Riot Pwyff on EU Compensation, Champion and Skin Sale

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Riot Pwyff on EU Compensation

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Lot of angry people here and I understand - these server problems hit us across the board, so I figured I'd jump in here to lead some discussion. 

First... Saying we'll be compensating players before we have a fix is a bit of a tricky subject just because that uncertainty of time (that we literally did not know up to today) can really mess us up. If we say, "You get a 4 game IP boost!" but then our problems extend beyond expected, players can get more angry about the small 4 ip boost for down time that extends beyond what 4 ip boosts can make up for. In other words, we want to make sure our apology is the right apology and we are apologizing for exactly how much we screwed up, rather than promising an apology before we even know what we're apologizing for.

That was convoluted. Sorry.

Ultimately, to stay on the safe side, we opted to refrain from promising any concrete compensation until after we fixed the problem and knew absolutely what we were dealing with.

Unfortunately I think this really hurt your trust in us because you filled in the blanks where we didn't fully communicate that. There were also places like Korea announcing their compensation for players before a fix had been implemented, and the assumption was that because we didn't announce anything, we didn't have plans.

At this point in time there's just a difference in communication philosophy here, but at no point was there the intention to make you feel like second-class citizens. We want you to be happy and we are deeply. deeply apologetic for these server problems. We will be compensating you, but we wanted to make sure we fixed the game before we even started that other discussion. Once again, we wanted to make sure our apology was to scale and maybe, in this case, we shouldn't have done that.

We'll keep working on this and we're blitzing as hard as we can to fix this. And we're really sorry it's taken this long.
I see what you're doing, but... no.
Philippines is the guinea pig.
NA is just the first consumer.
Considering we've been waiting this long for a fix, and that we're the only ones getting nothing in compensation for it, we should be the first getting the fix.
Instead NA, which servers are working correctly as far as I know, will get the fix pre-emptively while we'll wait for it to be applied sometime during "non peak" times?
For real?
On this particular point, I'll just say that testing with NA was because of its large server loads - something we couldn't test with PH because it was deployed during off-peak hours (and we used PH as our first test for this fix overall). EUW is a huge server and the worry was that if we went straight to EUW from PH, we might run into incredible problems when dealing with the server loads and we'd give you an even more negative experience. It's one step at a time - literally.

Champion and Skin Sale

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Give your champions a new look with these skins, on sale for a limited time:




Add these champions to your roster, on sale for a limited time:

  • Vi 487 RP





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