3/5/13 Tryndamere Temporarily Disabled, Celestine Soraka Available Now

3/5/13 Tryndamere Temporarily Disabled

There appears to be a bug where Tryndamere's Spinning Slash would only hit 1 target.

We have disabled Tryndamere temporarily as we are working to fix a bug related to him.

Celestine Soraka Available Now

The stars themselves have conspired to reform Soraka into a mighty battle cleric. An empyrean being of grace and poise,Celestine Soraka radiates with new particles and effects. New animations grace the Star Child, too: Celestine Soraka levitates towards the heavens as she returns to base, and when she is taken in battle, she dissipates into stardust before readying for her return to the Fields of Justice.

Celestine Soraka is available now for 975 RP in the League of Legends store.



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