed into a league when you finish your tenth game (or fifth game for a team).

This seems interesting, however I'm concerned with how fast we'll win those "League points". I mean, at the moment you get ~100 elo if you win 8-9 times in a row, which would be equivalent to going up one division (actually, since current tiers are divided into 350 elo, one division would be more like 75 but w/e). But I'm getting a feeling that we're going to win far less than 15 points and that as such, going up will take a much bigger number of games, resulting in the contrary of what the OP states, aka "shows your progression in a meaningful way".
We're still doing the final tweaking of the numbers, but it won't be uncommon at all to earn 15 LP from a win. The speed of progression through leagues will feel very similar to the previous system assuming a similar pattern of wins and losses.

When you upgrade divisions will you start with 0 league points or like 50 or something?

I imagine starting with 0 would be frustrating cause you lose one game in that division and youre demoted already and have to re-qualify

You start with 0 LP, yes, but there's a grace period where it's impossible to be demoted for the first few games in the new division, so losing won't really cost you anything. You can look at it as a time to relax for a bit after successfully getting through a division series. 

This will promote trolling and non-tryharding play... not good for ranked.
It's still far better to win those matches than to lose them. If you win you gain LP and are that much closer to the next advancement series. Having more LP is always better for you, so players will always want to win a match rather than lose it, even if they won't lose any LP from a loss.

What's the logic behind hiding our ELO, or "match making ranking" from us?

Personally, I LIKE being able to track my ELO, however low it may be. It's my motivation for wading through the B.S and trolls to play ranked games in the first place. I don't think seeing a generic League badge is going to feel nearly as personalized or rewarding.

You're not just earning a "generic league badge". You still have tiers, divisions, and League Points to battle over as you progress through the system. You also get to compete on a ladder with a small grouping of other players, often which will include your friends, rather than being just a cog in a giant wheel of hundreds of thousands of opponents.

Give it a try and give us feedback though! We're aiming to have the league system on the PBE shortly.

I don't think this Red understand the nature of trolling. Did you ever watch the new Batman movie with the Joker?

Some trolls don't care about winning some trolls just want to watch the world burn.

Sure, trolls will be trolls, and this system won't necessarily change that. I was merely pointing out that there won't be a situation where players don't at all care if they win or lose. Which as someone pointed out, could certainly increase ranked trolling. At the end of the day, we have to discourage and prevent trolling through other specific methods, and the Player Behavior team is constantly experimenting and iterating there. 

Seems like you can game the system by throwing a ton of games after each time you go up a skill tier, and then proceed to pubstomp your way to the next skill tier.
Please tell me this has been considered already.

If your hidden matchmaking rating (MMR) is far below where it should be for your current division, you will gain LP much more slowly. Similarly, if for some reason your MMR is far above where it should be for your current division, you will gain LP more quickly. Throwing games will not help you out in this system. It's always better to win the game you're playing, regardless of if it's part of a division series, or if you've just been promoted, or if it's just a typical game in the middle of the division standings.

It could also mean that I'll be matched AGAINST my friends if they're in the same league, which is not exactly a nice experience imo. Unless the matchmaking tries to pair us together if we're playing at the same time or something.
Leagues don't affect matchmaking. You can still be matched against anyone in the entire system, so being in the same division as a friend just allows for some friendly banter and competition. Itdoesn't mean you will play with or against them more often (unless of course, you duo queue).

Can the promotion/division series be done with other people (random or from league) doing such series ? It would be nice to have a shared goal, and maybe force players to work together a lil more.
Edit: I mean the matchmaking would try to group people from the same tier/division doing promotion matches together if possible

It won't work this way at launch but it's high on our list of possible post-launch improvements. We agree that it could be pretty awesome to only match people who are in a series together so that everyone has the same stake in the match outcome. It'd be difficult to do this in Diamond without slowing down matchmaking significantly, but it should be very doable for the other tiers.

For now, we won't be telling anyone else that you're participating in a series, so it's up to you if you want to let people know or not. We look at it as being similar to starting a game at 1490 Elo in the previous system, where you know that you'll get to Gold if you win, and other players in the match aren't necessarily in the same boat.

