Patch Preview Possibly Soon, Garena Lunar Revel Announcement, Nidalee and Soraka Skins Soon, Sejuani Info, and Lots More!

There are a great deal of good red posts, so we will be doing an extra Roundup today!
UPDATE: It looks like the patch notes are drafted (or at least they have the link/title setup). Hopefully we see some patch notes soon.

Patch Preview Possibly Soon

RiotTamat tweeted that he is putting the last touches to the next patch preview today!

Putting the finishing touches on the next Patch Preview today. Spoiler alert: I'm subbing in for Phreak this week.

Garena Lunar Revel Announcement

I was debating showing this off, as people need to keep some very important things in mind. The information from their Lunar Revel may not be the same as the NA or EU. Regions have different requirements for some of the "holiday" events. Please keep this in mind. We will post the NA/EU announcement as soon as it is up.

New Nidalee and Soraka Skins in the Immediate Future

Morello hits the topic about annie's visual rework, but gives a whole lot more information.

It's a surprise for me, and i would have preferred that Sivir, Yi or Sion got a visual rework first.. But, in my opinion, Garen is supposed to be comical looking. It's like a silly parody of the grandeur of powerful knights' "look how huge and tough this armor is!" type of deal, by making that grand armor look silly.
Yi and Sion are definitely on the list (in my mind, Sion is the WORST offender). In this case, how we prioritize has a lot of complexities - specifically for Sion, we also want to fix his gameplay, but we're not doing Sion before we get through Karma, and hopefully Heimer.

So we chose a rework that was art-only. Sivir was a runner-up, but the art team wanted to get Annie done first as it also shows a definition for non-standard age characters in our updated art style - specifically, Annie shows what children look like in League.

No, what surprised me was that she got a new skin when there has been a lot of outcry against it and for skins for otherwise skinless champs.
Typically, reworks are accompanied by a new skin (and if not right away, shortly after). Many of the champions that need skins badly are getting visual reworks also, preventing us from making the new skin until that's completed.

Nidalee and Soraka are getting new skins in the immediate future, they were just delayed to improve them a bit.

her head is bigger than that of most champions in the game


Morello is Warwick on the rework list? He really need it
I believe so, but not before a lot of the others mentioned. He's older and needs art love, but it's not elephant-feet bad. 

Do you think you guys would give him an updated splash art, or wait until you guys give him a full visual update?
We tend to do that with the relaunches, especially as the splash artists always have tons of work in front of them  Hav'ta prioritize!

Does this mean that we can expect another child champion in the near future? Because that would be cool (at the moment we've got Nunu and Annie, and possibly Amumu, though people say he's a Yordle...I find it more thematically-fitting if he's an immortal child, though). 

I know Yordles fulfill the "chibi" niche quite well, but there's always room for people of every age. Though it's difficult to consider what niche a child could fill; as far as "kid genius" goes, the Yordles have that genre mostly covered. There could be an age-warping champion, I suppose, one who is a kid for most of the game but then transforms into an adult with fully-developed powers...though the concept is a little too similar to Shyvana and Nasus.

Nothing in the works for sure, but the "uhh children look bad in League" will no longer be a factor if it's desired.

@Morello. Do you got any idea who will have the next update after annie?
Yes, but not telling yet, because the expectation will be "tomorrow" if I do 

I'll shed some light on this as we get closer.

So Morello,

While you are here I need to ask you a question concerning Lux. I am sure that you are tired of hearing from the Lux fan base, and I am not here to say I hate the Steel Legion Lux skin. I think it is a fantastic skin, and I plan on buying it. My question is is Lux on the table for a visual rework? I really like how polished Steel Legion looks compared to her other skins. 

~ Bannanazaz

I'm not going to pass on this one as I have a whole thread with like 40 red responses on Lux and skin expectations - I'll leave it to you to find it 

But still, you got to admitt that for people that were hoping for other champions to be getting skins that giving Annie, who has around 9 now if I remember correctly, was a kind of slap to the face. People have been really patient for new Udyr, Soraka, Trundle, Rumble, Diana (especially after the change of her only skin), and many other champions, how long will we have to wait to see these champs get some love instead of cash cows (not to be rude)?
For the reason I said above. If we can't make skins for them (Diana notwithstanding, but I think that's personal/anecdotal and not representative) because they need new art, or in many of these cases we do have a skin for them coming very soon, then I see no reason to not do the Annie one with the rework.

