Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 3/26/2013

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Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 3/26/2013

Update: Game client has just hit. None of Trundle's VU Changes made it in. Looks like we just got a lucky look at his  splash

Update 2: A second patch has just hit!


Mantra'd W - Now heals for 25% of missing health (up from 20%)
Karma's Lore:

Karma is a woman of indomitable will and unbound spiritual power. She is the soul of Ionia made manifest and an inspiring presence on the battlefield, shielding her allies and turning back her foes. A strong leader torn between tradition and revolution, Karma seeks to protect the peace of Ionia – by force if necessary.

Karma once lived a tranquil life in a small Ionian village. Led by elder monks, the villagers practiced a tradition of benevolent magic and pacifism. Known for her powerful connection to the spiritual realm and beloved as a just mediator amongst her people, Karma embraced these traditions as an essential aspect of the enlightenment sought by all Ionians.

Her inner peace was tested when the armies of Noxus invaded Ionia. While the village's elder monks insisted their peaceful ways would spare them from violence, Karma had heard enough tales of Noxian cruelty to openly question the elders' wisdom. Stern and unmoving, they told her to trust in tradition. When the invaders marched on the village, the elder monks rode out to negotiate a bloodless end to the battle. The Noxian general was offended by their show of weakness and slaughtered the monks himself as he ordered his soldiers to strike the village.

As the Noxians advanced, the villagers prepared to accept death, bound to their peaceful vows. But Karma would not accept death and instead saw another way: sacrificing a single life to spare many others. To save her people, she drew upon the power within and summoned the full force of her will. A burst of spirit fire emerged from her body and spiraled towards the Noxian general. The flame took the form of twin dragons, the symbol of Ionia itself. It was the first time Karma had ever used her powers to harm instead of protect, and neither she nor the villagers had ever seen anything like it. When the magic subsided, the general had fallen before her and his soldiers had scattered. The opposing forces surrendered to Karma's strength leaving her people, and their traditions, untouched.

While the war raged on, Karma became a formidable leader of the Ionian resistance, but the conflict did not end when Noxus's armies fled the Ionian shores. Ionia became divided between the resistance fighters who craved vengeance and the monks who demanded a return to spiritual tradition. Karma saw a third path, one that combined the strength Ionia found in war with the peaceful traditions the nation still held dear. She now seeks to return her ravaged land to an enduring peace.

''Your spirit is something no one can take from you. Use it wisely.''
-- Karma

Base Trundle

If you missed the news, we already have some information on Trundle's VU along with a .gif of his new model




  • #34 Dj0z

    There's no way he can close his mouth without impaling his nose...

  • #35 greentables101


  • #33 maskoon

    just saying anything you like, even a hi!

  • #32 Insanitism

    Like karma, keep trad skin. This is too similiar

  • #31 RoakOriginal


  • #30 excaliber110

    Trundle looks too good, TBH. He's a TROLL who lifesteals his way back. Who heard of lifesteal in the snow? Being in the jungle was better for him, and now he's a king? What king would go inside the jungle? IDK, I understand what they're doing for him, but I feel like the old trundle really was the true meaning of "troll". They're stripping that away from him, and making him cool. Disappoint.

  • #28 Konanza

    Ahh, Trundle. My love, i hope you will be amazing again after these quality of life changes.

  • #27 ajnelson

    Trundle looks freaking badass now. I like it.

  • #25 kenen13

    HEY hey

  • #24 Gunthore

    New trundle is looking good, I've always thought he was one of the most unappealing champs in the game.

  • #29 excaliber110

    I think him being ugly looking let him truly be the "troll" he was. I mean seriously, a dignified troll? Makes no sense to me.


  • #22 PashyxlK

    is dat jax in trundle's hand? (look the 3 finger hands)

    can this mean trundle will be a counter to jax?

  • #21 leafstorm001

    Anyone noticed the guy under his hand? Trundle's big!

    Last edited by leafstorm001: 3/26/2013 8:17:25 PM
  • #18 deryck0326

    I have been playing Trundle for a while now, and I'm really glad about his VU. I like the traditional Trundle skin, but at least we have an other option now. 

    About his abilites:

    I'd say that in SoloQ Trundle is sleeper OP, people don't really know what he's capable of, his counter-jungling and dueling is so amazing at early levels, I often get first blood at the enemy's red as Trundle, as fools think they can fight me his skills doesnt really need much of a rework, just fix his animations, and buff his ultimate for a bit as I find it a bit sub-par. 

    Anyway, keep up the good work Riot, I feel that the game is getting better and better, It's just players not being open-minded to new ideas and sticking to the "current meta" as it was the Bible or smthn.

    Last edited by deryck0326: 3/26/2013 7:27:40 PM
  • #17 CoolRoot

    The base value on the mantra'd W isn't the problem - it's the scaling! Double it, at least.

  • #26 7alon

    Quote from CoolRoot »

    The base value on the mantra'd W isn't the problem - it's the scaling! Double it, at least.

    Yeah that scaling is so bad lol.. 1% per 100 ap?


  • #16 Ksarme
    ''Your spirit is something no one can take from you. Use it wisely.''
    -- Karma

    No one except Mordekaiser, Yorick, Thresh, Ahri and possibly Hecarim and Veigar.
  • #23 OuterRaven

    Quote from Ksarme »

    ''Your spirit is something no one can take from you. Use it wisely.''
    -- Karma

    No one except Mordekaiser, Yorick, Thresh, Ahri and possibly Hecarim and Veigar.

    Ha! Good one!

  • #15 jacktheplum

    Hmm. From what Riot has said, this rework will be similar to Karma's, being a drastic change to a champion's theme, but not quite scrapping the old stuff entirely. And one of the Rioters said that the journey into Freljord journals take place two years after the events depicted in the Journal of Justice. So perhaps this new Freljord Trundle is an extension of the current incarnation.

    My theory: Trundle has grown over the years, so he looks bigger. Then, he abandoned his original troll tribe, because they still didn't fully accept him (for more information read his League Judgement). He journeyed to the north, and perhaps made a pact with some ancient power that both greatly reduced the effects of his curse (hence his non-rotting appearance) and gave him the magic glowing ice-club that he's holding right now. Sometime during this he also ascended to become king of a new, northern troll tribe: maybe he earned their respect when he gained his ice-based powers, or maybe something else happened. Either way Trundle is now more powerful and allied with Freljord's trolls.

  • #14 Gilgamarsh

    New Trundle looks cool enough, but I didn't think he really needed a VU, and I couldn't care less about lore in this game. So whatever. I hope the gameplay tweaks are good, though. Nasus gave me hope that relatively minor tweaks can have major results in returning a champion to viability. 

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