They tried this in Starcraft 2 and though lots of people liked it the hardcore gamers at the top complained there wasn't a defined ladder ranking. They ended up making Grandmaster League which was it's own league of 200 players. Does the top LOL league work the same way with only one division so we can easily know who the top players in the country are?
Yeah there's only going to be one league at the top (the challenger league) for the very best players on each realm. We put a big focus on this since the top teams will have regular opportunities to play against pro teams for a spot in the LCS during promotion tournaments.

Yeah, after some consideration, I drastically prefer the current elo system, because it is simpler and easier for points of comparison. People do not use the current ladder system to find out they are 12039 of 12039320 players, they use it to see they are 100 elo higher than their friend.I think you'll find that you can compare with other players just as easily as you could before. Someone who's in Gold Division I is ahead of someone who's in Gold Division III. Someone who has 75 LP in Gold Division I is closer to a promotion than someone who has 50 LP in Gold Division I.

On top of that, the system will attempt to put you in leagues with your friends, so you'll be able to compare against some of your friends very directly since you'll be on the same league ladder as them.

TLDR: would duo q'ing with someone of a higher tier give you more League Points than Solo Q?

No, duo queuing with someone who's in a higher tier wouldn't give you more LP. It's based on the expected win percentage of your team in the matchup, and the fact that you're in a lower tier than your opponents would be offset by the fact that you have a higher tier player on your team as well.

If there's only one league at the top, to qualify to move into it, do you have to knock someone out of it? Or is it adaptive and expands in size?
If you move up into Challenger Tier then you knock someone else out. Once you've reached that level of badassery, you've got to fight to keep it. This is the only League where that will be the case.

Champion Price Reduction Schedule

As previously announced, we’ll be reducing champion prices on a fixed schedule going forward, which is primarily based on champion release dates. The initial price reductions on Ezreal, Vladimir, Renekton, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Brand and Vayne have already been completed.

Here are the details on the next set of scheduled price reductions. Please note that because these price reductions are preannounced, refunds will not be granted to players who purchase these champions prior to their price reductions.

  • 1st champion launch of 2013: Yorick reduced to 4800 IP / 880 RP and Udyr reduced to 1350 IP / 585 RP

  • 2nd champion launch of 2013: Leona reduced to 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • 3rd champion launch of 2013: Wukong reduced to 4800 IP / 880 RP

Additionally, all newly launched champions in 2013 will be reduced from their initial price of 7800 IP to 6300 IP after one week. Click here for more background on the pricing changes and how these champions were selected for reductions.

 Morello on Darius

 We'd go back to the original idea. I should dev log Darius' development sometime.

Originally, Darius had 7 stacks of hemorrhage and the ramp-up on how much the ult did was much more stark (low stacks were terrible, full stacks was what you see now - and it only did true damage at max). This wasn't perfect, but it's much closer to the design intent; let me explain that and then you'll know where I'd like to go with him in the future.

For Darius, his gameplay should be about building stacks and keeping them up over a longer period of time. When he reaches a threshhold that's actually difficult to reach, then his ultimate should rip you in half. I'd also like an ability for him to spread stacks for real insanity with this design. Let me give you my idea as it stands today;

The play pattern is that Darius wants to get to 10 stacks to just murder people hard. The counter-play should be to get him off you at least long enough for stacks to fall off. The longer the fight, the more advantageous to Darius. Ratios and stats changed to favor lower AD, tankier build to support this. 

Hemmorhage: Changed to maximum 10 stacks on a target. DoT damage adjusted to match, with something like 5 now = 7 in this model. All skills interact with # of hemmorhage stacks on the target. Auto-attacks and skills apply 1 stack.

Blood-Soaked Blade A slight redo on the Q, this still does PBAOE damage and adds a stack of bleed. Any targets hit have their hemmhorage stacks shared with that target's allies.

Crippling Strike No longer gets shorter cooldown with hemmorhage, but instead increases the slow % and duration per stack. At max, this would get to something like 80% for 5 seconds. At 0 stacks, 0% slow, but still an AA reset.

Apprehend Unsure, but maybe just numbers.

Noxian Guillotine Does (small) base damage, +(OK) AD ratio. Base damage and armor penetration (10% per stack) increase per stack of Hemmorage. Ult STILL RESETS, as ten stacks should not be a particularly common occurance, and should be the state Darius is trying to achieve (and the state enemies are trying to prevent).