I do understand the expectations on the skin fairness issue, and I'll be coming to speak about how we prioritize (something we've changed a lot since Annie and Teemo got all the skins!), but it's not going to be "hold all this content until this other champion's skin gets done." Especially, in many cases a skin wants to be done by X date and gets additional work to be up to par.

I'm expecting that Soraka skin to be bad ass, Morello.
You get me, bro?

We scrapped and reworked the old one, that's a fair expectation. I think it delivers. 

I know that this is a little bit off-topic but Morello could you please tell us if there's a Zyra skin on the works? Anytime soon? She is my favorite mid champion and I would like a new skin on her 
Not right away, but we are concepting one - and it will be good 

There are other champs that I want to get skins out for first.

This rework made me sad. While the old art wasn't great quality, it really worked for Annie thematically. It was cutesy, and Annie was all about being cute while your face melted off.

The new Annie doesn't look cute at all. She is a lot more cruel looking without retaining any of the child qualities. The resulting combination makes her feel nothing like Annie of old. I guess that's a goal with the reworks - to change the feel of the champion - but while I think it improved things for Nidalee and Soraka, it was a change for the worse for Annie.

Since I was never very good with her, I primarily played her because I wanted to play as Annie with her bear Tibbers in Co-op games. Now that motivation is gone.

Sorry to hear that - that is disappointing when that happens. Have you actually played with it with the VO lines, animations, etc, or did you look at a screenshot?

I do feel that your view is a great minority here, but that's not much consolation when you're that person :P Though it's true that reworking anything will be met with some unhappiness, I'd just like to minimize that.

Come on Morello , don't ignore me and tell me , is Heimerdinger in the list for a Visual Upgrade? I desperately want to know , please.
Visual - I'm not sure. Gameplay definitely, but visual is up in the air because a lot of his charm is his derpiness.

Morello, you should make an ask thread, like the ones Ezreal and Gypsylord have.

I promise none of my questions will be about Irelia or healing.

I have a really really old one. Maybe I should do a new one.

Meddler on Even More Sejuani Information

If you missed any of the previous info, make sure to check out our redtracker

@Meddler, these changes are not real are they?
Sorry for the confusion here folks. What was on the PBE yesterday was the result of a couple of changed files that govern the application of Frost mixed in with Sejuani's current files, resulting in bugs and bits that didn't make sense together.

To clarify a few things:

1. As previously mentioned the tag for Permafrost will be shifting to a passive on the E, unaffected by tenacity and potentially with a slightly longer duration. Sejuani will get a new passive as a result. Whether that mark can be applied when Permafrost is on CD will depend on how that mark interacts with the rest of the kit - if there's no benefit in having the mark applied it'll be disabled, if there is it'll still be active.

2. W will definitely not be both applying that mark and gaining increased damage from it, that was the result of incompatible files being mixed. At the moment we're looking at various iterations on W, some of which apply the mark but don't gain damage from it. Will update in a while once we have something solid - this is very much a point of experimentation at the moment.

3. Sejuani's ult will remain an AOE stun when you hit a champion. We are testing a version where the auto detonation at end does not stun and instead applies a really powerful slow, which would allow us to add more power to other parts of Sejuani's kit whilst still allowing skilled plays to get as much power out of the spell as at present. As above that's part of ongoing testing rather than final and would admittedly remove some gameplay on the Sejuani players part (though also adds more counterplay). Some of the extra stuff added's been testing pretty well so it's certainly an avenue worth exploring.

When he refers to "power in other places" on her kit he could be referring to:
- scaling buffs
- more base damages
- other types of utility and hard cc
- more mobility

This sort of stuff yeah. At present Sejuani's ult has a really high success rate, even if cast haphazardly towards the enemy, which means other parts of her kit have to be weaker to compensate. By introducing a bigger difference between the good casts and mediocre casts of the ult we can potentially add some other stuff into her kit e.g. perhaps a stronger CC than just a small slow on her Q when hitting a champion.

Will be... can you help me understand how this tag on Permafrost works as a passive on Permafrost? 
Possible options are things like:

Passive: Whenever Sejuani deals damage to an enemy with a spell or basic attack she applies a mark of X to the target that lasts for Y seconds.

Active: Permafrost as at present


Passive: Whenever Sejuani deals damage to an enemy with a spell or basic attack she applies a mark of X to the target that lasts for Y seconds.

Active: Permafrost as at present. Marks cannot be applied while Permafrost is on CD.


