Ultimate Skin Tease: 1950 RP First Few Days, Sona Changes, Morello on "One Skin Champions", Nautilus' Ult, Sale, and More

Note: Xypherous posted at 2:23am EST about "Spellvamp Item for AD Casters" Check it out, will include it in tomorrows roundup.

Ultimate Skin Tease - 1950 RP First Few Days

  • Morello teases about the next Ultimate skin by saying "we'll be keeping you in the dark because it's cooler"
  • Skin will be on sale - " The next Ultimate skin will be 1950 RP for the first few days as a reward to the players who are active at the time of its release. After that it will not be discounted."

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

There's a reason we're being quiet on this (partially bug burndown and the ?? of that), but partially because the surprises are worth it imo.

In this case, we'll be keeping you in the dark because it's cooler :P
There's a reason we're being quiet on this (partially bug burndown and the ?? of that), but partially because the surprises are worth it imo.
In this case, we'll be keeping you in the dark because it's cooler :P
The next ultimate skin is.... Morello's.

Wait, wait, no. no. That's not it.
Just no way it will be as cool as the last Anivia skin. Just sayin. :>
I see what you did there.

Additionally, all ultimates will feel like this in terms of wHERE?!. Ultimate skins are more effort than even a new champion, and take a lot of time. Since the response to PFE was so positive, we think you guys have basically told us it's worth it
Release week discount or full blown 3200 cost, that's an important detail.
I think the discount was only for PFE since he was kind of the introduction to that tier. I don't feel bad about 3200 with the quality of these things, especially considering the time and effort they take.
the release week discount was an important factor.
Well all players would like lower prices on everything, sure :P. It has to be balanced, and with the effort, we either make these for a premium, or we don't make them.

I tend to prefer the former, and I think players do too. I think of these as "extreme" luxury, though Hippalus actually gets this better than I do.
I think the discount was only for PFE since he was kind of the introduction to that tier. I don't feel bad about 3200 with the quality of these things, especially considering the time and effort they take.
Wrong on that one Morello. The next Ultimate skin will be 1950 RP for the first few days as a reward to the players who are active at the time of its release. After that it will not be discounted.

  Volty on the Sona Changes

  • These changes are on the PBE and have been in our notes, for those that missed them the basic rundown:
    • Fixed a bug with Diminuendo that was not lowering damage dealt (also lowered its duration)
    • Changes to base power chord damage (lowered early and mid game)
    • Changes to Bonus AR and MR of Aria of Perseverance (lowered)
    • Base health and armor increased
  • Volty says she was too strong early game, these changes will make her early game a little weaker without effecting her late game drastically. 

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

We have a number of tweaks coming for Sona in the next patch, as a consequence of this change:

- Fixed a bug where Power Chord: Diminuendo was not decreasing damage dealt

Yup, that's right. Power Chord: Diminuendo hasn't been reducing the damage dealt by its target. This bug has been particularly tricky to detect because it was reducing the damage numbers displayed, just not the actual damage inflicted.

So after fixing this, we took a step back and asked, what will this do to Sona's balance? Given that Sona is already borderline "always pick" we were quite worried that she'd gain must-pick status after this fix. We asked what we could do to Sona to make her less powerful at high Elo and competitive play, where she is already most dangerous and the fix to Diminuendo is likely to have the largest impact. We also wanted to not hurt Sona's performance too much for other players, and she's not as relatively strong there (but still strong).

Looking at what makes Sona strong in competitive play, we identified that her early game burst is a major source of power, especially for competitive play. While it's important for champions to have comparative strengths and weaknesses, Sona is a bit too strong in this dimension, even beyond providing a unique strategic niche for her compared to other supports. In short, we think we can make some reductions here while preserving her unique strategic niche and playstyle. Here is the changelist:

- Base Power Chord damage changed to 13/20/27/35/43/52/62/72/82/92/102/112/122/132/147/162/177/192 from 8 + (10 x level)

(This refers to the base, which is still doubled by Power Chord: Staccato.)

These numbers were chosen to hit her early game the hardest, and only provide minor reductions during other parts of the game.

We also identified that late game Sona can become really quite durable, more so than we would like. So we also targeted this as an area to remove power. This was where feedback from players was most valuable to informing our decision, as I asked for and specifically received a lot of input on which durability mechanics on Sona were most important to / noticed by players. Keep in mind though, that reductions here are largely offset by the bug we're fixing, so the overall reduction in durability isn't that big.

Aria of Perseverance
- Bonus Armor and Magic Resistance to self and healed ally reduced to 6/7/8/9/10 from 8/11/14/17/20
- Changed aura bonus Armor and Magic Resistance to 6/7/8/9/10 from 3/6/9/12/15

We wanted to compensate for some of these reductions by increasing Sona's early game durability, which is comically low on live.

- Base Health increased to 450 from 410
- Base Armor increased to 11.3 from 9.3

These are reverts of an earlier nerf we did to Sona's durability in lane, which we no longer feel is necessary.

