The News Roundup: Vi, Xin Zhao, and Jarvan IV to be Possibly Nerfed, Dragon Master Swain, Warwick is Weak

Vi, Xin Zhao, and Jarvan IV to be Possibly Nerfed

Morello hit the forums saying his team will be touching these champs next patch

Vi is quickly becoming the worst-kept secret. 
The team is going to be touching this next patch

And what about j4 and Xin Zhao? They just dominate every game with only 1 warmogs and no damage items.
Likely here as well.

Dragon Master Swain

It looks like Dragon Master Swain will become a skin! 

One and a half year for Dragon Master Swain? We don't want it quickly, but don't delay it until I'm dead either. lol
We will do this skin - I'm sure of that.

Before or after you guys give champions with 10 skins more skins that they dont need [ Annie , Kat , teemo etc ]
After - Swain doesn't actually need a new skin (<3 Tyrant), we'd be doing this one JUST to meet the community request. It's a cool skin idea, so we'll make it.


This is important - and I hate to be this guy - but I specifically will not agree to meet anything laid out in a spec. I think setting that expectation that we'll implement, line-by-line, a suggestion is really dangerous.

We will make Dragon Master Swain, and it will be amazing. Will it be the exact same as every piece of the idea? Not likely.

Mr. Morello sir, I know this isn't the thread for it, but you can't just put out a Soon™ on one of my most anticipated skins and leave it hanging like that D:<. Please more juicy info.
We've actually known we were going to do this for awhile. Marking to remind myself why I shouldn't have said anything in 3 months when everyone's yelling that we failed to dleiver on our promise.

It's not going to come out immediately, or maybe even soon at all, but we'll do it.

Warwick is Weak

Morello agree's that Warwick is weak.

I agree WW is weak. Want to fix.

The League Update




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