Passive: Whenever Sejuani damages an enemy with a basic attack, Arctic Assault or Glacial Prison she applies a mark of X that lasts for Y sconds.

Active: Permafrost as at present.

Etc. Depends on what tests best and what happens, or doesn't happen, with the W.

Sounds minor except the whole catch them at distance and then with the use of the passive popping Permafrost. Will a passive feeding Permafrost still exist to make these long range plays? If not how do we use what was one of the games greatest long range initiation combos in the game?

This sounds like it may impact my play style in a large way.

Edit: ty for answering questions before things are set in stone. I know its burned Riot on a larger scale before, but we appreciate the interaction.

Oh, btw could you see if Ironstylus can give us anything on the visual side of the rework?

It's still planned for the ult to apply the mark from Permafrost, so the R to E combo will work as before. As with anything it's possible that might change, though I'm not aware of any issues that would require it at the moment.

Regarding possible visual changes/tweaks I spoke to Ironstylus the other day and he sounded keen to chat here once we had something we could talk about (no ETA on that yet though sorry).

Most recently, Meddler mentioned you in response to someone asking about Sejuani's potential visual changes.
Ah yes. We have been talking. 

We have an opportunity I feel. I've oft mentioned that if I had the chance, I'd reapproach Sejuani to match her concept to her theme. That isn't to say there isn't something neat about metal bikini's, but if we had the chance to re-evaluate how we could execute on her theme of being an awesome barbarian, kick-ass, boar-riding brute from the north, then I'd jump at the opportunity. 

Much like Meddler is taking feedback and direction now, I've been collecting feedback and direction for years. There are some thoughts swimming in my head, there are some ideas I have, and I'm going to play around with them if I get the chance. 

We desperately want Sejuani to feel better. There is no reason she shouldn't be more widely accepted other than the points brought up here.. which.. well, are a lot of points, but nonetheless, we should not constrain ourselves, even when we've put something out which we feel could use a good once-over that might not be living up to its potential, especially if it's not widely off the mark. 

I want to feel awesome playing Sejuani. From an art standpoint, I can't say I feel that way now, and with all of the feedback I've collected on her since we released her, I've been taking mental notes as to what I would want to execute on, how I would solidify her theme, and how I would better integrate that with any possible kit tweaks. 

Sejuani is really fertile ground to take something that I think we delivered a 7-8 on and really bump it to a 10. People know my feelings about her, we discuss internally how we feel also. Lots of great conversations are happening, and a lot of cool directions are being devised if indeed we do have this chance.

We shall see.

More to come!

Why Champions Don't Get Holiday Skins for their First Non-Release Skin

SO Lunar Revel is coming...and No new Diana skins?
I'm not sure exactly what the thought was, but I think we wanted to make her a skin independent of this holiday just because she's by default.. ya know.. all about the moon. Do we do like.. Double Moon Diana? WHAT DOES IT MEEEAAAN? 

I don't think we want to pigeon hole too much. There's some good themes we can attach to her beyond Lunar Revel. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's sort of a rule of thumb that we don't have a champion's first post-launch skin be event related. It's a pretty good policy I think in that we want people to become more familiar with the champion outside of events or holidays first. I'm not sure how strict we are about it, but I think that was brought up in the LR discussion. However, I could also be full of benedryl (sinus headache).

We have new skin ideas for her, and yes, I'll probably be doing the concept for whichever one is next =)

There's probably more but these are champs who got their first post-launch skin to be event related or limited.
yeah, there isn't really a rule or anything, but we do put extra consideration in whenever a limited skin is suggested for a champion's first post-launch skin—we're hesitant to do that nowadays. the only recent failures here are maokai and leblanc, if memory serves, and those were over a year ago (although we totally did it again with the second post-launch skin for maokai…). anyway, the gist is that going forward we'd like the first post-launch skin to hang around in the store all year so you have at least two to pick from at any given time.

as for the first post-launch skin being tied to an event, we don't have any reservations about that—everyone is fair game in that regard!

Fiora's first post release skin is a legacy not that I mind much but yeah that's fairly recent =P
oh, for some reason i thought we left that one in the store… 
well, that applies to hecarim too then come to think of it. i thought we decided to leave 3 of the event skins in the store, but i guess all 6 of them were legacy (or whatever the term for 'can come back later' is). poor hecarim, fiora, and maokai. ; _ ;

so, yeah, that's why we want to be very mindful about limited/legacy skins in the future—it's cool to see something besides launch skins available for a given champion.

