Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 5/3/2013

The Return of Yesterday's Patch - Almost

It looks like almost every change from yesterday's patch is back.However our good old friend Galio did not make a return this time around! However TPA skins are back, all champion changes are back. so we should be good to go soon!

[2:21 AM EST] - Second Patch has Hit - Rumble and Zed Changes

A second patch has hit tonight (Who needs sleep anymore?)


  • Electro Harpoon [ E ] - Danger Zone Bonus has returned to 25% (Down from 50) [Back to live value]


  • Razor Shuriken[ Q ] - Now deals 45/69/93/117/141 to each additional enemy (changed from 60/92/124/156/188 
  • Shadow Slash [ E ] - Cooldown is now 4 (up from 3)

Possible Update to Surrender UI

The Surrender texture looks to have had a small change made to it. Below is is the version now found on the PBE. While here is the version currently on LIVE servers. It appears a new blue bar has been added.

TPA Skins

It looks like these skins will be 750 RP


Looks like some item changes made it in this time around. The key changes here are located in the builds. Looks like Mana Manipulator now only needs one Faerie Charm.

IMPORTANT: The UI makes it look like there has been no change to Mana Manipulator - HOWEVER once you have 400 gold and buy it, you are only charged 300 gold.

Mana Manipulator

  • Now costs 300 gold (down from 400)
  • Recipe cost is now 120 (up from 40)
  • Now grants 5 MP5 (down from 6)
  • Now builds out of only one Faerie Charm (instead of two)

 Mikael's Crucible

  • Now costs 2500 (up from 2200)
  • Now grants 7 HP5
  • Now grants 18 MP5 (up from 9)
  • No longer gives 300 mana
  • Now does 10% of maximum health instead of 15% of missing health
  • No longer needs a Sapphire Crystal
  • Now needs (ONE SECOND .. DIFF is being all funky monkey like, Looks like a Philosopher's stone, and maybe something else.

 Shard of True Ice

  • Now costs 1600 (down from 1700)
  • Now grants 5 MP5 (down from 6)
  • (Price decrease is due to the change in Mana Manipulator)

*For those wondering why Soul Shroud was listed, Items are never removed from the files. Thus when an item changes that it was built from, it changes as well, and thus shows as changed! [Riot even keeps them updated in the Air Client]





  • #25 Zerglinator

    I'm thinking that the Surrender UI change is simply a change to COLORBLIND MODE. I know that recently there were some complaints about the Surrender display in regards to how it doesn't change with colorblind mode.

  • #23 Marco1391

    is rumble's e(electro harpoon)still nerfed on the basic values and scaling?or they reverted also the damage nerf with the danger zone bonus back to 25%?

  • #22 Killzerz4

    Zed needs damage tweaks IMO, not CD tweak. I *like* the Q change, Zed is way too strong right now, but that cooldown nerf is pretty huge. Hope they tweak its numbers instead of nerfing the cooldown!

  • #21 Celeritous

    Re: Mikaels, the best thing they could do for it is remove the missile travel time.  Unless they did and I just didn't notice because nobody buys it ever?

  • #19 nikanplus

    They are trying really hard to make sure zed doesnt come alive from the first levels of laning.

    Also they are nerfing lategame by 40 damage (multiply that by 3 because of shadows + % damage of his ulti) cause yeah, he's no longer supposed to reach lategame, who needs damage anyway.

    Cmon Riot, at least let us test the FIRST round or changes before fucking him Diana style!

  • #17 PainDominates

    so theyre planning to ruin zed????

    hes already hard countered by quite a few things(qss zhonyas cleanse lulu janna orianna, not to mention that barrier screws up his burst) and theyre planning to go with a huge nerf to his e(his e wont be able to be used twice during his ulti, destroying his burst) the q nerf i could live with, but i do think its unjustified.

    hes one of the first actually fun mechanicalchampions theyve released in a long time, and if those nerfs went through it would ruin him.

  • #24 remeranAuthor

    He isn't hard countered by those things. They're the only things that keep him from going completely out of control.

  • #26 PainDominates

    idont think you understand the term hard counter

    no matter how fed you are, if lulu ults and shields your target, it isnt going to die, if it uses any of those items or summoners, probably not going to die. stopping his ult from proccing does tremendous damage to burst and usefulness(and when you thing about it the ADC SHOULD have cleanse, and the APC SHOULD have zhonyas, in basicly all situations, especiallly against zed)

    just because he can kill an unprotected target instantly when hes  fed doesnt mean hes op. so many other champions can have greater impacts on the game,even when theyre not that far aahead (ie jax and irelia, both of whom can kill carries just as fast and tank for their team at the same time)

  • #27 jimpalm007

    I dont think YOU understand the term hard counter; just because those champions have abilities that make it harder to kill someone it doesn't mean that they're a hard counter to you. By this logic Lulu is a hard counter to every assassin in the game.

    What a hard counter really means is something that makes your champion completely worthless because it's being overshadowed by another champion's mechanics. In reality Zed is just too strong right now, with or without the fact that people can peel for carries; he has a lot of mobility, a lot of burst, farms incredibly well and doesn't have the weak lane phase of other assassins that work like he does. Look at Talon whose intended job is almost identical; his lane phase is trash and he has to work with mana. Zed doesn't have these problems and so consequently his lategame needs to be adjusted and his lane phase needs to be nerfed. It's really that simple.

    Watch any pro stream; people are complaining about how broken Zed is left and right. It isn't just someone's opinion that they threw out there because they got butthurt from dying, even people who play Zed know he's broken. It isn't a passing trend.

  • #16 klaxce

    I wouldn't be surprised if Crucible built out of Philo and Chalice, which would be OP on Sona (as mentioned). Would also make me consider building it, since I often have Philo and Chalice at the same time, and usually turn Chalice into Athenes if the game drags on, since it provides so much more utility with all that CDR.

  • #15 systoll

    I'd guess that the blue surrender bar is a new 'no' color for colorblind mode

  • #12 A2ZOMG

    Welp, it's about time they removed mana crystal from Crucible.  But making it build from Philo seems NUTS. It's like Riot really wants to make an item that reinforces how incredibly good Sona is, when she's like the most picked and banned support in the competitive scene as of late.

    Honestly they should make it build from Kindlegem.  That's the best way to not make it feel silly on supports not named Sona.

    Not that I'll be complaining if this change goes through, given I main Sona. But seriously, Crucible really shouldn't build out of mana crystal or philo stone.

  • #13 Gameguy301
    kindle gem seems to be the way to fix everything
  • #14 A2ZOMG

    Quote from Gameguy301 »

    kindle gem seems to be the way to fix everything

    That's because health and CDR are universally applicable stats. Nothing really fancy, but if Crucible is supposed to be a support item, then I'd prefer it having stats that are applicable to all supports.  I mean 18 mana regen plus the chalice passive realistically is not going to be useful on anyone except like, Sona, Nami, and lategame Taric.

    Last edited by A2ZOMG: 5/2/2013 9:39:45 PM
  • #18 Benegesserit

    cool lets build 3-4 kindles to start before building into their next tier of items...cause that's what will happen

  • #20 LordEmp

    Passive is unique.

  • #10 Aeonx651

    soul shroud back...?

  • #9 Arezslan

    So... Since when is Soul Shroud back in the game ._.

  • #8 scatologic

    Soooooo no one noticed that soul shroud might be coming back?

  • #6 Gameguy301
    i sure hope that god damn missle speed on mikaels active gets changed to an intant effect, waiting for mikaels effect to travel to your teamate feels like an enternity when your trying to save their life or free them from a stun.
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