Certainlyt on Soraka's Passive, Morello Talks AP Ezreal, How to Customize Health Bars

Certainlyt on Soraka's Passive

Certainlyt hits the forum to talk a little bit about Soraka's passive. We may also see a full new passive for her at some point (rather than buffing the current version)

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

The range of Soraka's passive is 1000, not 500. As to specifics about the passive, it is potent and actually scales indirectly -- MR is % damage reduction and teams tend to group up more and more as the game progresses. 16 MR may not seem like a lot, but 16 MRx5 is probably stronger than a number of champion passive, especially when you consider how much random magic damage bruisers, tanks, and other supports (champs that build zero/low spell pen) tend to put out. There's a reason why Runic Bulwark is bar none the most powerful item in our game.

With that out of the way, the passive is lacking in gameplay. Even when playing as Soraka, I seldom appreciate it and definitely cannot feel the difference it makes in a team fight. Contrast with Nami passive -- likely a lower power passive overall -- whose speed boost you and your allies can't help but notice. Soraka players never get to feel cool or clutch, to display skill, for their passive in the way Sona does with her Powerchords or Blitzcrank does with Mana Barrier-enabled baits or dives. I'd rather we give Soraka a new, more engaging passive, rather than buffing the current version.

Morello Talks AP Ezreal

Morello hits the forums responding to player feedback on AP Ezreal

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Let me talk high-level and then to your specific suggestions;

1) I tend to prefer off-builds that allow similar gameplay with different high- and low-points, or a different pattern altogether. An example of this is, while there's a power problem here, AP and AD Nidalee.

2) Support of off-builds should not sacrifice strong gameplay patterns of primary paths - for example, AP Tryndamere, before nerfs, subverted his entire gameplay pattern to abuse a mechanic. This is not worth supporting an off-build as the costs are higher than the benefits.

3) We have to primarily think of one thing to balance when tuning. It's more important that there's situations you build different items (such as Bloodthirster vs Infinity Edge vs Last Whisper) than you can build different scaling points.

Now, onto your post.

I think the Q and R changes are potentially pretty safe. I do think Ezreal is pretty balanced as an ADC right now. My only worry is the potential to remove satisfaction from AD Ezreal by lowering the damage of his two primary damage spells, but these numbers might be OK.

I don't think the Essence Flux change is a good change, but I think you're looking at a general Ezreal problem with a correct diagnosis; without the AS Slow, the skill is lacking in interesting or defining qualities. This, additionally, can hurt AP Ezreal, but overall is something I think is lame for Ezreal in general.

I'd like to see something that defines it, but my critiques here are: it does give an ADC access to a team-wide AS buff (both potentially OP, and potentially terrible based on who's on your team) and it doesn't actually do anything that I think helps AP Ezreal more than it helps Ezreal overall. That might be OK, if that's your goal here, but it's agnostic to AP/AD.

Overall, I don't have an issue with AP Ezreal, I just think you guys are putting more value on this than it actually provides. You still do the same things, except you do one less thing - auto-attack - and with the low CD of Mystic shot, is it even possible to make that spell feel good on both builds without being absurd on one? I'm not convinced that it is. I think this is more something that's more based in the idea that it makes you feel special (and that's valid in a vacuum) but it doesn't actually do anything real, gameplay-wise. AP Kog'Maw, for example, I think does offer a new pattern because you overly-focus on different skills, but there's still gameplay. Even in that situation it's hard to balance. I guess I understand there's a desire to have AP Ezreal from a core group of die-hard AP Ez fans, I just don't understand why he's the champion people focus on when there's no new gameplay to find within AP Ezreal.

I do feel, though, Essence Flux needs some mechanical help to define and differentiate it from Q and other damage spells generally. I'd like to see some work go into that.

Hey, Morello, since you are here. Would letting Ezreal's W hit minions be okay if it didn't grant him passive stacks? Of course, it would still give stacks when hitting champions.
What do you see as a potential drawback of such a change?

Mostly that I think that's just a wave-clear component overall. I guess if it had terrible bases and high ratios it would be AP Ez only, but I think I don't want to give Ezreal more farming ability since his Q and R is so helpful for getting CS. At that point, he lanes like Morgana, which I don't think any of us can speak to being an interesting and dynamic lane opponent.

I just want Trueshot Barrage to have actual AP Scaling again. Considering all of Ezreal's stuff is magic-based, he should have decent AP Scaling on AT LEAST his ult. At least make the scaling on par with the AD Scaling (which I think was a mistake to add to begin with, as it was basically AP Ez's main reason for living).

Your move, Morello.

Well if your move is "because it's magic-based, we should not adhere to the mechanical fidelity of Ezreal as exists, a character who already has gameplay and is finally well-balanced," then I think I don't have to make a move :P

Maybe there's a thematic expectation, and that's a conceptual problem, but almost 2 years later, I'm not looking to fix that when the gameplay we have is working.

