Gladiator Draven free for Italian players

It looks like Italian league of legends players will receiving the Gladiator Draven skin for free as celebration of the launch of the Italian localization of the game. Below you will find a rough translation of the original Italian article

Dear Summoners,

You see that Gladiator and defiant villain who sowed terror in the Arenas of Justice? He has just launched its sharp blades against you! Escape while you can!
Draven Gladiator is among us! To celebrate the launch of the game in our beloved language, he will be available for free via the store of the client in the coming weeks!

Where you can see a preview of the new look? Clearly in PBE, or in our public server for the beta. The appearance will be released later in the Client which usually we all use. Players will look directly into their accont! For all those who do not have Draaaaaaaaaaven, along with the appearance will be unlocked same Draven! Which best specimen could celebrate our history if not a brave and bold gladiator as Draven?

Evocatori ed Evocatrici,
Benvenuti in League of Draaaaaaaaaaven!