So, this would require testing etc, but it captures the spirit of Darius that matches the original intent of something that significantly ramps over time, and the gameplay revolves around preventing Darius from reaching short-term critical mass in an engagement, while he's trying to set up limited windows for a kill. The psychology should exemplify tension, as every move he can just hold on to for a little longer has greater power when used - either getting greedy by waiting too long or getting zealous by using things too early will cause Darius to miss his chance to beat someone in a fight.

Might also make 1-9 stacks linear growth, 10 gets a big bonus.

I actually think 10 stacks would be too hard to build up in lane, considering malphite (my main solo top) has an 8 second cd on his q and therefore can actually back off for the full 5 seconds to allow hemorrhage to go down. Not forgetting that jax and fiora can also dodge getting hemorrhage stacks and out fight darius. All in all too much of a nerf, you would have to change the duration of hemorrhage to 10 seconds from 5.
It would be. That's why you shouldn't get it all the time - this exact feedback (and our mistake in being too quick to react to it) results in the Darius on live, who has little play/counterplay.

No bleed stacks as his passive. No 5% extra movespeed in his passive. No passive armor pen in Apprehend. No true damage on his ult. (I don't mind the reset) Darius is the only one who can literally build full tank and still get a pentakill.
This doesn't address the issue, instead, its just taking power away, but not adding any gameplay decision-making to it.

Wouldn't the armor pen on his ult just stack with his E that way?
Yeah, easy to fix though (80% max, or make the 20% after apprehend, etc). Not terribly important to the intent for this exercise, but good eye.

TLDR: The estimated life span of champions in a team fight is TOO SHORT to allow this kind of design. And thus we have Darius like he is currently.
I do have that worry, which is I think the other feather in the hat that got us where we're at today. I think if this direction, though, can't work for Darius, then he's relegated to "lolbruiser" that has low interaction. I do tend to see longer teamfights than this

And on a side note, how would Last Whisper stack with it all?
Multiplicatively, like all pen %'s.

The teamfight might last longer than a few seconds but it gets decided by that time. A key member of one team goes down first and it causes the other team to either run or take out what they can and die for it.
I am just saying that fights are over quite quickly and the design space for large overtime threat and low quick threat or instant threat is very limited. Karthus is a good "long term threat design" example of this mostly because of his passive.
In our current meta where damage outscales defenses and thus mostly squishy champions are played besides those that work with health or counter health stacking, fights do not last that long even for warmog targets.
I jut do not see how darius gets to 10 passive stacks in a meaningful way before the fight is already decided.

I think the assumption is that he just is expected to get to 10 stacks to be effective. My expectation is that he can sometimes get to 10 stacks, but can hit a breakpoint where something is good to use before that, if he needs it faster. Basically, to create this, you can't let him reach max every time, but max should be obscene.

Hey Morello - I'm just going to leave this here: (Includes all most of your quotes on the official Champion Retrospective video)
Please read it through if you got the time - please don't respond there yet though. If you don't have the time I hope you skip through it, checking if we have some valid point, if you think we do I hope you'll visit our Summary thread soon, I'm working on that right now.
EDIT: here a link of a thread called 'I think I finally understand Darius' - a thread with 190 upvotes explaining how he's not OP:

You're very correct here - this is the way we made Darius get to a state of balance that's not out of whack, but I still am not a big fan of all the counterplay only being in the setup - I like things to happen in reaction to things where possible. It works, but it's a bit ham-fisted.

Now, I'm not saying we'll go in my direction here - this is just where I'd take it if I did it. I'd like to see stack gameplay emphasized more though, and if that number's not 10, or there's a different route, that's fine, but without a gameplay hook that's distinct, I don't think he can ever have interesting decisions to make beyond "how you play LoL."

Lyta on Toxic Players and the Tribunal

The prevalence and severity of toxicity in general has seen dramatic improvements across League of Legends; however, most of this improvement tends to be in Normal Modes or Co-op vs AI Modes. We're seeing lower AFKs/Leavers in these modes, and less reports/toxic behavior overall per active player. We're trying to figure out which stats related to player behavior we should share in 2013, so hopefully I'll have more specifics in the future.

