Xelnath Jokes About Quinn, Health Bar Change and Loss of Control Indicators Not In Next Patch, Champion and Skin Sale

Xelnath Jokes About Quinn

Or is he?

She shoots a thing, then she birds a thing, then she kicks a thing, then she birds a thing some more. 

Yeah, I think thats it. Also, teemo hates her.
I take it back. Garen hates her more.

Health Bar Change and Loss of Control Indicators Not In Next Patch

In case you missed it, the health bars on the PBE have had a small change. However these changes will not be going live like this with the next patch.

The next PBE push will have this entire system, along with Loss of Control, disabled, as we are not pushing those features in the next patch. 

You will have your 100 hp ticks back.... then after we patch, we'll go back into Petridish Beta Environment mode.


Champion & Skin Sale: A Fearsome Fighting Team

Deep in the wilderness, secret ninja academies train the protectors of the future. Some become infamous death-dealers like Monster Destroyer or Super Killer, others are less celebrated though no less feared. Some of the splinter groups rise from the shadows in the amber hue of the blood moon, and others roll out, garbed in the armor of midnight. Believe it.

When they meet, by sacred vow and secret code, they are bound to fight.

As the eventide settles, a thick blanket of fog coats a shrouded grove. A low, thrumming sound issues from the tangles of thicket. The heavily armored form of a rolling ball appears.

More rustling, and the branches part, revealing two wickedly curved kama and the sinuous figure of another ninja.

  • Blood Moon Akali. Yeh. 487 RP

Twin terrifying masked eyes stare at the two already facing off; the form the eyes belong to lingering to one side with its hands grasping sheathed blades.

  • Blood Moon Shen. Alright. 487 RP

A shrill whistling heralds the arrival of another combatant, spirit blades rushing through the air.

Long shadows spawn from the light of the moon overhead. A ripping, shredding sound announces the presence of the last ninja warrior.

  • Zed. Hmm. 487 RP

To an observer, nothing happens; figures left standing and staring. A battle of wits leaves no scars upon the land. But one drifts apart from the group, and the tremor of his passing breaks the others’ concentration.

The low, growling rumble fades as the practitioners of ancient arts vanish into the morning mist. Were it not for the silence of the forest, one could easily imagine they had all left the glade. A careful, cautious snake slithers through the tall grass, the susurrus of his passing a whisper on the wind. The swipe of an armored claw snatches up the serpent, and the slow crunching of bones echoes in the brush.

None had departed. They linger, a memory of secrets and the promise of a future. Evil? The ninja way knows neither good nor evil. Still, they’ll haunt this grove from February 12 toFebruary 15. Only then will their hidden forms return to the battlefields they stalk, their shadowed brand of justice dealt from darkness.


Announcing the Collegiate Program

When it comes to your school, pride matters; when it comes to playing League of Legends, you love entering the queue with friends. We’re excited to announce a new program that brings you the best of both worlds. 

With the Collegiate Program you can create or search for a League of Legends club at your school, take part in challenges, request event support and learn about how to nab some kick-ass swag. The new page is for experienced players looking for fresh competition, members of existing clubs looking to join forces with Riot and those who want to find out more about the game their friends are playing. It also gives existing Riot-supported clubs an opportunity to post a club profile page or collaborate with other organizers in the community.

As your club grows, you can host LAN tournaments, pubstomps and even battle other clubs in inter-collegiate competition. Not interested in day-to-day administration? No problem. Take advantage of the site to stay up-to-date on activities that you might have missed and compete at your own pace.

TESPA—Everything’s Big in Texas

As a testament to the power of collegiate clubs, the Texas eSports Association (TESPA) has grown into one of the largest and most ambitious collegiate gaming organizations in the world. Players of all skill levels from eight of Texas’ largest schools joined together to dominate the collegiate esports scene. 

Their efforts culminate in an invitational tournament known as the Lone Star Clash. The second time around, the tourney brought in internationally famous pro League of Legends teams to showdown on Summoner’s Rift. 

Top-notch broadcasting and expert commentary by Rivington and Scarra helped make Lone Star Clash 2 a resounding success showcasing up-and-coming talent alongside the pro stalwarts. With the former CLG.eu taking down a heated final match against Curse Gaming, more than 47,000 concurrent viewers tuned in to check out all the action.

Check out the Collegiate Program

So, with all these incentives to get started and a success story to map the way, why are you still reading this? Head over to the Collegiate Program today and kick off the next semester in League of Legends style!



  • #11 raydenuni

    While they're tweaking the health bars, they should switch to effective health instead of flat health. Seeing that Cho'gath has 4000hp while Riven has 3000hp and 200 armor isn't terribly useful.

  • #6 MarcoFoxRoberto

    "Yeah, I think thats it. Also, teemo hates her.
    I take it back. Garen hates her more."

    I would deduct from these statements that Quinn probably has a way to reveal stealth and hidden (bush) characters. Which makes sense, since she has a hawk with her.

    Probably has a low cooldown, or even might work as an aura (reveal stealth and hidden characters within 600 range, for example).

  • #7 theekop

    Quote from MarcoFoxRoberto »

    "Yeah, I think thats it. Also, teemo hates her.
    I take it back. Garen hates her more."

    I would deduct from these statements that Quinn probably has a way to reveal stealth and hidden (bush) characters. Which makes sense, since she has a hawk with her.

    Probably has a low cooldown, or even might work as an aura (reveal stealth and hidden characters within 600 range, for example).

    That would render akali and eve entirely useless L0L

  • #8 lazule2

    Or Shaco.

  • #9 Gr33n3

    while making akali and shaco in teamfights even more useless as they are right now it might be the weakest skill in the whole game because there are like 5-7 champs with stealth mechanics ...guess it will be more like ur first idea.. something like ashes bird

  • #3 Nakhan

    Just adding 1000 hp large dividers works. Or 500 hp dividers.

    Last edited by Nakhan: 2/12/2013 12:01:33 AM
  • #4 Venom_Genocide

    Ya. Split it up at 500 hp into a clump or something. 5 100 ticks in each clump... and you see 4 clumps... means they have 2000 hp... 5 x 100 x 4... 

  • #1 Gunthore

    They should just make it like your health bars split to 200 per tick after 2k hp or something.

  • #2 CoolRoot

    That could be very confusing visually, as a 1000hp target and a 2000hp target would have identical bars.

  • #5 Mockstar

    This. People should just get used to the 200 ticks. Sure, it looks weird to have 2-3 ticks at level 1, but late game it looks so much better.

  • #10 Gunthore

    It could not take effect until level 6 or something. I like the idea, but it has to be thought out for low hp champs.


  • #12 Flibbgibb

    The main issue I can see is it hindering ignite users for awhile. Mid game, if I need to use ignite to finish someone, I look for 1-2 bars, now it's 1/2-1 bars. Otherwise, I'm happy with the change.

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