Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 2/11/2013 - Debonair Jayce Splash

A very small PBE patch has just hit. There are no Champion ability changes or item changes.

Debonair Jayce Splash Screen

Until the servers come up, this looks to be the only change this patch.




  • #11 MarcoFoxRoberto

    The skin is pretty lackluster, in my opinion. They could at least get some custom voices there, and the hammer is pretty bland.

    Especially when jayce already has a "premium" skin (not in price, but as in "a skin that is very diferent from the original with custom particles and voices").

  • #10 CptCoxwag

    I wish they made the Weapon match the look, looks far too modern and techy for a Gentleman of sophistication. Something like a cane that switches to the cannon would be more suitable for this sort of skin rather then keeping the bludgeoning hammer of the future.

    And the splash art is terrible. What sort of dandy slouches, even going down stairs?

  • #12 Advokat

    Two things, firstly, he's sitting on a car though now that you mention it I can see how you might mistake it for a stair bannister. Personally, I think the splash art is excellent.

    Secondly, the skin is drawing upon the retro-future art-style which I think is a really fitting look for Jayce. The platinum and gold colours certainly suit.

    Last edited by Advokat: 2/12/2013 7:14:51 AM
  • #13 lazule2

    I think he looks fine at least it ain't a re-color. Also using a cane when you can walk perfectly its on the tryhard side maybe they should make the hammer more "Art Deco" looking.

  • #9 TheGoobs

    Call me Gatsby, old sport!

  • #8 Crayonsnacha

    Skin is really lame imo.  Absolutely nothing changed besides his suit.  Pretty lackluster considering what Riot's been churning out.

  • #6 Benegesserit

    Holy crap he's weak. Dat Annie just tanked him like a boss.

  • #5 OuterRaven

    He looks very classy. I wonder if he hangs out with Gentleman Cho'Gath and Corporate Mundo in social events?

  • #4 Canvasofgrey

    Kind of a boring skin.

  • #2 Bad_Player

    The name's Bond. Jayce Bond.

  • #3 MxLionheart

    Quote from BadPlayer6 »

    The name's Bond. Jayce Bond.

    The name's Third. Rivington the Third. FTFY.

  • #1 gekkos

    he's looking quite dapper

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