Whenever I see players mention how toxicity is at an all-time high, there's a few interesting insights/exercises I often investigate on my end. For example, a lot of players tend to get streaks of games with Leavers and say, "Wow, a majority of my games have a Leaver! This sucks Riot!" If we asked every single player here to look at their 10 recent game match history we'd probably find a decently low percentage of games with a Leaver across all of our match histories. But, one or two of us might actually have a decent string of games with Leavers.

However, if you are playing Ranked Solo/Duo Queue, it's unfortunately still about as toxic as it used to be 8-10 months ago. We recognize that very few of our player behavior solutions have targeted Ranked Solo/Duo Queue specifically thus far, but we hope to make some improvements in this space in 2013.

Lyte, no offense, but the attitude in games really has changed and I believed for the worse. I really have never understood why the system of sending reports to Riot is worse than having a single click report button system. If a player is truly toxic, wouldn't it be worth the time to send in a ticket? I think a lot of irrational reports happen after games?
Players do false report; however, the Report System automatically filters these. If a player reports legitimately often, his report 'power' goes up. If a player false reports often, his reports mean nothing.

I'm not sure any experience you have with attitudes in the game have to do with false reports after games.

I guess I've been extra unlucky this past week. Is there any new features coming soon that you can talk about?
I tend to see slightly worse behavior during holidays (like the Winter break), and weekends tend to be worse than weekdays.

I'm not quite ready to talk about the next features aimed at player behavior, but I've mentioned a few of the areas we'll be taking a look at in the near future. 

These areas include:
- improving the speed of the Tribunal and getting toxic players punished quicker
- discussing new ways of handling punishments instead of just using timebans
- determining solutions for the toxicity in Champ Select Lobby

There's a lot more on our minds for 2013 than just the items here.

Should make it so that a # of reports bans you from ranked for x time
Stuff like this has been discussed and certainly isn't off the table.

@Lyte one of the problems I have with the Tribunal is the "provoker." You know when I read a case I read the whole thing not just the words of the accused. I must say in a lot of cases I hit punish on I really wish I could punish the jerk that started it all. Don't get me wrong it's not good to retaliate with negativity, but if the provoker isn't punished and the accused is we have a problem. Because at the end of the day they're BOTH wrong.
Provokers are almost always punished more quickly and more often than retaliators.

I also believe the warning you issue through email should flash on screen when they log in. I mean I totally forgot what email I even had attached to my account and rarely check it. This could also stop some people from acting poorly after the warning because they actually see it. Just my opinion and I know a lot of others don't check their email as often.
Thanks for the suggestion, this is something the team has been brainstorming about. We agree that we aren't reaching as many players as we should be with the Tribunal Warnings.

I have a question about the 'unskilled report', does this lower their invisible mmr so they get put into games with others that have been reported as unskilled or does it put them up to the tribunal?

I've done my fair share of tribunal votes and i am still yet to see an unskilled player flag.

Unskilled Reports aren't used in the Tribunal, but are aggregated for matchmaking analyses and adjustments.

We never want to ban a player for Unskilled Play because that makes no sense--everyone has bad games once in awhile, and League of Legends is for every player regardless of them being 500 Elo or 2000 Elo. If a player gets a lot of Unskilled Player reports (above the norm), then we need to figure out what went wrong in the matchmaking that the player got put into the wrong bracket and improve that.





  • #29 scrtwpnx

    the problem with this game, is that, this is a toolset based game. darius innately is really strong, so, when he's 3v1, he'll win. what this ends up doing, is giving the illusion that the darius player has skill. then when he goes to play another champ, the player let's say, performs poorly. then his teammates blame him for their losing condition. he retaliates back, by saying he's not a bad player, because he remembered when he 3v1 and won with darius. in the end, this game has no skill involved. it's all about counter picking, but at the same time, it yields illusion of skill.

    so why do players blame others when they're losing? it's because, they remember when they 3v1 as darius and won, thinking, wow i'm a really good player. they forget, that this game takes very little skill, and is all about using a toolset, to counter another toolset.

  • #25 m1spl4ced

    Oh god, they changes they are planning for Darius, SO horrible...So horrible...