After testing, we were finding that we hadn't actually lowered Sona's late-game durability perceptibly, between these changes and the bug fix, so we also added this:

- Lowered the duration of Power Chord: Diminuendo to 3 seconds from 4

4 seconds is just a really long time for most debuffs, and we didn't feel that this needed to actually last that long to still have a major impact.

We've been giving Sona a lot of attention in playtests and will of course be watching her performance closely following the patch. I personally really enjoy playing Sona and I'm pretty confident that the last thing that these changes will do is make her unpickable. Ok, I hope this provides some context for upcoming changes, thanks for reading!

 Morello on "One Skin Champions"

  • Next Zyra skin is in the works and is "Morello Approved"
  • Skin team is talking about how to expedite skins for these champs: Zyra - Zac

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)


(In all seriousness, the skins team and I are talking about how to expedite the skins for "one-skin" champs. That doesn't mean the next few patches, but Darius-Zac need another skin).

We messed up our scheduling on this a bit and I want to apologize for that, but we are fixing this.
Pretty sure he means champions from Darius through Zac need new skins

Darius is getting his in Woad King
Yes, sorry (though Darius also had Bio-forge, so maybe Zyra's the actual first on that list now).

The Zyra skin idea we have in the works is Morello-approved
What about champions that are even older than that who still don't have new skins? Where's the love for skarner and rumble?
That's a big focus too - though we also want to make it worth the wait by making the next skin for them really on-the-nose.

 Riot on the Air Client

  • No current plans to move away from Air
  • Still looking for ways to add lore into PVP.net
  • Admits there are problems with the client right now, but says AIR is not the culprit.
  • 3.9 PBE patch will have a rewrite of the Rune screen which should make it more responsive and less buggy

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Please feel free to share more things you'd like to see in the client; while I'm one of the more active PVP.Net Developers who posts, everyone on the team keeps an eye on the forums

A couple of these sound like bugs, so I'll follow up with a QA resource to make sure they're properly investigated and triaged.

I can't comment on any plans regarding sweeping updates, but I will say that improving the quality and responsiveness of the client is something that everyone on the team remains committed to. Expect some more on that front in the near future
Anything but Adobe Air. Your game is successful, stop using that garbage.
There are no current plans to move away from Air.

there's never enough room for more lore.
We're aggressively exploring options to improve the presentation of lore in PVP.Net. I feel like Freljord was just the tip, as they say. Of the iceberg, that is

I'm a huge fan of the stuff Kitae's team is doing

I'll bring up the Ping thing but I don't know that there's a really good way to do that.
>no current plans to move away from Air

Why? It's buggy, this client just feels so old like it's just a re-used 2002 client from another game.
I'll be the first to admit there are some problems with the client as it exists right now, but Air (and more specifically the Flash ecosphere) is not the culprit. PVP.Net is a complex piece of software that has to be shipped out to over 30 million people twice a month (more or less); improving legacy code designed for a more humble 10 thousand players is somewhat akin to replacing parts of an airplane engine... While midflight, over the Atlantic, at about 35 thousand feet. It's a delicate process, and the number one priority is ensuring the continued stability of the player experience.

That said, the process of improving parts is ongoing; the Login screen was reworked a few months back, and with the 3.9 PBE patch, we'll be rolling out a rewrite of the view code for the Runes screen; it should be more responsive and less buggy.

Keep an eye on the PBE forums for more info on that in the near future

Xypherous on Nautilus' Ult, Renekton and Riven in Lane

  • His ult has two parts for the CC. The stun part is affected by Tenacity, Cleanse...ect. However the .5 second knockup is overlapped with the 1-2 second stun [He gives examples near the end]
  • Agrees that Renekton and Riven are difficult to fight in lane, and is something they will look at and work on going forward with champions. (read fourth paragraph for more info)

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Nautilus is probably the worst designed tank that exists in League currently. When he works, there is basically no answer to stop him from initiating on your team freely. There isn't even a viable itemization route to really stop Nautilus ultimate. At least when you are against Amumu and Sejuani, Cleanse, Mercs, and QSS exist. Furthermore they have **** that you can try to dodge. There's not even that kind of skill involved playing against Nautilus. He clicks on someone with his ultimate, and they're caught.
You've posted this more than once and I've commented on this before - but let me clear this misunderstanding up again.

Nautilus' ultimate is classified as a stun - the stun portion of his ultimate is affected normally by Tenacity, Cleanse and QSS. The way Nautilus' ultimate CC works is that it is a 0.5 second knockup that is overlapped with a 1 to 2 second stun. This means that if you get Mercury Treads, you reduce the total CC duration to 0.66 seconds. The only irreducible element of Nautilus' ultimate is half a second of knockup at the tail-end of his ultimate ability.

Don't get me wrong, a targetted half-second knockup is still a powerful initiation skill but it's a strong indication of how difficult it is to acquire tenacity at the moment for squishy DPS - but hopefully that helps in your itemization woes against his ultimate.

You definitely have fair points about how difficult it is to fight both Renekton and Riven in lane - they are very powerful champions who have the ability to turn poor matchups to even ones through appropriate application of their strengths - it's definitely something to work on over time. Definitely made more than my fair share of mistakes along the way - Let me know if there's anything else I should look at, however. I think the ultimate / regeneration / passive changes on Riven have gone a long way but I definitely see your point that there's more room to go on both of these champions to introduce more lane interaction for the opponent.
Huh. That's pretty interesting...
Yeah - it's my bad on that for how confusing it is.