Morello, what do you think of my idea for Ezreal's ult? (from my thread http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...6#post35240306)

Give Ezreal’s Ultimate AP ratios on its damage falloff. The description for his ult would now look something like this.

Of course the numbers are just made up, but I hope you get my idea and maybe even try it out on the PBE

I mean I think it makes AP Ezreal viable, but that's a really clunky way to make it scale there - it gets better, but worse, with AP? That's sending players a really mixed messages.

This is completely unrelated to anything said so far;

But don't you think Dfg+Gunblade Ez is by far burstier than people are giving him credit for? I mean, really.

Toss in a lichbane and a deathcap and you're rolling in high end spam magic dmg.

Oh sure - it's pretty bursty, there's just no reason to do that on Ezreal over a character who has more in their favor for this, like Diana or Akali.

Eh.. What do you mean by no new gameplay? I find AP Ezreal to play much differently than AD Ezreal. Obviously I'm using the same abilities, but AD Ezreal now doesn't really have any use for his W now, other than building stacks/giving an AS buff to his allies, while for AP Ezreal that's his primary ability. The way I handle teamfights, and laning is different, I actually use my E as an offensive ability rather than just a dash, etc.

Because you do less, not different things. The dash damage is valid, but that just makes me want to make it do better damage overall instead of just make that something one build thinks about. It'd make the skill overall better.

You say that AP Kog was interesting, then why did you guys completely destroy him?

Because it was interesting, it was just overpowered. Meaning that balance of a primary build trumps the ability to build different items.

CDR AP Ezreal has his mystic shot a 1.5 second cooldown if he lands it, meaning every seconds he can basically chunk a person if he is good. AP Ez is more of a siege poe champ, rather than a sustained dps.

Bolded a couple parts. This seems like something we wouldn't want to support, honestly. It's likely why we didn't support AP Ezreal when there was original intent there.

Even if it's fun, it still doesn't mean it's desirable to have in the game.

But why did it have to be basically completely removed... Could have been adjusted instead :/

I'm not sure, actually. Statikk may have insight into what the goal was there.

Of course it's possible to make to make the spell feel good on both ad and ap builds without being absurd on one; the question is whether the method of doing so is sufficiently satisfying or overfavors hybridization. If you build a full list of constraints it must satisfy I could readily enough generate a solution. Maybe giving AP ezrael some new gameplay would satisfy them. It's pretty common for champs with possible AP and AD builds for people to want both of them to be useable.

And I disagree on the ap tryn excess nerf; I think it was nice having an alternate build plan be viable.

It's because you're highly valuing the benefits, and undervaluing the costs. If both were balanced and viable, and had good play-patterns, then fine - there's no reason not to. The things I said aren't constraints, they're costs you pay when making changes like this. Costs that are frequently not worth it.

If you want to play AP Ezreal, then it's fun, sure, but in the previous example it actually mentions the problem: "with CDR, you can chunk people every 1.5 seconds." If you think Nid spears are frustrating...

Skill shots are cool, we like them, they're not a free license to do anything though. In a world where that burst level is right, how poor or unsatisfying is Mystic Shot as AD? That's the issue is those things directly fight each other, and if it poses a risk to undoing something that is working well from a balance and play-pattern standpoint, then it's likely not worth it to make it work, especially when Lux has some overlaps too.

Can Xypherous jump in here? Or Scarizard perhaps? Someone that actually looks at balance on a more regular basis?

Good idea. What I represent here is our philosophy and principles on such things - ie where we prioritize values, but If there's a specific solution that would solve this, though, they're the best to talk to.

Bolded a couple parts. Why wouldn't we support this?? Shouldn't we get some say in what's "desirable" in this game??

You do get some say, for sure - that's why we get on here! To be honest, though, it's not common people look at the long-term consequences to ideas that seem innocuous at first. We have to make tough decisions a lot, and nothing's without cost to other things - that's the reality in something more akin to an ecosystem.

Customize Health Bars

Xelnath hits the forums with some rather helpful information for some players. For a short TL:DR version
Create a file named "GeneralCharacterData.ini" at the location: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client\releases\0.0 .0.152\deploy\DATA\Menu_SC4\

Once you have done that, simply paste the following text into the file to get  200 hp bar ticks

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

After some discussion with Brackhar, he felt comfortable allowing players to modify the contents of the GeneralCharacterData.ini file, if you are sufficiently technically capable of doing so. 

So while this won't be officially supported, you won't be banned if you choose to *only* modify this file on your client. I don't know how this is done, I won't be supporting it, but here are the dark words you need to change inside the file to make 200 hp ticks happen: [Click here for the text]
Here is the entire file. Place in the Data\Menu_SC4\GeneralCharacterData.ini file.

My path is: 
C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client\releases\0.0 .0.152\deploy\DATA

Yours may vary. This file doesn't exist by default. [Click here to see the full text of the large file]




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