    He's fine as he is. Darius can't carry anyway.

  • #26 RoakOriginal

    He is ok a she is? It's shame to play him... I played him 3 times, and then doesnt even other how boring it was... Every noobo picks him, cuz it's free dmg and then goes solo vs enemy team, cuz he is darius, he can do it (or he does, or he feeds badly - most of cases)... Darius isnt noobtrap.. he isnt pubstomper... he is noob detector...

  • #27 m1spl4ced

    not really, no. Unless of course you're talking about noobs.

    in a team with people who have basic understanding of how this game works, talking about 1600 ~ elo, Darius is not something to be so scared off.

    You just don't know how to play against him. and i bet you're no higher than 1500.

  • #28 RoakOriginal

    i bet only thing u ever read was download manual... U darius players are so dumb it's not even possible... I  havent said any shit about how OP he is (i know u are used to crying and u like it... but try to imagine someone thinks darius suck,... Oh yeah really i said that... but u are so blind in your own incopetence u are again flaming about how he isnt OP and that others should stop cryin about that... ) i am saying his kit sux... U build tanky, u spam q and when someone is low u press R... Where is fun in that? i dont give a fuck about your ego and how u think u are pro, cuz u can beat some random guy with 2 button champ...O_o I am sayin darius is most boring of all champs made, and he could not be... Changes that morello presented are looking awesome, cuz u will have to think about, how to play him... if it goes right i want to buy him... i was even considering buyin him, till i played him free... it was terrible... it was easiest lane, easiest jungle... just full tanky and your passive and ulti does all the work... it's shame that morello created something so boring like this and even let people play it... and what is problem everyone sees free dmg he has... so each noob wants to play him... and here goes again your favourite crying... but i am not crying that darius is OP.. i am crying that noobs think he is OP, so they are instalocking him, resulting in feed-fest from darius in our team.. each time i see, we have darius top, i know it will be lost lane... even if i am babysitting him as a jungler, he will take all kills, and thinking he is snowballed he will go kamikaze resulting in our loss... If i let him lose and try to snowball other lanes, when it comes to teamfights, he will steal all gold from carries, cuz he is bein ignored az 0dmg filler, resulting in our loss, cuz 0/10 darius wont be able to carry no matter how many kills he steal, but even snowballed carry will start to fall off compared to their team, if it can only score assists... Darius is permaban from me, but not because he is OP.. it's because he suck most out of all champs riot ever made, and mentality of his players is where it is... WHat are champs with similar popularity as darius? lee? katrina? malphite? lee si ahrd to play, but people are at least tryin... other 2 are easier, but even if they are picked by weak players, they realize, they are not doin good, and will try to play passively... but darius.. if he feeds, he still can deal 700+tru dmg, so he goes front and or he feeds even more, or he steal all kills from carries...

    tl;dr: darius isnt OP... he suck because of players playin him, and he seriously needs rework... and that one upcoming looks awesome and i am lookin forward to buyin him after that...

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  • #20 iKrautDroid

    So the changes posted above are supposed to come to Darius? Gosh no...

  • #22 OuterRaven

    No, those specific changes aren't coming to Darius.


  • #5 exacerberus

    I have a question about the 'unskilled report', does this lower their invisible mmr so they get put into games with others that have been reported as unskilled or does it put them up to the tribunal?

    I've done my fair share of tribunal votes and i am still yet to see an unskilled player flag.

    Unskilled Reports aren't used in the Tribunal, but are aggregated for matchmaking analyses and adjustments.

    We never want to ban a player for Unskilled Play because that makes no sense--everyone has bad games once in awhile, and League of Legends is for every player regardless of them being 500 Elo or 2000 Elo. If a player gets a lot of Unskilled Player reports (above the norm), then we need to figure out what went wrong in the matchmaking that the player got put into the wrong bracket and improve that.

    OMG!: then I've trashed so many reports. I do really despise Lyte.

  • #6 TheFaller

    You really thought a game company, which can proffit from every player they have, would ban someone just for being plain bad at playing it??

    Low thinking dude, low thinking....

  • #7 exacerberus

    Quote from TheFaller »

    You really thought a game company, which can proffit from every player they have, would ban someone just for being plain bad at playing it??

