Tencent New LoL Map, and TW Servers getting 5 AZUBU TPA Skins

Tencent Reveals New LoL Map

UPDATE: This will not be a new map for us to play on.

It looks like Tencent has released a video of a possible new 1v1/2v2 map. Even more interesting is you can see some pro players playing on this map. It's still rather early in the day for Riot, so once today starts, we may see some news on this video.
However, something interesting is a few days ago, Morello randomly brought up "You remember the Magma Chamber, Right?". A good hint that they may have worked it into this!

Also as Antnerd points out "Heimer has 3 turrets!" (Which riot said we should be seeing the Gameplay rework after this Freljord patch)

TW Servers getting 5 AZUBU TPA Skins

If the above is not enough, it looks like the TW servers will be getting 5 new skins. [It is still unknown if NA/EU Servers will get them (Though it is very likely,  until it is confirmed on our side, I do not want to say 100% as info has been a tad off before on their side), however once again its still early for Riot over here, and im sure we will see some news on this later today ^_~




  • #33 DanteSSStylish

    Ez looks cool as hell! Finally they manage to turn that girly aspect of him to some anime-ly thing^^
    Just a little bit sad that TPA are starting to lose their no.1 place to those Chinese team...

  • #30 ChocolateNoob

    best looking character art for skins ive ever seen hope the in game model is good! id get the mundo one

  • #29 zulajax

    omg heim is towers didnt die when heim falldown! :0!

  • #28 ModestChandelure

    There was a post for them on NA!

  • #27 OuterRaven

    Reigning world champions Taipei Assassins secured their place in League of Legends history when they defeated Azubu Frost at the Season Two World Finals. Soon, you’ll be able to field TPA’s winning lineup with new skins that commemorate their victory. Get ready to capture the power and ferocity of these titans of Taiwan during the LCS All Star break!

    Quoted from Magus.

    It seems these will be limited edition skins that will be available for purchase during the All Star event.

    I don't care how much it costs, I'm getting that Shen skin (yes, I'm a huge Shen fanboy, this will be my 4th Shen skin).

  • #26 Mockstar

    Just to make sure I'm seeing correctly, its TPA Mundo, TPA Nunu, TPA Orianna (most sense here), TPA Ezreal, and TPA Shen.

    That Shen skin. And the Ezreal.

  • #24 Nightko

    Tencent release 1v1 map just because Chinese ALWAYS ask for 1v1 solo when they have any argue in game...

  • #25 seyunx

    It looks more like a 2v2 map, that can be used for 1v1s

  • #21 nikanplus

    Not only Heimer has 3 turrets...but they seem to use a long range POWER BLAST ATTACK???

    So the rework of 1 year ago was not completely scrapped?

    Edit: Lol ninjaed 8 minutes ago, and with almost the same words! :OO this is spooky

    Last edited by nikanplus: 4/18/2013 10:15:30 AM
  • #20 Vingdoloras

    Not only does Heimer have three turrets, but he is firing some sort of skillshot out of one of his turrets, and you can see him dying without his turret dying.

  • #18 DoranM

    So glad hiemy is back!

  • #17 Konanza

    Those TPA-skins are looking swell as fuck.

  • #15 zodyr

    The thing to learn from the video is that Heimer always dies.

  • #14 Forfeitish

    That Nunu / Mundo skin. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY


    Edit: I'm not sure I understand what the point of the new map would be. Wouldn't the new ARAM map fulfill the same purpose as a 1v1 / 2v2 map?

    Last edited by Forfeitish: 4/18/2013 9:23:03 AM
  • #22 Aandeus

    If the minions/turret are balanced for 5v5, they'll be unbalanced for 2v2.

  • #23 dewtrocity

    The ARAM maps have little health potions along the sides and the amount of gold you get passively is way too high for it to be balanced for 1v1 or 2v2.

  • #13 Uclaoboat

    amazing skins!

  • #12 OuterRaven

    I wants that Shen skin, and I wants it naow!

  • #11 kampec

    My God...I need that Shen skin. And I don`t even play Shen.

  • #8 Antnerd

    Heimer has 3 turrets!

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