Unofficial PBE Changes Part 2 - Game Client


Statikk on AP Tryndamere Changes


  • This is PBE. This is where riot tries out various numbers to test and play with. This does not mean it will go live like this!
  • The following is datamined from the TOOLTIPS, this means any changes, are changes made to the tooltips and may not reflect abilities that have values that don't match their tooltips
  • -Riot may not always fully update a tooltip, PLEASE do not rage about changes, take these as a basic idea of what to go test on the PBE!
  • This compares PBE to PBE (not live)
  • "Remember, PBE are not patch notes!" ~ @RiotMorello! 

If you missed the first part of the patch today with the other changes, you can find it here.

Celestine Soraka

She is now available for testing on the PBE, which also means she is ready for a quick video preview. 

 Quinn and Phoenix Quinn Loading Screens


Champion Changes

Only one (new compared to earlier patch) champion change in the game client, and that's mr Tryndamere.

Bloodlust Q

  • AP scaling on his active is now .2*AP (down from 1.5*AP)
  • Now has a 0.01* AP scailing on the health per fury consumed.



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