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Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 5/31/2013 - Reverted Maw of Malmortius

Lyte on Ranked VS Normal Matchmaking

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

We're aware why this happens in Normal Modes, and have a fix planned for it in a future matchmaking upgrade. This basically happens when Ranked players play a lot of ranked and get into the upper tiers, but don't play Normal as much--their Normal ratings lag behind their true skill level.

Yegg and Socrates have fixes in the works so in the future a player's rating will be adjusted slightly based on their underlying skill across all the game modes. We want to be careful not to overkill with the fix as well because we do realize some Ranked players use Normal Modes to play with their friends or practice new strategies/champions too.

Veruco on Account Security

When the topic on Reddit about authenticators hit the front page, Veruco replied say a little line about account security.

Originally Posted by Riot (View Reddit Source)

There's a ton of people here at Riot who are very passionate about this topic, it has not been ignored. We've been looking into a lot of features to help improve account security. We're focusing on the stuff that will have the greatest impact and the quickest release. This means we will be releasing these features as they are stable, effective, and as quickly as possible, so you won't likely see them all at once. We're actively working on improving account security, and it's something we are going to be more diligent on in the future.

I'd love to get some active feedback from all of you on this topic. What security feature would you most like to see added to your account?

More on Sivir Remake and IornStylus on Giving to Much Information

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

I'm really confident about her Relaunch on the Artside now but I still feel conflicted about the other areas of the same thing.
Her Lore especially is very dangerous ground. I know you have a direction you wish to take her to but Sivir's personality remaining intact is greatly questionable because of the hints to some DRASTIC changes. I know you will just reply the same old: "She is nothing now so there's nothing really changing."
This isn't totally right, she IS something. Mainly there are 2 things in her lore that should be preserved:
1. She is a wealthy mercenary fighting in the league because she is good at what she does. This is really kickass in itself. Nobody else fights because they're all busy trying to achieve something. In this regard, Draven seems like her likeliest competitor. Limelight 'hos.
2. She is beyond any great conflict. She fights because she is greedy. I would like to believe fighting in the League grants you certain economic benefits. This is really something that a handfull of people can connect with. I know I'm not the only one who's a moneyminded fool.
Runaan made posts about our levels of story overhaul. There's times when we might make particular changes about particular aspects. Whatever changes take place it's to provide the character a place to live in the world without them feeling like they're somehow above, beyond, or not important in the goings on of the world.

There'll probably be more from Creative on this front, that's their territory and from the things they talk about in relation to Sivir make the teams very excited. We can't go making her some flimsy dolt, we have to retain the charm and attitude which we feel are core to her.
Can you illuminate this a bit more? What -do- y'all feel is her core? Her weapon type, presumably, but what else?
Confidence, strength, a little bit o' sass. Heroic but at the same time out for her own benefit. She's a great rogue.
I don't think you understand what the word rogue really means...

Also that's it? I mean really that's all that Riot looks at Sivir and thinks of her? That's basically enables her to be anything you want her to be.
Whoops. Yup. Wrong word.

Yes. She is anything that anyone wants to be at this point. She has seven lines of active in game dialogue (minus taunts, jokes, etc), none of which give me a clue about her story or deepen my understanding of her as a character. I'm not going to dive down and lay out how deep her character is because it's not. She's absurdly wealthy, can do pretty much whatever she wants, and is constrained by nothing. There's no conflict in that story. No hindrance. No challenge. No goal. Nothing she is striving to be or to overcome. Hell, there's no one she's even out to get revenge on with any zeal. She disagrees with how Noxus carries out a military campaign not on moral grounds, or because how much blood was spilled, but on execution of said campaign. So, she's apparently not even constrained or enabled by emotion. That's an extreme disconnection to the world around her and hardly someone you can relate to. That brings her no closer to any characters that exist in the world or any events that unfold. Currently her story is set up with no emotional arc, no challenges, no loss, no gain.

What she is is what she people project upon her. She's powerful, grand and quite a badass. There's a lot we can do with that and push. We can retain all those flavors but actually give her a reason to act the way she does, feel the way she feels, and fight what challenges she chooses or is forced to fight.

