Tencent New LoL Map, and TW Servers getting 5 AZUBU TPA Skins

Tencent Reveals New LoL Map

UPDATE: This will not be a new map for us to play on.

It looks like Tencent has released a video of a possible new 1v1/2v2 map. Even more interesting is you can see some pro players playing on this map. It's still rather early in the day for Riot, so once today starts, we may see some news on this video.
However, something interesting is a few days ago, Morello randomly brought up "You remember the Magma Chamber, Right?". A good hint that they may have worked it into this!

Also as Antnerd points out "Heimer has 3 turrets!" (Which riot said we should be seeing the Gameplay rework after this Freljord patch)

TW Servers getting 5 AZUBU TPA Skins

If the above is not enough, it looks like the TW servers will be getting 5 new skins. [It is still unknown if NA/EU Servers will get them (Though it is very likely,  until it is confirmed on our side, I do not want to say 100% as info has been a tad off before on their side), however once again its still early for Riot over here, and im sure we will see some news on this later today ^_~




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