Unofficial (and some Official) PBE Patch Notes for 3/25

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Unofficial (and some Official) PBE Patch Notes for 3/25

It looks like a few things got some rewords, or simple tooltip updates (For exmaple: Udyr's E has always let him walk through minions on the PBE, as we reported in our patch notes)


All of Udyr's abilities had their tooltips words changed around.

  • [Q] - Tiger Stance - Mana cost is now 47/44/41/38/35 (changed from 50/46/42/38/34)
  • [Q] - Tiger Stance - Tooltip now says it does "magic damage" again

  • [W] - Turtle Stance - Mana cost is now 47/44/41/38/35 (changed from  50/46/42/38/34)
  • [E] - Bear Stance - Mana costs is now 47/44/41/38/35 (changed from 50/46/42/38/34)
  • [E] - Bear Stance - Tooltip now lists "ignores unit collision" as it has always worked like this on the PBE]
  • [R] - Phoenix Stance - Mana costs is now 47/44/41/38/35 (changed from 50/46/42/38/34)


Read the official full list of changes that hit Karma this patch below. Also make sure to read the post on "a pretty significant change to Karma's Mantra'd W"

Intel I7 Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Now lists as "-0.83% Cooldowns", up from -0.65%

Updated Champion Splash Arts

Special Weapon Zac

If you care about some small details on two other splashes, click!

Base Zac


This can be hard to tell, best way to see this change is open both this version and the old version and switch between tabs. The new version is a tad bit more "clear" and "green"




 Traditional Karma

They have now added a "new" splash for traditional Karma 

Official Karma Patch Notes for this PBE

Karma Patch Notes!
(I'll be checking this out and update it based on what's in or not.)

In THIS Patch:

•All of this stuff should be in now! (store images, splashes, icons, tooltips) (This excludes videos)
•Playing As tips should be final (playing against to come)

•Fixed a minor typo. (Super high priority fix, imo.)

Karma's W2 now heals for 20% of her Missing Health, with .01 ratio (1% per 100 AP). 

•Traditional's Mantle is now correctly sized
•Sakura's shoes have been made much less bright

Karma's mantle should no longer stretch on death

•The misaligned autoattack should be fixed
•Mantra'd Inner Flame's detonation should now be correctly aligned
•Mantra'd Inspire is no longer playing the shield twice on self-cast
•Gathering Fire now has a particle for when it refreshes her CD
•Mantra'd Focused Resolve now has a particle indicating the heal

•Traditional's laugh should now be more in sync
•Traditional's voice should now be louder

In the following PBE Patch:
•Fixed an issue that caused Karma's chest to be misaligned

 Scarizard on "a pretty significant change to Karma's Mantra'd W:"

Hey dudes, so this patch of PBE has a pretty significant change to Karma's Mantra'd W:

Renewal now heals for 20% of Karma's Missing Health (+1% per 100AP)

We're hoping for this change to clarify the use-case of W vs the other empowered abilities. These number's aren't final (even post-release, we'll be watching and tuning Karma) but thought that this would help to explain when you're supposed to use it. 

W2 is already great in trades/duels, especially in the laning phase, and by making it scale naturally with the amount of damage you've taken during an engagement sets the spell up to be a powerful 1v1 reversal mechanism - but also gives you enough life up-front in those ticks to survive long enough to connect with the root and continue kiting, whereas before without enough AP to make the per-tick heal viable you'd often kill yourself attempting to see it through.

Let me know what y'all think!




  • #46 NicknameMy

    With both spells dealing magic damage again and the other changes I think magicpen Udyr will be a great force. You first max Tiger, then Phoenix, then Bear and get 3 points in the destroyed turtle. You get mostly magicpen items like Sorcerer's Shoes and Liandry's Torment in combination with Sunfire Cape and Wit's End. Zephyr + Spirit Visage are the great round off of this build as they help you against kiting, give you enough CDR, more attack speed for Wit's/Phoenix and also more MR+HP. Also a little AD which helps tiger and your basic attacks aswell. For runes I would go Hybrid Pen runes.

