Unofficial PBE Changes Part 2 - Game Client


Statikk on AP Tryndamere Changes


  • This is PBE. This is where riot tries out various numbers to test and play with. This does not mean it will go live like this!
  • The following is datamined from the TOOLTIPS, this means any changes, are changes made to the tooltips and may not reflect abilities that have values that don't match their tooltips
  • -Riot may not always fully update a tooltip, PLEASE do not rage about changes, take these as a basic idea of what to go test on the PBE!
  • This compares PBE to PBE (not live)
  • "Remember, PBE are not patch notes!" ~ @RiotMorello! 

If you missed the first part of the patch today with the other changes, you can find it here.

Celestine Soraka

She is now available for testing on the PBE, which also means she is ready for a quick video preview. 

 Quinn and Phoenix Quinn Loading Screens


Champion Changes

Only one (new compared to earlier patch) champion change in the game client, and that's mr Tryndamere.

Bloodlust Q

  • AP scaling on his active is now .2*AP (down from 1.5*AP)
  • Now has a 0.01* AP scailing on the health per fury consumed.



  • #25 vyletrakun

    In all fairness this is good. Considering how much he could heal with no fury. That was why they nerfed it. Also his spin is still a 1:1 ratio on AP, and that spin HURTS way more than you would expect.

    They just made it so an AP Tryndamere is now killable.

    Also Quinn is awesome and I can't wait for her to go live!

  • #26 nothingxs

    AP Tryndamere was always pretty killable if you counter-picked him, and despite having that spin, he has a really hard time disengaging if he was ganked in the middle of a lane. In general, dying as Tryndamere was ... pretty easy. The spin is great to get away in the jungle, not so great elsewhere. I think people are having this reaction because they are just happy they have to deal with less AP Tryndamere builds instead of actually learning how to deal with him in the first place.

  • #28 vyletrakun

    Oh yeah he was killable but it always felt so much harder to do so if he snowballed.

    I also think the people whining about it don't play ranked then he would be counter picked but in blind pick it was much harder to do so.


  • #24 MrCODFiiSH

    Quinn is soooo ugly :'(

  • #21 Tomosumi

    Quinn's voice is cute.

  • #20 SiameseCookie

    I like the grim look on quinn's face. Not the usual "please do me" gaze that even Vi has to an extent; Quinn looks serious and focused. And the redhead skin.

    And I don't like how they even try to keep AP tryn viable. It was a funny alternative build back when lich bane dealt physical damage, but now it's just annoying.

  • #19 Rare_I_Tee

    Soraka is a goat.... how long have you been playing for? A week!?

  • #27 darkfollowers

    i though is a unicorn

  • #16 killzone28

    Good I'm glad there nerfing Ap Tryn. So many gay little fan boys out there watch one streamer do it and they all try to copy him and fail super hard. Hope the nerf comes to live ASAP

  • #15 theekop

    how was playing against AP tryndamere fun? He doesnt die, but doesnt do any damage. 

  • #18 keybler86

    He isn't meant to do damage except to towers.. He is meant to split push all day with 0 repercussions. Whole team either has to come stop him, send one person where he just runs, or lose a tower while the rest of his team defends or sieges.

    Seems like a fine change to me. He still maintains that power without the hilariously outrageous sustain. Will also hopefully make all the influential players stop trying him, not realizing he needs incredibly good farm to do well.

    Last edited by keybler86: 2/21/2013 5:04:26 AM
  • #14 nothingxs

    Wow, so much for me adding AP Tryndamere to my pool of potential top-laner champions. This had better not hit live exactly like this, because it's a nerf for both AP and AD Tryndamere. Like, a crazy nerf -- now Sheen doesn't help you as AD Tryndamere at all either, and now you have no real reason to buy AP anyways because the move scales pitifully off of it. I could've understood 125% or even 100% AP, but 20%? For a champion that hasn't even had a chance to show up at a tournament?


  • #22 darkChozo

    It's not really 20%, the ratio has been shifted largely to the Fury part of the heal. From Statikk's post, the final ratios are going to be the same as right now if you have 100 Fury. Still a nerf, but they haven't gutted the ability, they've just made it so AP Trynd has to deal with Trynd's core design just like AD Trynd does.

  • #13 yoshiwaan

    Soraka skin's eye look like they're pointing in different directions

  • #12 cottonycloud

    As AP he is ridiculous. It was simply ridiculous how he backdoored and we couldn't do anything about it. If we won a teamfight he would push faster than we did. Note this was blind pick so no countering.

    AD Tryndamere is not weak in its own right. People are giving him too little credit.

  • #11 Cerbereth

    Quinn wins the flat as a board contest yay for her.

  • #9 LolLolLolJake

    Lol Tryndamere nerfs. The AD melee carry is so bad that an AP build is his only option, and then Riot just guts it as well. God forbid Diana and Rengar be overnerfed for a week, but lmao Tryndamere.

  • #8 rfkannen

    while i understand the negative veiws on this skin, in my opinion is it awesome.

  • #6 FirionDarklight

    What's wrong with Soraka's mouth? It's like she is performing fellatio or something. >.>

  • #10 entenfett

    Its open. Thats what mouths do sometimes, they open.

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