Xelnath Talks Champion Reworks, What to Watch: IEM Championship

Xelnath Talks Champion Reworks

It varies dramatically based on the issues with the champion. A simple rework might be as easy as changing the resource system slightly. Those might be done in a month or two (balance testing is the main implication). 

Then in the case of a mechanical upgrade, e.g. Gangplank, it might take twice as long. Thats per major iteration. If you're trying to do a visual rework, then you're taking the time it took to do a Gangplank rework, but also tying it up to an Annie-style rework where you also need to redo her skins - and the designer hookups attached to those. 

A particularly tough champion, like Karma, who might have multiple designers taking different approaches, then working to integrate the best part and you're looking at an even longer amount of time. 

The bad news is that tough reworks take longer. The good news is, I've been playing with a rough version of Scarizard's Karma and I like her. When we feel she's ready, you'll see her too.

Can we call her Scarma?
Yes. Yes, you can

What happened to Guinsoo's Karma?
Scarizard should comment on exactly what happened. However, Skarma is: BAD. ASS.

What to Watch: IEM Championship

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) travels to Hanover, Germany from March 6th to 9th for its Intel Extreme Masters Finale. The League of Legends tournament showcases twelve teams from around the globe who earned their spot by placing in one of the IEM tour stops throughout the season. 

Live from CeBIT 2013, twelve teams will battle head-to-head in group stages to advance into the single elimination bracket. These teams will compete for their share of $150,000 in prize money and the title of IEM’s Champion.

Don’t miss any of the action at IEM’s Championship. You can view the live-stream on ESL.tv when the tournament begins.

For more information about the event including the broadcast schedule, tournament brackets, attending teams, and more, visit ESL’s website.



  • #6 B3hr7

    I'm just relieved that Scarizard revealed that he's looking into making sure that AP Karmia mid is still intact.

  • #7 Ankhe

    Did you find more comments on the matter? Could you post the link?

  • #8 B3hr7

    Just click on the link from the words "Xelnath Talks Champion Reworks." It'll take you directly to the thread where Scarizard was discussing his version of the Karma rework.

  • #2 nochange

    lol, Scarma. More info please.

  • #1 Ankhe

    I'm silently yet strongly hoping for new Karma skin with long leather jacket and appropriate badass sunglasses.

  • #3 Insarius

    Deus Ex: Karma's Revolution?

  • #4 Ankhe

    Oh yesss. With a little bit of Matrix' Trinity.


  • #5 MarcoFoxRoberto

    Quote from Insarius »

    Deus Ex: Karma's Revolution?

    "Karma, what do you think about your remake?"

    "I never asked for this."

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