    Low thinking dude, low thinking....

    Applying the very same reasoning, they wouldn't ban anyone actually paying, for whatever reason.

    Abysmal thinking dude, abysmal thinking, but that's fine as long as mommy's ok with that.

  • #8 TheFaller

    Actually, there's game companies that do forgive certain player's attitude, and even permabans, because the player had spent money on their game.

    Nice try being a smartass, but you have to try harder. Specially with the mum joke, that surely wont give you credibility in your comments :)

  • #9 exacerberus

    Quote from TheFaller »

    Actually, there's game companies that do forgive certain player's attitude, and even permabans, because the player had spent money on their game.

    Nice try being a smartass, but you have to try harder. Specially with the mum joke, that surely wont give you credibility in your comments :)

    Your mommy had appreciated it. Probably because she had got it.

    You still haven't defined which are the demarcation lanes that shouldn't be crossed. Which makes you post even more pointless, given you were trying to exert some poor smartness exhibition. But fair not, the nice smiley gave to your contribution a pinch of implicit wittiness which actually has no real value simply because it doesn't imply anything meaningful except the desperate attempt to display said wittiness in the most common way average school kids do use: random smiley face.

    Look I'm smarter:     <== see!, that's a smiley face too, but that's invisible. Like the actual rules in this game, whose best display are some generic Summoner's Code dumb guidelines. Which leads to the mess it's Tribunal in its current form. Which once again leads to the utter inanity of your post. The circle is now closed.

  • #10 Edge363

    I agree completely. That is kinda low. You don't ban people because there unskilled. I play with people who are worse than me all the time. On purpose because there good people.

  • #11 exacerberus

    Quote from Edge363 »

    I agree completely. That is kinda low. You don't ban people because there unskilled. I play with people who are worse than me all the time. On purpose because there good people.

    With the same reasoning, you shouldn't complain with your mechanic for a very bad work on your car, because he's a such a good person...

    Before you say the car is an asset and a game is a game, remember that what you ultimately pay in every situation it people's time and their own expertise (which ultimately, once again, is (past) time spent to gain said proficiency).

    Guess what?: this game too is about time and proficiency, and some people do also throw some money into it. If you're not decently and reasonably competent within a feasible amount of time, you're like that mechanic who steals people's money and time just because he can't absolutely do his very own job. He should probably change his career.

    But I guess this is still low, while stating "Its kinda low" and giving very poor reasoning and explanations on why you consider that low, outside from pointless personal attitude on the subject, is a top-notch essay...

  • #14 BrightSideOLife

    So how do we determine the level when you are just too bad to be allowed to play? 

    Apart your argument being terribly elitist, the thing about "being bad" is that it is relative. Most 1600 ELO players will find 1300 ELO players to be bad and will in turn the considered bad by better players. That is why there is an matchmaking system, and just as stated in the interview if you are repeatedly getting bad player reports you are apparently not matched with the right people.

    Everyone has bad games, and while some ignorant people can always blame others for their bad games and mistakes I can tell you that everyone has them, from the beginners to the pro's. Some may play on a more even level than others but it is a fact in LoL as well as pretty much every other competitive activity, people have ups and downs.

    I'm glad that LoL can be an open game where everyone is allowed to play. Sure it annoys me as much as anyone when I lose a game because someone is in a slump, but that is just all it is. Personally I believe in the ELO system enough to know in the end I'm mostly matched with people on the same level as me or that I will soon be out of there, one way or the other.

  • #15 exacerberus

    The most reasonable reply I got today, thank you for that.

    It's still a bit frustrating when you see people do unreasonably poor decisions in teamfights, or build items that absolutely don't fit their champions or face-check to ward wandering alone when the whole team is mia and you wildly ping to please go back and don't give the enemy team additional gold and teamfight advantage besides Baron buff. I have a couple of "main" accounts and some additional smurfs at quite different elos and it's amusing to certify that at every different step there's a peculiar kind of idiocy.

  • #16 BrightSideOLife

    Yes I completely agree, last year I had a bad streak so nasty I decided to play the Sims since I was so tired of losing. Long story short, my character killed himself trying to fix his broken dishwasher and I returned to LoL. You win some, you lose some. Some games you are pulled down, others you are carried. Some games the feeder is on your team other times he is on the enemy team, it's just not so obvious when they are against you.

