Free Champion Rotation, Xelnath on Lore, ZenonTheStoic on Xin Zhao

Free Champion Rotation

Xelnath on Lore

Okay, serious answer: 

We are looking very seriously at our lore and background for our characters right now. Kitae would be more qualified than me to comment on the subject. 

Lore is difficult, because the way we've approached it in the past has left some character stories in a state where we can't push them forward. We want the world of Valoran to be one in which we can tell many, many more stories. 

I don't know why Syndra's in the league, but being captured does make sense. 

ZenonTheStoic on Xin Zhao

Trust me, our live design dudes are very much aware of Win Nao. There's a bunch of changes being tested on PBE, but overall what it boils down to is we're reducing base damages and increasing E and R cooldowns to reduce the amount of burst he gets even while building tanky. If that doesn't work we can adjust further.

That's cool, just please, PLEASE, promise me you won't avalanche him with nerfs like you did in S1-S2 before his rework.
I think our live design team has seriously stepped up its game. We tend to be a lot more reactive now. If we overnerf we reverse the changes, of course, but there's also that old psychological effect. One story Feralpony told me once was that we put out patch notes saying Vlad pool had lost its MS buff and received some other nerfs and Vlad was suddenly considered trash tier, with both his pick and his win rate plummeting. Problem was, the changes accidentally never went out. So after it seems like a champion was overnerfed and is trash now, we have to wait a little to make sure that's actually what happened. Remember also that Hecarim was considered weak for the longest time and has skyrocketed to the top of jungle picks now with no changes.
Yes, of course Season 3 itemization helps him out immensely. But there was something like a 2 month gap between Season 3 items and Hecarim becoming FOTM.



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