Gladiator Draven free for Italian players

It looks like Italian league of legends players will receiving the Gladiator Draven skin for free as celebration of the launch of the Italian localization of the game. Below you will find a rough translation of the original Italian article

Dear Summoners,

You see that Gladiator and defiant villain who sowed terror in the Arenas of Justice? He has just launched its sharp blades against you! Escape while you can!
Draven Gladiator is among us! To celebrate the launch of the game in our beloved language, he will be available for free via the store of the client in the coming weeks!

Where you can see a preview of the new look? Clearly in PBE, or in our public server for the beta. The appearance will be released later in the Client which usually we all use. Players will look directly into their accont! For all those who do not have Draaaaaaaaaaven, along with the appearance will be unlocked same Draven! Which best specimen could celebrate our history if not a brave and bold gladiator as Draven?

Evocatori ed Evocatrici,
Benvenuti in League of Draaaaaaaaaaven!



  • #39 Tazzeryy

    i want my swedish glaical olaf ;(

  • #33 scruftypufty

    stop this bullshit with free in this and free in that country

    it's totally unfair

  • #32 RoakOriginal

    Would be nice to give one free skin to each country... People would at least stop bad mothing this...

    And i am also sad, i dont have any local-skin and even would not have cuz of small country i am from...:D


  • #31 OberstScythe

    I want my Canadian Volibear!

  • #38 lazule2

    Your comment reminds me of that wierd Canadian Laser Bear in Age of Mythology.


  • #40 OberstScythe

    ahh Lazer Bear. Protecting mother Canadia from danger, and the Norse

  • #29 Dustyprune

    I'm Italian, Where is my Free skin?

  • #24 Starfols

    About time. Lack of Italian localization puzzled me for ages. Now all they need is to bring the Spanish one to NA and BR.


  • #25 Lipton

    You do know that BR speaks ... Portuguese, not spanish. I guess you are talking for all the South Americans player playing on BR servors.

     Edit: Althoug US doesnt have officialy stated English has national language, I dont see Riot go into that debate by making such a move (that could have been done age ago by using our european ES localization)

    Last edited by Lipton: 3/9/2013 12:43:33 PM
  • #28 Starfols

    Exactly. Argentina, Chile, Peru etc. all speak Spanish, so there's definitely a demand for it. I don't see why it's not on NA either. There are a lot of Spanish speakers in the US and Mexico (and others) that play LoL, so surely someone could get use out of it. Fun fact: The US has no official language, except in Puerto Rico, where it is Spanish. Thus you can infer that the US is a hispanophone country :P

    The same could be said for the French localization and Quebec, but on a smaller scale.

  • #37 Benegesserit

    I can speak for Arizona when I say if you're not Mexican, you're in the minority.


    However English is not the official language at the federal level. Look up the Wiki on many states and you'll see that English is the official language on a state level. I'm all for keeping NA English to keep the incentive to speak the common tongue. 

    Last edited by Benegesserit: 3/10/2013 9:32:26 PM
  • #23 KKeegan

    So, for Italian players, how can we get the skin ?

    We have to download the game in italian (what if we prefer the original voices ? :x) ? When does it arrive ?

  • #22 merluza00

    toad face draven?

  • #21 Kaets

    It´s just a skin. You get a free karma skin if you get her nao..

  • #34 scruftypufty

    it's not just a skin, it's a bitch move, just cuz you're italian you get something and the others don't, italy is out of money in a few years they won't be able to invest money into league meanwhile sweden and switzerland are rich give them free skins

  • #35 nikanplus

    Lol at the random statements on Italy's economy based on random statements from the internet.

    Also others got free skins, and we Italians didnt bitch "they got it and we didnt! Waaah". We didn't even expect an Italian localization, it was just a happy surprise.


  • #36 steelek

    Skin for what champ? I haven't heard of such a champ.

  • #20 steelek

    Well... its kinda lame for some nations. Greeks got Cassio skin. Now italians will get draven skin. But germans and many other localised versions didnt recive anything. Back when ppl in poland got their polish localisation they had oportunity to get free xin zhao skin, but only if they participated in beta tests of polish client and was actively reporting bugs and so on.

  • #19 myrec

    is there a way how to get it from outside of italy? it seems really cool.

  • #18 mattiejj

    Why don't they give EVERYONE that skin, i mean.. no way that they will make a Dutch localisation ever, so i have no hope in getting something exclusive..:( and I want Draaaaaaven!

    Last edited by mattiejj: 3/9/2013 9:23:56 AM
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