    Remember great players make good players look bad. 

  • #17 TheFaller

    Me trying to show "some poor smartness exhibition"? all i've said on my 1st reply was that you had a low thinking, which obviously you took it by heart because you may think you're pretty smart. Maybe you are, maybe you're not, could care less, yet you felt the urge, for a second time, to hopp into the mum joke. It is quite funny you call me a teenage or kid again, considering your use of the word "mom" to reinforce your arguments.

    Yet, you reinforce even more, or try to reinforce, your arguments by attacking my own instead of actually argumenting the main supposed topic, which i think it should be "none should be banned for just playing bad", but since you must have tilted when i typed "poor thinking" on my 1st comment, then i think ill try again, but this time with some extra information.

    Have you ever stopped to think for a few seconds why riot added an option to send a report for bad playing? Would they really want 35% or 40% of their playerbase, which can give them money and profits, to go away just because they play bad? When i first saw this, my first thought that this was a filter for riot/tribunal to know which reports are to be ignored, cause lets be honest, people in this game mostly complain about other's playing poorly (and you're most certainly one of those, considering your 1st comment) so instead of having these butthurt people flooding the worthy reports with unworthy ones, this one would exist. Unfortunately, that wasnt the main reason, still i do believe it has that use anyway. And this, for the simple fact that you seem to wholeheartedly believe that you would get people removed from the game because they played bad ("... then I've trashed so many reports."), i ended up saying "poor thinking", since, well, you defenitely had basic, poor thinking, not thinking outside of the box.

    And then, after some insults to my mother that you'll never know, you eventually argue that hey, with that line of thinking, then those who spend money on the game never get banned or permabanned. Well as i said, that trully happens in alot of online gaming. Even perma-banned players, if they send a ticket in how so sorry they are about their behavior and how much cash they had spent in the game, they eventually managed to get the perma-1month ban. Doesnt happen in every gaming company, maybe doesnt happen in LoL, but it does happen. 

    In regards to your forward comment on edge363, i do dare to say that the car is an asset and a game is a game. The car you'll eventually need one in your life, even though you can always use the bus. You'll spend alot of money to buy it, you'll spend money on it to have it regularised(?) each year, and eventually spend money to have it fixed. So, if a mechanic doesnt fix it properly, sure i'll complain about it. In this game? i doubt you'd ever spend as much money on it as you would in a car, and even if you did, then that person should stablish better their priorities in life, but that's just my opinion. And about loosing time in a game? Either you get amused or get pissed playing in a game, that'll still be wasted time in your life that you could be using to sleep, to do other stuff that you know there's no 50/50 chance of you getting pissed, or even earn some money to pay your car.

    So yeah, i'm not gonna be reporting people because they play bad, even though that frustrates me, and specially not in the basis of them wasting my time because its wasted time anyway. However, a car that goes to the mechanic to be fixed, and doesnt get fixed, not only results in waste of money, but can eventually leave you immobile in a highway, get late to work or get you fired if the job is too strict, or in a worse case scenario, cause an accident and death. Yep, i'd defenitely complain about the mechanic.

    But incase you still want to treat the game and car equally, then we can put things this way. You like your car, but you dont like the mechanic. What you do? change mechanic for a better one. You like the game but dont like the players, what to do? well, there's DotA2 and HoN, lets try'em shall we?

    I think im gonna stop for now. Too much writting already, and somehow i do believe you're one of those that easilly say TL;DR. which i do understand since you seem to give valour in how you waste your time on stuff (670ish posts) and i do admire that on ppl. After all, if we think about it, and consider the fact that you sleep 1/3 of the day (8h) and live up to 75 years for example, that's 25 years you're not actually living!! Anyway, random facts aside, enjoy the reading, have fun scrutinising every bit of sentence i made, you might find alot to pick from, i made sure of it.  And because showing wittiness in the most common way is, well, actually has some value (specially by the fact that you spent almost half of your comment writing about it) so i will leave another smiley face, this time a winky blinky one ;)

  • #19 exacerberus



  • #21 dumbitdownjr

    Read it ALL.

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