Be less mindful of the limiteds! Y u no want my monies?
haha, i was just talking about limited/legacy skins as a champion's first post-launch skin—not about those kinds of skins in general. for example, it would be nice if draven's next skin would be available all year. that doesn't mean that there isn't a chance it could be limited/legacy, just that we'd put extra thought into the decision and make sure it really is the right choice if we were leaning that way.

Ah, sorry, I knew I didn't have a complete picture of post-launch event-relates skins. My bad!

I think though that there were better options that were a bit more festive. Diana I don't think adapted quite as well. Plus I think we came up with a few more appropriate themes for her for her first post-launch skin.

Rest assured, we have ideas.

IronStylus, we Diana players are waiting for a new skin to keep fightning our enemies!

Is any one being worked on? or are we getting a new one 'soon'?

I have not yet put stylus to cintiq but it's on my list of upcoming projects. No estimated date whatsoever, but It'll be in my hands to execute when the time comes.

I'm not sure exactly what the thought was, but I think we wanted to make her a skin independent of this holiday just because she's by default.. ya know.. all about the moon. Do we do like.. Double Moon Diana? WHAT DOES IT MEEEAAAN? 

I don't think we want to pigeon hole too much. There's some good themes we can attach to her beyond Lunar Revel. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's sort of a rule of thumb that we don't have a champion's first post-launch skin be event related. It's a pretty good policy I think in that we want people to become more familiar with the champion outside of events or holidays first. I'm not sure how strict we are about it, but I think that was brought up in the LR discussion. However, I could also be full of benedryl (sinus headache).

We have new skin ideas for her, and yes, I'll probably be doing the concept for whichever one is next =)

Correct - I'd like to avoid event or holiday-themed skins as a "first" skin for a champion, partially for some of the expectations reasons I laid out in the Lux thread. This will become more sensible as we fill in a lot of these expectations - I'm more OK with something like Mistletoe Zyra once we have a great core skin for her, for example.


Morello on Annie VS Nidalee Splash Updates

Basically this. Additionally, I'm a bit less sensitive to "well, this other character got something, so I need something for this other character" - that expectation actually can hamstring us from doing stuff that's valuable for players unless we have time to do it 100% of the time. 

The Goth Annie splash is older than the early Nidalee skins, so that might have driven the art team to do more here.

How is Leopard Nidalee's splash not on the same level as Goth Annie? It's one of those relics from the days where the only real differences between skin splash arts were the colors, and the poses/scenery were the same.
You'd have to ask the artists on that - they make visual decisions like that and I tend to want to let them 
However, if we got the Goth Annie splash "for free" (ie some artist felt passionate and just busrt it out in their own time), I'm not going to discourage that because Nidalee didn't get it.




  • #10 KazumaKuro


    Waiting for a Baker Pantheon skin, I want him to toss cookies or sumthing like that. He's still waiting be that baker.
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  • #9 exacerberus

    I just hope they won't completely fk Sejuani: if they'll end up nerfing her ulti too much without improving the rest of her kit enough to largely compensate for that she will probably be even in a worst spot that she's currently.

  • #8 RoakOriginal

    3. Sejuani's ult will remain an AOE stun when you hit a champion


    dat hit is important part... cuz now u can throw it, and miss by like 400 range, and it still "hits"... it's ok, cuz she is otherwise useless, but when she receives rework, this should be fixed...

  • #6 Gameguy301
    Every time I see jade Cassiopeia all I can see is tarics face, am I the only one that think that looks like taric? It's getting pretty outrageous.
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    I still have a problem with how players voted selfishly for the champs with their 1st non-release skin that also happened to be a Holiday skin, to become Legacy.

    Apparently league players feel entitled to the right to buy a skin for a champ and for other players not to be able to buy it, even if it's their first non-release skin, as it happened for Hecarim and Fiora.

  • #5 shredthecarpet

    Apparently league players feel entitled to be able to buy all skins, no matter what, and demand that all Previous legacy and limited be put on sale for everyone.  He has it, so i want it.

  • #1 ZakelijkeZak

    To be honest, I didn't even realize champions looked that bad until the visual upgrades were done :) I don't mind it tho. 

  • #2 Aquamadur

    Please look at the Splash arts from the other Skins Evelynn have (I hope I spelled this right). If I look at these Splash arts, I hear voices saying "kill me please"

    tango evelynn is assassinating me

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    Notes: vinnie, leave stan alone
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    <3 gekkos

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