Most other crowd controls don't work this way with multiple effects layered on top of each other and I should have been more cognizant of how potentially confusing it might be when the loud effect (the knockup) isn't the powerful effect (the stun).
Furthermore, I'm not sure how the math adds up. A 2 second stun certainly would have its duration reduced by .66. That's still technically a 1.3 second stun, which is seriously long.
Right on that - I'm being unclear again here, my bad.

At rank 1, Nautilus' ultimate is a 1 second stun overlapped with a 0.5 second knockup. 

If you have Tenacity against a rank 1 Nautilus ultimate, it is a 0.65 second crowd control effect. If you cleanse or QSS during the knockup, you will be still affected by a 0.5 second knockup effect but no stun afterwards 
If you have Tenacity against a rank 3 Nautilus' ultimate, it is a 1.3 second crowd control effect. If you cleanse or QSS during the knockup, you will be affected by a 0.5 second knockup effect but no stun afterwards.

The trick with Cleanse and QSS is that you still have to cleanse / QSS after the CC actually hits you - similarly to our other CC effects - but if you cleanse before Nautilus' ultimate hits you, the 70% Tenacity effect will reduce the CC duration down to a more manageable 0.6 seconds at max rank - which is roughly the same effect.

Hopefully that helps, clarity-wise. Still thinking on how to make the visuals clearer about the item counterplay.
I think I read that Nami's Q is considered a stun, not a knockup. How exactly does tenacity impact air-time for knockups that are attached to stuns?
Nami's Q is specially coded such that the total hang time is also reduced by tenacity.

Nami is a special case.

Riot Answering Questions about Australian / Oceanic Server

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Hey guys,
some of you have suggested to provide you with a weekly update. I won't promise a weekly update as some weeks I might not have any but I promise to give you more. So here below some more info:

Last week was great from a hiring point of view. We made an offer for the eSport coordinator and he accepted.
We also are in the process of making 4 offers for technical positions (NOC and OPS).

Moreover, I took some of the question I can answer and try to give you some more info.

Can you say who you went with? Was it Internode/iiNet?
Sorry, we cannot disclose this but I can assure you we tested intensively and we believe that company we have chosen is the best for our needs.

@MasterMirkinen should put a ad on here for those "not so good" http://whirlpool.net.au/
Thank you n3phx, I'll definitely add to the list of website we advertise.

While thats promising there are some issues that could use some immediate attention. The biggest one being our inability to choose which server group our games are currently assigned to. I get 180ms to LA and 220ms to the other servers (Washington?). Why is there no way for me to stop getting assigned to games on the non-LA servers to avoid the extra latency? While this isn't a long term solution it would ease the pain somewhat until the Australian servers are in place and I'm sure that a lot of north Americans would also appreciate being able to choose the servers closer to them too.
We could start working on that but give or take, a project like that would take a month... Would you rather us working on setting up the Oceanic platform or delaying this a month and develop a feature that likely won't be useful in the future?

Thank you very much for the update! It is so appreciated. Perhaps you could come in once a week or so to continue to give periodic updates? Thank you very much and we look so forward to the servers.
Hey combat, thank you for the suggestion. I won’t commit to a weekly update because some weeks I might not have any update, but I will try to update you guys more often.

As a fellow Sydney ITer, are you allowed to say which DC you picked? I'm interested. It also reads like you're only getting 1 web developer, Sysadmin, Noc technician etc. I would have thought there would be more? Or was it just the wording.
Again, I cannot tell you which IDC we chose, but regarding your second question, yes, that was wording. We are hiring more.

Cool! Thanks for the update MasterMirk, It's nice to be kept abreast of how everything is progressing. I note that you're looking to hire an e-sports director and I have a question regarding e-sports for the Oceanic Region. Are you planning to set up an LCS style league for season 4 if the servers are out in time? Would be really cool to see local players competing in a consistent league. I understand that this might not be a realistic goal, but it's definitely something that would be really cool. Also is it likely that there will be spots for Oceania at season 4 world finals?
Hey NZ, eSport plans are not finalized. Our ultimate goal for Oceania is to develop eSport to professional level. This might take some time though as PRO eSport needs to be fostered from the bottom therefore for the first period we will focus on semi-pro organisation development.

Id firstly just like to say thanks for the official response on this thread! Was so stoked when i saw it. Secondly i would like to politely ask if its at all possible for you to tell us if you THINK (not if you know) that the servers will be up in Aus before the end of the year? Having some sort of idea even if its not a official post would be cool. If not at all possible i understand but thanks anyway.
For sure before the end of the year.

Why is MasterMirkinen so SEXY?
This made me smile

Thank you again all for your patience.

Champion & skin sale: 6/7 - 6/10

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)


  • Foxfire Ahri 487 RP
  • General Wukong 375 RP
  • Almost-Prom King Amumu 260 RP


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