A story without some form of conflict isn't a story. A character where there's no growth to be had, nothing to loose, or nothing to change isn't a character.
See, on one hand I completely follow where you're going with this. She needs more character, the badass mercenary with some asset on the side is nice, but it's not a character. It looks cool, but it gets old after ~40 games because there's no character there.
However, I question why you are emphasizing character arc, development, motive, and progression when we haven't seen much of these things in the story of the game. Sivir is the same character she was on release, and honestly she doesn't need an elaborate character, just more than now. But consider Amumu who just woke up in a tomb one day three years ago and now only exists to be friendzoned by Annie. I realize this isn't exactly the domain of visuals but still, we're talking about characters appearance and they go hand-in-hand. If you want to emphasize arc and development, we would love to see some of our favorite champions have story progression, instead of comic-book-style reboots. As it relates to Sivir, she deserves some story, more importantly, like any other champion, she deserves to have that story progress and develop through the narrative, not a bio.
Why do we need to start emphasizing story? We just released a cinematic that has millions of views and people crying for a movie/series/comic/something. I think the interest that's been shown is indicative that our characters need to have compelling story, and we need to pay special attention to characters who's story's currently fall flat.
Garen is a proud knight, Darius is a badass warrior type, Fizz is relatable to a mermaid(merman?)
Many characters can simply have their reason for using a certain weapon inferred. At the same point many of them it doesn't matter. Veigar is a mage, uses a mage staff.
But there isn't anything wrong with delving more into at least her choice of weapon, if not the specific weapon.(Like Ezreal's Gauntlet, Trundle's True Ice Club, Riven's Broken Sword)
When a weapon is as large as Sivir's is, it's a lot of real estate that can be used for telling some sort of story.
Going to be engraving panoramas of battle pinnacle moments on the blades?

Omg.. you know the tapestry's that Zap Brannigan steals from the Spidarian homeworld? Yeah.. it's gunna be like that. Epic!
Exactly, I agree that there should be at the very least a reason to use gigantic badass throwing stars. That's without a doubt some area that can easily be delved into for lore purposes.
But like I was saying before, she has to use it for a reason that relates to her current character. Basically I'm just afraid of her being changed to completely fit a backstory to her weapon.(e.g. Fights in the league to kill x champion because killed her whole village and found ancient treasured weapon.) Something like that completely changes who Sivir is, and while I do think you know what's best and what directions to go, its simply a concern of mine.
The weapon is significant in size and style. We feel that simply by that, it begs a question and is intriguing. We think that her weapon can be the inspiration for something.
There's no need to keep her flat when her fantasy is so rich, it's like having a raw diamond and keeping it that way just because you like it that way, its value increments when it's polished so why wouldn't you polish it?
I really like this analogy!
Nice to see you ignore almost every question that doesn't agree with you. Really nice trait.
I've read every single post in this thread and examined how I feel about the feedback, whether I agree, if the critique is valid given the context that I'm privy to, whether it's what's inline with whats the team's conclusions are, whether it makes sense to integrate it, or whether it's worth the time replying to. I hardly think that constitutes as ignoring.
Answering WHY IS IT NECESSARY isn't going to reveal anything other than, you know, why it's necessary to have lore on the weapon. Saying "because it's a big weapon" is piss-poor reasoning.
It would reveal a lot based on the current trajectory. I'd rather give no spoilers.
So to sum up those with concerns are not worth replying to?
Thank you.
Usually because those concerns are loaded with a lot of questions that would mean me having to disclose what we're working on in detail and I can't do that. If the posts are grounded in assumptions or variables which I have better context on, I usually have to decline to answer those questions because they're based on variables that may currently be changing, have changed, or are in flux as we speak. I'm here to answer the questions I can. I'm here to discuss what Sivir is currently and what she, in the eyes of players, has become, in hopes of being as transparent as I can without risking blowing open features, plans, content or any other sensitive information. I'm here to brainstorm, gain feedback, and test out information, anecdotally, where I can.

