Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 6/28/2013 - Icons for PF Ezreal and SG Udyr

[Update]Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 6/28/2013 - Map Icons for PF Ezreal and SG Udyr

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[Update] - Only for the Bottom Left Icon - Will not be on the Mini Map

Really strange that Riot would upload the circle graphics (they are only used for map icons). However Riot has posted on twitter saying these will NOT be used for minimap icons

Originally Posted by Riot (View Twitter Source)

This is only for the bottom left corner- it will not show up on the minimap or for other players, to prevent confusion. No minimap!

Icons for Ultimate Skins

Two new "Map Circles" have been added for these champions
IMPORTANT NOTE: PBE is back online, however these ARE NOT active in game. The normal, default icons are still showing. [However on the load screen the 4 SG Udyr Icons are now showing!]


Their "normal" squares were also added




  • #6 donovan3995

    What happened to Draven's Eyes!?

  • #7 Kayxero

    not sure if I misunderstand, you're kidding or you don't know that's udyr


    I'll think about it

  • #9 Kickball

    I was just thinking that!

  • #4 Protossij

    In the PFE preview (I think it was "Who needs a map" or something) Ezreal had ultimate icon. It is sad that they thought of it now, the skin would be much cooler. IMO they also should make it for all legendary skins.

  • #3 SirKraken

    Instead of the classic icon of the champion.
    Will display its own icon "in-game" for the skin?

    Holy. that's cool (?)

  • #2 acidthorn

    I'm actually kinda suprised...Now, will they do this with other skins that drastically change appearance?

  • #5 CoolRoot

    Most likely it'll be ultimate exclusive :(

  • #8 Kayxero

    should be for all skins, would make having a skin so much cooler, though maybe it should only be viewable on your screen, some players may not recognize the icons from some of the skins.


    example could be renegade talon, somewhat similar to malzahar skins

  • #10 CoolRoot

    Yeah, that's what i thought. It would more than tripple the amount of icons people would have to keep track on, over a hundred is quite the bunch already for newer players.

  • #1 Cabecote

    Wow I love this some much. The icons look sick!!!!

    Last edited by Cabecote: 6/28/2013 5:21:36 PM
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