Thresh Champion Spotlight

Thresh Champion Spotlights


  • #14 FirstPickTeemo

    They fixed skarner and blitz's pulls with his lantern, but what about darius and diana

  • #19 mellored

    Quote from FirstPickTeemo »

    They fixed skarner and blitz's pulls with his lantern, but what about darius and diana

    Diana is a fixed pop, not a true pull.

    Darius on the other hand... i dunno.

  • #10 pmpch

    Will get nerfed, way too strong.

  • #16 mellored

    Quote from pmpch »

    Will get nerfed, way too strong.

    If anything, i see a buff on some of his ratios.  Mabey a little nerf to cooldowns.

    But i don't see anything "way too strong" about him.

  • #9 lazule2

    I bet he is fun to play but looks generic. Stop making edgy dark champions from the void Riot!

  • #15 vDeathPunchv

    Not from the void.

  • #8 Alabugin

    Someone who may be more outrageous than taric!

  • #18 exacerberus

    Not until he also gets a pink skin with furry leg-warmers.

  • #7 GoldenArrow

    Somehow his kit just seems too good...

    Also I have doubts about the passive, having a 20% chance for soul to drop adds a crazy layer of RNG into the champion. Considering if you get mad lucky with first 4-5 waves in a game, you'd be running with quite a big lead in AP/Armor.

    I see a lot of potential in low elo matches because of the ability to save people getting caught.

  • #12 BuddyBoombox

    its not a true %20 chance.  One of the designeers described it way better than me but the overall idea was that the more souls drop, the lower the drop percent goes and the less drop the higher it goes so that given 2-3 waves your variance will be very tiny.

    That being said that means that Thresh will have varying degrees of power from wave to wave, unlike most champs(Leona is very dangerous at level 3 regardless for example).  So there will be better and worse waves to attempt engages during.  That's a lot of micro-ing in my opinion, but we'll see if the complexity pays off.


  • #13 aTomic

    I would imagine that soul drops are coded so that it never swings too hard in either direction ie. the longer you go without a soul, the better the chance of one dropping, and vice versa, so that you get a soul on average once or twice every wave. They've done that in the past for RNG stuff, I doubt they'd leave something like that completely up to chance.

  • #17 PanzerLLama

    I guess every random stats are based on formula used in wwarcraft 3 (maybe it was used earlier). Dunno what formula lol uses, but works liek BuddyBoombox desribed. The thing is, if u AA 100 times with 20% crit chance, 20% of them got to be crits, so the chance is generally changing upon every attack, just to give overall good statistics

  • #5 Rubicanth

    He looks really strong as a counter-initiator although i wish his Ult would stun the first enemy it hits for about a second.

  • #4 Kudakuda

    His ganks are very OP from lane, his team fights are crazy with his aoe push pull. Aoe shield aoe slow. Even if you fail in lane but with his kit will not happen you will wrack the game. He is just too much for 1 champion. Imagine him in some cc combination. I will buy him only to get my elo more up.

  • #3 BestAhriEU

    Any thoughts on how to counter him? I thought extremely aggresive lane (so he doesnt get any stacks on passive = low armor = easily burstable) or maybe poke? What do you guys think? I don't know but it seems pretty strong to me

  • #6 Spura

    Poke. Imagine trying to pick up souls vs someone like lulu with her long range pass through poke+slow. She deals damage AND allows her ADC to get some easy shots on you. His laning doesn't seem good outside of ganks. He doesn't have good poke and needs to go into enemy range to pick up souls.

  • #11 mellored

    He has tonns of utility, but very little damage, and not alot of tankiness.  Even with his free AP.  Sure he can he can grab you, pop you, slow you, and slow you, but even after a full combo you'll only be down to 3/4th's.  Simply turn around and spank him.

    Also, a flash (EZ, shaco) to jump the box/chain. Plain old speed to dodge the chain.  Banshee's veil.  A good assassin (dianna) to just end him.  Long range (lux, zig, xerath, kog maw).


    He's only really a threat in a gank/team fight situation.  Where yes, he's quite good.  Even if you denied him in lane, he'll still be good.  But not really any better then say... lulu.

  • #2 DonYagamoth

    The Box! Did someone watch AGDQ 2013? ^^

    I like how this Champion plays. I may even consider starting to play again just to try him out.

  • #1 yfca

    Too much utility... love it

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