Patch 3.5 Tomorrow - Server Maintenance 3/28 - Zac Patch

Patch 3.5 Tomorrow - Server Maintenance


On 3/28/13, starting at 00:30 PDT, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 3.50. At 2:00 PDT, the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 6 hours.

Zac Patch

I noticed this link early today, and figured we would be seeing a patch soon (and it looks like it indeed is the case!) Over on the LoL Site Riot will que up articles and have them ready to go but "disabled" to the public. However, early today the news link "" triggered. Note this article is still hidden to the public. But it looks like we should see Zac within a short time after this patch goes live (We usually see the new champ the day or two days after)



  • #24 ohGr

    Anyone played Zac on PBE recently can speak to his current state? I was super psyched for him, but after a few games on PBE, I quickly stopped caring as his passive worked like utter shit and made him more of a chore than fun to play.

  • #18 OnyxMemory

    Didn't Morello or someone mention a QoL change to his passive or something that was going to hit the PBE first? Are they just ignoring that then?

  • #25 ohGr

    That was SubNinja, his designer, and last I checked it never hit PBE. So I worry about it not being in this patch, meaning he's gonna launch in an utterly useless state.

  • #17 Martyrr

    What about the replay function? LoLReplay is so dead keeps crashing my game.

  • #13 NUcC

    It is 3.05 and not 3.5 no? :D

  • #16 SeKip

    No. It's 3.5.

  • #22 penkanuin

    There was a post somewhere about why they are changing the number system for patches.

  • #10 longteeth

    New malphite come and nobody care but everyone still ban malphite, i think i ll run it top teleport and enjoy a lots of free elo :D

    It s like thresh everyone at low elo ban blitz but nobody ban thresh so pick it and i enjoy these free

    grabs on a sona, sorraka and all these squishy support ^^

  • #15 trolleyposter

    Yes you'd like to grab those squishy sonas...

  • #19 theekop

    zero sense you make

  • #21 sushimkr

    Very strange, your grammar is.

  • #9 simon2105

    yay i have rp for the bundle ready :)

  • #4 Misticaltom

    I LIKE Zac, he's cool.


    Just a fair bit "under represented"

    I mean, Vi comes out, and it's sorta a big deal.

    Quinn comes around, and it's sorta a BIG deal.

    Zac comes out, and everybody's all Meh, you coulda teased us more than "he's a seceretish goo dude who's all gooey!"  I mean, we had whole conversations on the likes of Quinn, Vi, and stuff.

  • #7 killzone28

    The creator for Vi did an AMA you should read.. Explains why Vi got so much more attention. 

    <3 Vi

  • #8 dr0s3

    Okay, help me out.. I just went through the AMA and can't find an explanation for it :T I'm overly curious.. It's like, one of those annoying things that just sits at the back of your mind and pesters the hell out of you till you know.


    If you know/have a link to something I missed (Maybe there were two AMAs?) Share o:

  • #12 BubBidderskins

    Half the reason Vi got so much attention was her awesome log in music.

  • #20 Pelikins

    I thought Vi was a community design that Riot took and adapted.

    At least, that's what I heard.

    Which is why she'd be kind of a big deal.


  • #3 RoakOriginal

    Udyr? Udyyyyyr?

  • #5 Gameguy301
    Quote from RoakOriginal

    Udyr? Udyyyyyr?


    (Mission failed you have caused a time paradox.)
    Last edited by Gameguy301: 3/27/2013 3:16:34 AM
  • #14 MarcoFoxRoberto

    Now he needs a Snake stance.

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