I'm doing my best with what I have, on both ends. What I can and can't provide, and what I am or am not given by people interacting with me.
Replying to every post isn't possible. Not replying to a single post that disagrees with the direction is telling. Yet he seems to respond most if not all of the circlejerk posts.
As I've said, most of the posts I'm looking at that are in disagreements are lacking a lot of context that I'm privy to internally.

Honestly, the thing is this is never really going to be an effective discourse I guess. I was hoping that after Trundle, after calls of transparency from this little corner of the League playerbase that this wouldn't devolved into a thread driven by less than a dozen loud voices, including myself and consist of mostly a downvote/upvote tug of war.

I honestly can't act on a lot of feedback here because I have nothing to show you aside from echos of what is being looked at internally. I’ve given you nothing by which you can trust me. Everything is distilled when I'm speaking, taking careful note not to spoil, raise expectations or damage what goods I cannot in fact show you. Sorry, I'm not going to show you. I can't show you. That's the policy, that's media development in general.

You are valued players and passionate individuals, but it's become very difficult to have a tempered conversation which doesn't end in me getting accused of dodging questions, being non-transparent, or ignoring feedback. Riot is one gigantic feedback loop. I go above and beyond to reach out and try to take temperatures in this fashion because I enjoy engaging with people directly. However, these experiences, with the feedback on the forums, have proven to leave me with a very sour taste as of late. Apparently, players end up feeling disenfranchised when I'm trying to be as upfront as I can. Funny thing is, internally, we have a lot of success stories when we find out what people think about relaunches and the content we create. I'm beginning to discover that maybe I have a distorted view of relality when it comes to taking feedback here.

I can be very sensative and I take a lot to heart. It's very important to me how I'm regarded and I tend to seek approval. That comes from me desperately wanting to know if I'm connecting properly with the people I'm helping to make products for. Oddly enough, the info I'm getting from my job says one thing, something encouraging, yet the feedback I get here is overwhelmingly harsh, negative, lacking in context, and sometimes pretty heavily disrespectful. There's only so much someone can do to cope. There's only so much screaming someone can do before the rest of the screaming around them takes over and they can't even understand thier own thoguhts.

Maybe this is "can't argue on the internet!" or some such hokey meme, but I think I need to back off and reassess where I'm getting the most valuable and actionable data from, and what sources I'm deriving the best temperatures from.

So, I respect everything everyone is saying, but a lot of it is really out of line to what I'm experiencing on what I can tangibly interact with. My extremely smart peers keep me in check, and I keep them in check. We seek data, we act on data. We don't take any decision lightly. How many times I have to repeat that never seems to gain traction. But what does gain traction are remarks about how I've destroyed characters, how I have some secret agenda, and how apparently I have no validity where I'm coming from when I try to explained the informed, rational, and thought-out decisions we're making, in what limited way I can due to the sensative nature of my job.

This will surely get torn apart as a whining little snap, but I guess I've been a little unrealistic in my own expectations. I'm assuming people understand the context, the possibility and the broad goals. That's not the case. How can it be? It’s by default a non-level playing field. If people inhabited the world we live here there would be so much joy people would see, so much excitement to be had, so many things to look forward to.

In the end though, I can never truely share what I love so much because it has to remain behind a curtain. I can't prove what amazing machinations are just beyond that curtain, just out of reach. For all that anyone knows, and I’m to blame for this, there could be nothing. My desires are so great to let others behold the rich world we are trying to create, and help them make sense about why we choose the things we do, and how we learn what we learn, that it leads me to post on threads at 1am in hopes I can convince just a few people that I think we're on the right track.

That's not going to happen though. It really breaks my heart. I'm not going to be able to share everything I want to. I'm not going to make some unique and enlightening connection with a fellow player who's as excited as I am to see the sunrise coming over the horizon. This venue and my position apparently doesn't really allow for it, despite how I believed I was able to bridge a gap.

The more I've interacted as of late the less I'm able to parse what's coming at me because it's based on things that are changing under my feet. Someone coming at me with harsh pasionate and polite criticism might be so off base due to the changing landscape that I simply have to blink, swallow my words and turn to answer soemthing with more levity or positivity.