    As for playstyle, first bear rush in, then activate tiger, then phoenix and now dance between phoenix and tiger. If you will take too much dmg, turtle and if you need more MS/Stun bear.

    Udyr's base dmg is very high, why not abuse this?

    Last edited by NicknameMy: 3/27/2013 8:19:58 AM
  • #44 CrazedPorcupine

    I'd say the reversion of the change of Tiger stances damage is a HUGE nerf to Udyr.

  • #40 Mileebas

    Reign of gaming is awesome!!

  • #37 airbagtelex

    I'm fine with tiger being magic damage, to be honest, UDYR is a machine late game currently so he doesnt really need the extra armor shred. Also it would nerf his early game top laning phase which is already not the best early game. They lowered his mana costs so i don't see how he's unviable top lane even with the nerf to turtle stance. You can still build amror pen since most of his damage is autoattack and the extra AD from BC or LW will still help his Q damage in tiger, but most of his build options involve blade of the ruined kings, last wisper, and iceborn so who cares

    Last edited by airbagtelex: 3/26/2013 11:04:08 AM
  • #31 VirtualVoid

    Since tiger is mostly for top I like seeing they reverted the changes :)

  • #32 Pelikins

    Why? It's not like top Udyr is heavily played or very viable... Why would you be happy they made his scaling worse?

    Especially since top Udyr took a second big nerf due to the turtle change...


  • #34 airbagtelex

    Quote from Pelikins »

    Why? It's not like top Udyr is heavily played or very viable... Why would you be happy they made his scaling worse?

    Especially since top Udyr took a second big nerf due to the turtle change...


    Tiger stance being magic damage means its better for top early game since they cant just stack armor to counter him.

  • #45 Pelikins

    Are you serious? Udyr doesn't fight people when he's top lane... He spams shields all day an soaks their damage. You pick Udyr top to counter early harass and for no other reason... so they aren't building defenses against you anyway... they are trying to pop your defenses...


    Last edited by Pelikins: 3/27/2013 6:53:31 AM
  • #30 Zeitzbach

    Oh god, purple tentacle Zac splash.

    WITH LOVE IT CAN BE SEEN <3 Messing with my imagination again since it shows his lower body, the crotch and how it can be stretched.

  • #28 Pelikins

    And there goes one of the few changes to Udyr that I was kind of excited about... No more BC Udyr...

    Last edited by Pelikins: 3/26/2013 6:44:10 AM
  • #26 RAF1991

    I like udyr


  • #20 Xyonon

    Karma W still needs to be castable on Minions / BLUE BUFF / DRAKE / BARON

  • #19 InstantRamenz


  • #18 imperfectskillz

    So I'm still not completely sure, is Karma supposed to be an AP mid or support? I see more AP mids, but I thought she was supposed to be a support.

  • #17 CommanderWarcrest


  • #16 Haruman

    Why would they revert his Q? That's really silly and makes his build difficult again

  • #12 Selutu

    Yay, Tiger Stance does Magic Damage again! I always liked that to make building MPen on him more worth it and make him less countered by pure Armor.

  • #13 Gameguy301
    hopw exactly do you build magic pen with an AD scaling ability?
  • #23 Killzerz4

    AD Scaling =/= Physical damage.

    And that might mean having quints and reds have MPen. Of course, it might be extra beneficial to get hybrid runes, but that's just me.


  • #24 Gameguy301
    My point is how many magic penetration AD items do you see, NONE. What's he going to do? Blood thirster + voidstaff? Physical tiger stance may have been disadvantaged by champion natural armor scaling but it also allowed you to counter play by purchasing penetration items. The people askin for magic damage on tiger are just used to people being stupid and buying the wrong resist because they dont understand the ability.

    With physical tiger if the rent buys Zhongshan hourglass, guardians angel, randuins, sunfire, locket and the like, you can buy black cleaver and dish out respectable damage.

    What is magical tiger going to do when the enemy build abyssal scepter, hex drinker, quicksilver sash/mercurial scimitar, runic bulwark or similar, nothing you have no itemization you will deal less damage and you will like it.
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