The News Roundup: PBE Patch 2 - Goth Annie, Loss of Control Indicators, Champion and Skin Sale


PBE Patch - New Goth Annie Splash Art
A second patch has just hit, The patch has just hit the servers, so this is a WIP Post.
This time around it has Goth Annie's new splash art! If you missed the new base splash art, you can find it here.

Loss of Control Indicators

Xelnath has been testing the Loss of control indicators, and now also has a public screenshot to share.

Hey guys, here's an update. 

Two very cool things:

#1) New icons! Mega props to our art team on this, especially Mitch.
#2) This in an in-game screenshot.

We still need to do extensive testing on this before it goes live though. So it won't be in the next patch.
We're still working on the icons. We have a new icon in the works for fear that I *really* like.

Edit: And here it is!

Champion & Skin Sale: Common Criminals

Officer Caitlyn places her lukewarm coffee down on a sagging, stained desk, and with a heavy sigh, flips the switch next to the room's one-way mirror. Tired lights in the next room flicker into life, revealing five ragtag, lowlife punks. She leans forward and presses the intercom button.

  • Alright chaps, you all know the drill. When I call you, step forward, and read out the line you were given. Vandal Gragas, you're up first. 487 RP
    "'and me the booze… KEYS… you flippin'… shock mucker! I ain't messin' around! I got a keg and I ain't afraid to use it!"

  • Lovely improvisation work there, Gragas, and thank goodness for your slurring. But please, we just need you to read out what's on the script. Vandal Vladimir, you're next. 487 RP

  • That's not nearly right. Can you read?! Step back. Vandal Twitch, you're up. English please.487 RP
    "Give me the cheese, you…"

  • …THANK YOU. Vandal Jax260 RP
    "Who wants a piece of the champ?! Is this mirror reinforced?"

  • BACK. GET BACK. Look, you're up last, Vandal Brand. Please just read your bloody line.260 RP
    "Give me your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle. Heh."

  • That's a completely different reference! I'd lock you all up if I could! And to think, you used to be such good guys! Gragas, I remember when you were called the cask master and only ever troubled your own liver. How times have changed. 395 RP
  • And Vladimir! You should be raiding blood banks and stealing the hearts of impressionable youth, not burning down buildings. Learn some class! 440 RP
  • Twitch… okay never mind. You were always weird. 395 RP
  • But you, Jax! What's gotten into you?! Did you fall in with the wrong crowd? You used to be so noble and good. You're just pitiful now. 292 RP
  • Ah, Brand. I suppose I should have seen your fall into pyromania a mile away. I'd have more time for you if you'd turned into some super villain though, instead of some street kid with a penchant for ignition. 440 RP

We sadly don't have enough evidence to convict any of these imbeciles for their wrongdoings, summoners, meaning I can only hold them from January 29 to February 1. After then, they'll be out on the streets terrorizing away. Act fast if you want to give these delinquents a chance to make something of themselves, eh?





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