Reign of Gaming Summoner Verification and Gold+ Forum, RP Giveaway!

Reign of Gaming Summoner Verification.

We have a new feature to share with everyone today!

  • You will now be able to link your League of Legends account to Reign of Gaming.
  • If you are a ranked player (Platinum and above) you'll also get a new username and avatar style on the forums
  • Access to a new Gold+ only sub-forum. [Note that -everyone- can read these forums]

 RP Giveaway [Contest Ended]

IF you followed the news this contest ended some time ago, however people did not follow the news =(
I will be doing a second wave of winners for this reason on 8/15/2013

To celebrate this (and another site feature coming very soon) we will be giving away some RP (hopefully just in time for SGU!) Entering is easy:

To Enter:

  • Attach your League of Legends account to your Reign of gaming account by following the instructions below.
  • Post back here letting us know  that you are interested!
  • (Will also be giving away a few codes on our Facebook Page, so make sure to head over, like and comment there as well for another chance!) 


  • Will be selected randomly
  • Facebook winners will be contacted via Facebook
  • RoG winners will be contacted via private message.

How To Link

Linking your LoL account is easy, follow the steps below (images below if you need more help!)

  • Go to My Characters under your account page
  • Enter your summoner name and Region
  • Rename a runepage to the number given to you
  • Click done and all should sync up!

Step 1

 Go to your account page on Reign of Gaming and click on the My Characters link. You'll then see a simply form to add your character:

Step 2

Enter your character name and region. Then login to League of Legends and rename one of your Rune pages to the number displayed:

Step 3

Click I'm Done and your character will be verified and added to your site profile.

Forum Borders

If you are a ranked player (Platinum and above) you'll also get a new username and avatar style on the forums:




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