I have hoped for a long time to foster positive discourse, but as of late I apparently do nothing but attract anger. I don't want people to feel angry. I want them to have a better understanding of how we work and why we’re making the decisions that we’re making. I want to share with them the world I see, let them know that there are wonderful things happening, that there are beautiful things to be seen, and that they're going to really enjoy things when they see it, if only they can trust me.

I thought I had gained that trust, but lately I seem to get a lot more scorn. I'm ok with this, I knew it would come with the relaunch territory and with tenure in the community. I expected the honeymoon to be over at some point. But the slings are coming from a lot of different directions and in many different and unexpected ways. It's coming in ways that are sometimes hilarious in how far the accusations are from the reality I'm experiencing. They might be wildly unfounded suppositions that I know the actual outcome of but can’t share. Or they might be literal calls for me to be removed from making content, or that I am a liability to Riot.

There are insights I cannot share and it really kills me not to be able to level. I want people to know this world that we inhabit and feel the same excitement we feel when we are creating it.

I want to give everyone an ear. Everyone a response. Everyone a shot at me, or a chance to ask me a question, or share thier feedback, fear or fantasy. That's what brought me in here at the very beginning.

Someone on the forums years ago asked a question about Leona. I said "Oh! I can answer that!" So I did. I kept answering. I kept asking what people thought. I kept answering when I had an answer, when I could answer. I was so scared back then. Scared that If I told what the color of the next champion's hair color I’d be fired. I was so terrified by giving any insight whatsoever. I was the only artist who did. That was a unique position to be in.

Now I’m scared of how the next thing I’m going to say is going to get distorted, or lunged upon, or turned against me. I’ve become fearful in exactly the opposite way. I’m afraid of telling too much because I’m terrified someone is going to take something I’ve said in passing so much to heart that they’ll dig it up, etch it in stone as gospel, and crucify me if I deviate from it, contradict it, agree with it, or defend it. For me, I want to answer everything. I want to give all the context, disclose all the nuances. But the very nature of the beast limits me from doing that. i think I have to reconcile that to figure out what my true value on here is. Currently, I’m not doing something right. I’m obviously rubbing people the wrong way. So, I have to step back and go be analytical. I need to figure out what my goals on here are, who I’m trying to message to, and am I doing it in the best possible way. Or, am I just tanking for the love of tanking? Am I getting into conversations just to make myself feel worthwhile? Am I legitimately doing good with the information I’m providing and the transparency I’m trying to inject? Is my reality being skewed by the immaterial when I only have control over the material in front of me? Am I really doing what’s best for the players? I think my natural tendancy to try to open up, a strength I feel I have, is actually becoming a weakness.

I obviously have some work to do.

This has been a fun experiment. I really thank you for helping with feedback, giving me your thoughts, and understanding what I am able to do and what I am not able to do. I’m sorry that I cannot explain just how much I want to show you everything and how much there is to show. I’m sorry that I can’t hit home hard enough that there is so much nuance here that you’re not seeing because you’re not behind this thin little curtain with us. I’m heartbroken that what I love doing, engaging with people, is apparently doing them harm.

I want meaningful connections. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Unfortunately as of late I think I’m getting overwhelmed by things that shouldn’t be so significant for me. I have to look up, look what’s in front of me and trust my gut.

My gut tells me that something is going wrong and I could very well be to blame.

Thanks again. I appreciate everything in this thread and all points brought up in corresponding threads. I’ve read everything, and I’ll bring back what valid feedback I can to stakeholders and the rest of the team.

I appreciate you listening. Thank you for letting me try to lift the curtain here and there. I’m sorry I couldn’t just tear it down.

Take care.

TPA Skins and Bundle Sale Extended

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

The TPA commemorative skin sale has been extended! Players around the world requested an extension, so we're keeping the TPA skins and bundle available in the store for a little longer. TPA Shen, TPA Orianna, TPA Ezreal, TPA Nunu, TPA Mundo and the 25% off TPA Team Bundle will remain in the store until 11:59 PM PST on June 4.

After June 4, these five skins and their bundle will be retired to the legacy vault.



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