New Transfer Options Now Available!

New Transfer Options Now Available!

It looks like you will now be able to transfer to another LoL Region. It will be one way and cost you 2600RP. For more information, read below!

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Starting today, players will be able to skip over the Atlantic and transfer between the North America and EUW or EUNE servers. This upgrade has been a long time coming and we’re stoked that players now have more flexibility to choose where they play! 

To purchase a transfer, head to the in-game store and click on the Other tab. Intercontinental transfers are one-way and run 2600RP, so always double check you’re heading to the right server. Additionally, European players who joined the North American server prior to June 1st 2010 and weren’t able to move to the European platform when it opened will receive a free one time transfer token.

For the full scoop on eligibility, transfer options and more, check out this page on our Knowledge Base.


A small number of you have asked if you can merge your NA account with your EU account. Unfortunately, that’s a very time-consuming process that we really can’t offer on a broad scale. Some veteran EU players, however, have accounts that pre-date the launch of the European service. Since these players didn’t have the option to create their first (primary) account on home soil, we’re offering them a very special, one-time opportunity to merge their two accounts into one account on the EU server. 

Merging’s very labor-intensive and requires special attention from the Player Support team. For that reason, we can only offer mergers under special circumstances. 

Here’s how to qualify for a merger:
  • You need to have created your account before June 1, 2010
  • Most of your games need to be from a European IP
  • You need to verify ownership over the two accounts you’re merging

Unfortunately, because this process is so laborious, we’re going to be buzz-kill sticklers about the rules. No exceptions! Also, this is an extremely slow process, so – while we will answer all eligible requests – it might take several weeks to complete your merger. 

We can only transfer certain data to your EU account, so please read carefully before you apply. Here’s what we can merge:
  • Your summoner level
  • Your purchased content
    • You’ll be compensated for content you unlocked on both accounts
  • Your IP and RP totals
  • Your competitive season rewards
The following aspects of your NA account will be lost during the merger process:
  • Your stats
  • Your MMR
  • Your rune and mastery presets
  • Your honor score
  • Previous and unused referrals
  • Your justice review rating
  • Your friends list
Once the process is complete you can’t use refund tokens on content you merged from another account, and your NA account can’t be recovered. So make sure you’ve bid fond farewell to your summoner on this side of the pond prior to requesting the merge!

If you’re interested in merging your NA and EU accounts, meet the criteria and have read through the process, please a send us a ticket with the subject “Account Merge Request”. Also, if you meet the requirements and you’d rather just move your NA account to EU without merging, you can use your free transfer token in the store right now.

We want to thank all the seasoned vets who waited so long for this option, and we hope we can make your merger as painless as possible. If you have any more questions, ask them in this thread!




  • #22 sephenix

    This is probably the best thing that has ever happened. I have been waiting for this for a very, very long time.

  • #21 Rebellion71

    Wow those prices... Riot became really greedy.... 

  • #20 ratzing

    Okay, to clarify for some people who don't seem to understand where is thistransfer thingie coming from.

    Me and my friends started to play league in january 2010, and we're all from Europe. Like 3 months before EU servs even existed, and then they were buggy and unstable as hell for like 6 months. So when we decided that it would be nice to have 60 ping instead of 260 it was already a bit too late as most of us got 1000+ wins on their NA accounts + skins + freebies (like UFO Corki skin that everyone got for free by mistake - that was awesome), so it wasn't really a good deal to drop that account and make a new one.

    And now, finally, after long 2 years, we can transfer. This is like dream come true. And for us it's free since we kinda deserve this as we waited a looong time, and we didn't make NA instead of EU accounts out of our stupidity or a whim, we just couldn't make EU accounts.

    So yea. But if you created yer account like year ago and now you want to switch 'cause you got high pings then IDK what were you thinking. 

    In the event you're moving across the ocean, then dude, you're moving across the ocean. Paying 20$ shouldn't be a big deal then, considering all the other costs you're bound to have.

    Also, if you're moving back and forth from China IDK what is that all about. Play angry birds while abroad?

  • #19 mahdouken

    I really hope this is a precursor to the Australian server being announced.

  • #18 PashyxlK

    I saw a pic of the new bundles and the NA one only marks Canada and USA as NA server

    Where the fuck is mexico? mexico is part of NA and should be marked too 

    i goin to smash my keyboard on riot forums and reddif if they do that on live client

  • #15 Alabugin

    Yeah, riot are being DICKS by charging that much. Sometimes I have to travel to china - honestly if I pay THAT much I should be able to transfer back and forth WITHOUT penalty forever.

    Thanks riot, ya dicks

  • #14 Basque1

    I still don't understand why they won't open up the xfers to the BR server.

  • #12 Starfols

    Will there be transfer options for Brazil/Turkey, or will they have to pay twice to get where they're going?

  • #11 Slycandicem


    I would rather see an announcement about an Australian/oceania server being set up. Must be great to play with <100 ping instead of 180-220.

  • #9 Beggora

    Got excited. Then saw the price tag. That is hefty as balls. So, with that in mind.

    1. FUCK THAT

    2. FUCK THAT

  • #4 Lolibird

    I'm sure this is meant for those EU players who had to sign up for the then only-NA servers, since they receive a token. I don't know what else it would be for though. Imo, everyone should receive one free transfer token.

  • #3 Pikohchu

    Wait.. have people been.. ASKING for this? ...

  • #7 carddog

    the game use to have only NA servers before EU came around so many early adopters of the game were stuck on NA if they wanted to keep some exclusive skins and progress

  • #10 superart4

    Quote from Pikohchu »

    Wait.. have people been.. ASKING for this? ...

    Well, about 2/3 years ago, i used to live in the U.S.A. and thats when i created my LoL accout, and now ive moved to Scotland and my games sometimes lag and can make me not want to play anymore, so im one of those people who have been "asking for this"

  • #2 Benegesserit

    Can someone explain to me why you'd want to handicap yourself by switching to a region where you'll inevitably have a larger ping? Or is this just specifically for those who physically moved from one region to another?

  • #5 Haruman

    It's mainly for those that are from Europe that created accounts when there was only NA servers and for those that physically moved across the pond.


  • #6 darkChozo

    I'd imagine the most common reason is to play with friends/a clan. That's the most common reason when it comes to transferring servers in other games, though those are often between same-region servers.

    Other possible reasons are for people who've moved or for people who perceive a competitive advantage to playing in a particular region/server (ie. "EUW is full of noobs, I can win easy!" or "all the good players are on EUW, I want to play with them!").

  • #8 PMilkos

    So that you can play with your friends that live overseas. Or.. well, what you said.

  • #13 Benegesserit

    Just get a private VPN. Why pay Riot?

  • #16 darkChozo

    How would a VPN help? This is an issue of what region account information is associated with, not of networks. If you have an NA account, you have to play on a NA server, even if you're actually playing on a computer in Europe and are hiding behind all kinds of network trickery. Playing on an EU server means making a new EU account, which means you don't have any of your progress from your NA account and don't benefit from any money spent.

    You already could have multiple cross-region accounts, there just wasn't any way of migrating an existing account between servers before. This offers the option to move to a local region (or a non-local region, for whatever reason), allowing you to play on local servers without losing any progress.

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