[Air Only Patch] Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/14/2013 - Aegis/Runic Bulwark/Locket

PBE 3.10 Patch 3: Air Only Patch - Note

I can't stress enough that this is an air only client. These pushes could have been pushed to soon, and may not reflect what we will see once we get a game client update as well.  [AkA This may not go live to the PBE with a game client push]

  • Also Remeber PBE is for -TESTING-, very good chance that the item changes will not go live like this

PBE 3.10 Patch 1] PBE 3.10 Patch 2]

Abilities Changes


IMPORTANT NOTE - Air client only stores one set of his abilities, so due to it being an air only patch, we can not get the changes to the second half of each ability. With that said, Xypherous updated his jayce thread with new numbers. These could be them.

  • Base damage is now 44.5( down from 46.5)
  • HP5 is now (0.) (up from (5(+ 0.5))
  • [Q] - To the Skies! - Now does 40/90/140/190/240 (Changed from  25/75/125/175/225) [NOTE - Air cleint does not list his ratios, no way to know if there was a change - Read Xypherous' post for Ratio change said to come]
  • [W] - Lightning Field - Basic attacks now deal  20/25/30/35/40 (changed from 20/30/40/50/60)
  • [W] - Lightning Field - Cooldown is now always 10 (Changed from 13/12/11/10/9)
  • Other - Read Xypherous thread for more possible changes with this patch.


Master Yi

  • [E] - Wuju Style - Now 15/20/25/30/35% passive bonus (Changed from always 15% from last patch)
  • Important Note - Air client does not have any of the ratios for this ability or the true damage numbers, they could have all been nerfed

Items Changes

Aegis of the Legion

  • Recipe Cost is(down from 625)
  • Now gives 200 health (down from 250)
  • No longer gives 20 MR
  • Passive now gives 20 MR (up from 15)
  • Passive no longer gives armor
  • Effect is no longer increased by 50% on minions

Locket of the Iron Solari

  • Recipe Cost is now 600 (up from 520)
  • Now gives 20 armor (down from 35)
  • No longer gives +10 HP5
  • has new passive - "Legion: Grants nearby allies +20 Magic Resist and +10 Health Regen per 5 seconds"
  • [Because people seem to be confused, if the old active was removed, It would be listed here, It still has the old active.]
  • Now builds from Aegis of the Legion

Runic Bulwark

  • Removed from the air client

Diff Tables

Old (Air Client v110)New (Air Client v111)
Aegis of the Legion
Aegis of the Legion

+250 Health
Magic Resist

Aura - Legion: Grants nearby allies +10 Armor,+15 Magic Resist,and +10 Health Regen per 5 seconds.This effect is increased by 50% on allied minions.

Unique Auras with the same name don't stack.)


Aegis of the Legion

+200 Health

Aura - Legion: Grants nearby allies +20 Magic Resist and +10 Health Regen per 5 seconds.

Unique Auras with the same name don't stack.)



[No longer builds into Ruinc, now builds into locket]


Locket of the Iron Solari
Locket of the Iron Solari

+300 Health
Cooldown Reduction
Health Regen per 5

Active: Grants a shield to nearby allies for 5 seconds that absorbs up to 50 (+10 per level)damage (60 second cooldown).


Locket of the Iron Solari

+300 Health
Cooldown Reduction

Active: Grants a shield to nearby allies for 5 seconds that absorbs up to 50 (+10 per level)damage (60 second cooldown).
Aura - Legion: Grants nearby allies +20 Magic Resist and +10 Health Regen per 5 seconds.

Unique Auras with the same name don't stack.)



Now builds from Ageis

Runic Bulwark
Runic Bulwark

+300 Health
+20 Armor
+30 Magic Resist

UNIQUE Aura - Legion: Grants nearby allies +10 Armor, +25 Magic Resist, and +10 Health Regen per 5 seconds. This effect is increased by 50% for allied minions.

(Unique Auras with the same name don't stack.)

Cost: 400
 [100% removed from the air client, does not even show up in the Item Set manager]


  • #133 zappiest_kid

    I love these changes on the pbe it makes me feel stronger as a jungler and feel that I am not forced to build a jungle item, bulwark and locket in order to best help my team. Locket will probably a pretty high demand item now, but I don't feel quite as trapped as i did before.

  • #115 redjet1117



  • #114 Joe1512

    OMG, I wish riot would quit screwing with stuff that doesnt need fixing.  They just mess with stuff for the hell of it, to stay employed.

  • #113 Arcane_Azmadi

    ...wait, what...?

    No, seriously, what? What the HELL are Riot playing at messing with Aegis/Bulwark/Locket like that?

  • #117 Xyltin

    Cause Aegis/Bullwark are broken items. they create a huge problem: Your team needs to have it, and if one team has it before the other team, they will have a decent advantage in teamfights.

    Not getting Bullwark for your team is nearly always a bad idea. And the jungler is the one to sacrifice his own gold to give his team more defensive stats.
    And so the current tanky jungler dominates. Not cause he is that much better, but cause he can build that one item called bullwark faster than the supporter while not losing real laning power (cause he doesn't lane, you understand).


    I would  actually like to stop posting these things over and over again, but it seems that nobody reads a lot of the comments. There are a lot of people who understand that and are tying to help others understanding it.

