Free Champion Rotation

This week's free champion rotation has been posted. These champions will become free to play starting tomorrow August 6th.



  • #5 JonMoxley

    Caitlyn again, i bet next week they are gonna make Nidalee free to play again

  • #4 TreeBurrow

    I like the synergy between Caitlyn and Taric... Taric has fallen heavily out of favour, but hopefully this free week will help his popularity a little, he's not anywhere near as strong as he used to be, but does that make him weak and un-pickable?

  • #2 robertm94

    lol i just bought lissandra :P oh well

  • #1 Arannan

    I have been recently doubting whether buying Thresh, Nami and Lulu. Good ol' Riot put them free one after the other...

  • #3 Molster

    They are all great supports. Nami being my fav of the three. Lulu (inbh) has it a lot harder to carry your team as a support. While Nami can carry a bad team if you are skilled [Granted if you are skilled you can carry with any champ, but you get the idea :P]

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