Visual Upgrade: Annie, the Dark Child

Hide your combustibles! The Dark Child herself is receiving a visual upgrade in an upcoming patch, and will soon be taking names and melting faces more brilliantly than ever before. 

This update brings a brand new model as well as improved textures, sounds, spell effects and voice over to Annie and all of her skins. But the pain doesn’t end there, because Tibbers is also badder and more bear-like than you’ve ever seen him. The same care and attention has turned everyone’s favorite ursine firebrand into a high-def, rampaging monstrosity, ready to scorch Annie’s foes across the Fields of Justice.



  • #35 FleurDeLiz

    I just have to ask why.

    Now she looks like some kind of midget 20 year old.

    The fire particles are also terrible.

  • #36 drkmgic

    lol i could not agree more. i actually much prefer the older model. although it looks quite outdated at least it doesnt feel so far off her concept. but then again these are just pictures maybe the ingame will be a lot better. althogh i upload most of riots visual update, they have made ones that are questionable at best. *ahem ahem giant soraka anyone?

  • #31 Yaamahri

    I think this was a very good way to make her seem older, and a bit darker, without going off the pedo deep end like Morello wanted to avoid. Can't wait to see what my Red Riding Annie and Annie in Wonderland Skins look like!(Sadly, I didn't buy Frankentibbers Harrowing '11)

  • #29 WiddershinsMcGee

    I love the upgrade. Annie looked so terrible before that it was as if she'd been ported from an older poorly designed game.


  • #28 nochange

    Why does annie suddenyl look like an emo kid now?

  • #27 drkmgic

    i think they lost the essence of annie. she is suppose to look innocent. very childish who is unaware of her destruction that she causes. also this annie looks a lot older. i like tibbers, not so much annie

  • #34 miaolong

    Really? A champion named the Dark Child, innocent, with a passive called Pyromania, and she giggles when she melts faces?

    Er... don't think she was ever meant to be innocent, mate. More like "oh god she will be terrifying when she's 20"

    Last edited by miaolong: 1/16/2013 7:20:23 PM
  • #37 drkmgic

    no...she's innocent in a way that in her young age, she doesnt quite understand the repercussions of her actions... and i think you've summed up why i hate this update so much, "she's suppose to be terrifying when she's 20,"  but right now she looks just downright scary. 

  • #38 miaolong

    I like her Frostfire Skin, but I agree that her Classic skin could use a little touch-up

  • #25 Waaargh

    Looks great. Good idea Riot.

  • #22 PalestineBeFree

    for some reason, her eyes turn me on...

  • #21 CrazedMcCrazy

    Oh god the flames look so awful. It's sunfire cape all over again! And Annie looks like she's got Popeye forearms.

    Tibbers looks more intimidating though and that's always good.

    Last edited by CrazedMcCrazy: 1/16/2013 3:02:31 PM
  • #19 ModestChandelure

    I wish these previews would show the limited edition skins. :(

  • #15 jaezstix

    Am I the only one who thinks that the way she stands looked like Tina from BL2? Anyone?

  • #16 DARKWING

    Quote from jaezstix »

    Am I the only one who thinks that the way she stands looked like Tina from BL2? Anyone?

    oh god yes , LOL, that's why i thought she looked so crazy. 

  • #18 jaezstix

    Quote from DARKWING »

    Quote from jaezstix »

    Am I the only one who thinks that the way she stands looked like Tina from BL2? Anyone?

    oh god yes , LOL, that's why i thought she looked so crazy. 

    I can just picture tibbers holding a vandal vlad, with annie standing there yelling POP goes the bandit. >.>;; My wild imagination.

  • #13 exacerberus

    Damn, Riot!

    The new bear is uglier.

    And a visual remake is the least thing Annie needs in the current state of the game (AD assassins with burst and gap-closers).

    Just give Annie a 250 radius PBAoE knockback when she actives Molten core. See Morello?: easy balance, problem solved.

    Last edited by exacerberus: 1/16/2013 9:55:11 AM
  • #12 FilhyppyDarrell

    She may be less cute with the rework but god she need it, and those flammes look very nice. Let's burn people !

    Last edited by FilhyppyDarrell: 1/16/2013 9:53:15 AM
  • #11 zypre

    She seems less cute now :c Really sucks, especially with the reverse annie skin.

    I do think she needed the update though, so whatever :P

  • #23 squee147

    I agree, she was not on my list of champs that need a visual upgrade.  Also not sure why riot had to make her more badass for lack of a better word.  Is the no room for mildly goofy characters any more?  

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