    Last edited by Xyltin: 7/15/2013 10:32:41 AM
  • #112 TriforceGuy
    So instead of building bulwark and locket every game on jungle I just build aegis into locket every game...
  • #116 Xyltin

    Probably. But even then it gives less passive power to the team and the active still needs a bit of timing and positionning.
    Also the supporter is now a candidate for it. It may be a bit expensive with 2.6k gold for the support (other items cost around 1.8-2.4k), but it will be worth the amount of gold. And at the same time the stats are not as important for the team anylonger so that you NEED to have it mid game (at least not always).

    In the end the current PBE changes to Aegis/Locket may not be enough to solve the whole problem that the old Aegis and Bullwark created, but it will reduce the need of such an item.

  • #111 Damnitoldx

    (up from (5(+ 0.5))          Should read            (up from 5(+ 0.5))

    Just a heads up =)

  • #100 PulsefireKrogh

    R.I.P Runic Bulkwark

  • #98 kalosy

    Bye Bye junglers. Bye Bye supports. Bye Bye Stonewall.

  • #126 KingOfThe23Stars

    Nah..Stonewall Isnt Dead!

  • #95 MICHAEL419
    This entire season just feels like an experiment at this point. So many radical changes so often, especially with new/changed items.
  • #107 Xyltin

    True, but a lot of these changes make sense and are helping the game.

    Ward changes makes supporting more fun and counter warding rewarding. Ward  fights will occur more often.
    New items allowed some champs to be viable and opened up new build paths (BotRK, Nashors Tooth, HP items are good again).
    Jungle changes (no double golem start or wraith start for the lanes), more gold (most of it currently goes into Bullwark and so into your team instead of yourself).

  • #127 KingOfThe23Stars

    Totally Agree This Statement :-D Maybe Season 3 Is The Hidden PreSeason 4 XD

  • #128 KingOfThe23Stars

    Xyltin, What About Spirit Visage? Spirit Of..Items Nerf? Champion Reworks? A Bit Too Much Change For This Season Or?

  • #134 Xyltin

    Sure, it was/is a lot, and mistakes will happen with such a huge amount of big changes.
    Maw, SV, BV and the overall defnsive MR itemization was bad. The main reason why that was no problem was Bullwark. You don't need much MR when your team has this item.

    But in the end it nearly always turned out well:
    BotRK was OP and is still too strong, but it can end as an option for ADCs (currently it is a must have at a certain point for most ADCs).
    SV, BV, Maw and other changes to MR items are great (3.10).
    BC is still a good item on certain champs in certain situations.
    Tear + upgrades are good on other champs than Ryze and Anivia (Muramana is still a bit too strong and seems to be watched vrey closely by Riot).
    Olaf got nerfed into the ground till his "remake". And it looks great.
    Jayce changes can fix a lot of his problems and the problems the enemy has with him.
    Sejuani is awesome. Trundle is ok. Udyr is great. Karma is better. LB is better.

    The other seasons where more focued on balancing the champs into the game, this season they want the balance the system around the champs and change some champs to fit into it.
    For some players this maya be too much. I always read the PBE changes, talk about them, test them and so I am prepared for changes and probably know why they are coming. But not everyone wants to invest that much time into changes.

  • #94 ThingODoom

    Wow. Wow. Wow. My support item path is ruined... :/


  • #106 Xyltin

    Really? You had only one item path for supporting?
    then you should know why this is a great change. You need to use your brain again and build items based on what your team needs and not based on what is good in every game.

    And supports should not get the item currently. Bullwark is needed mid game already and the support wont have the gold then most of the time. The jungler should get it in at least 95% of the games.

  • #108 Armathendae

    Yeah. Its a good change for junglers. But terrible for the supports. What if my support path doesn't factor in aegis? Or my jungler want it? Or I can't afford it? I don't have a defensive item, that gives me a little armor and health for a relatively cheap price. Supports now get even more shoehorned into Aegis. And Aegis is so expensive on some supports, or if you need to ward a lot. What Armor/Health items are out there?

    Locket: gets incredible expensive now -> ~3000g. Aegis: same deal ~2000g. Sunfire Cape: 2650g. Randuins Omen: 3100 g

    What supports are happy if they have 400g left after wards and back. Supports like to build in little increments. Supports like locket and aegis on that. They can buy a little every back. If they are going for those items. If the jungler now is I GET LOCKET, there is NO item left for the support to build responsibly on their budget.

    Last edited by Armathendae: 7/15/2013 6:56:17 AM
  • #129 KingOfThe23Stars

    @Armathendae: Locket Cost Now 2600 Not 3000! Randuins From 3100 -> 3000
    ; Frozen Heart 3000 -> 2900

    As Support U Can Get Ohmwrecker 2850 (Bulld Up From Philo Stone), Spirit Of The Ancient Golem 2000, Catalysator 1200 -> Rod Of Ages 2800, Shurelyas 2100, Seeker's Armguard 1160 (U Dont Need To Build It Into Zhonyas)! So Dont Say There Is No Supp Item.....Plz.....No..Dont Do it And Get Some Knowledge About ALL Items Avaible In The LoL-Shop :) If U Contact Me I Can Give You Decent Support Builds Even Without Bullwark ( Dont Like This Item Anyway And Im Happy When Im Not The Guy Who Is Treaten To Buy It :-D )

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