Heimer's VU Will Not Launch With His Kit Rework, Riot Talks Various VUs, Rank Decay Explained, Fixing High Ping, Chow Time

Heimer's VU Will Not Launch With His Kit Rework

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It's very likely Heimer's gameplay changes will come out well before he gets a visual upgrade. Xypherous has some kit changes that have been testing well in playtests and there are other champions we feel need the visual upgrade first, particularly since in Heimer's case some goofiness adds to his charm.

Riot Talks Various VUs

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Hey this a tough question but I'll try and peel back the curtain and let you see my perspective(as someone who currently works solely on the reworks team).
First let me get to Udyr(since I worked on his Ultimate skin). Does Udyr need a redo? Yes, we agree. However I,personally, don't think the Spirit Guard should have been his rework. I think there are people who love the way current Udyr looks, as well as Black Belt and Primal skins, so we wouldn't want to completely change what people already love and throw in spirit animals. We have to retain what people love that made them make the choice to pick him up in the first place. The second part to that is Udyr is actually a lot of work. Since he has 4 stances that have different models and animations, effects, and sounds. That's a bit more work than something like Sivir who I'd argue needs it more than Udyr with less amount of content and programming needed to complete it. Again these are my personal opinions and I've already got plenty of flack on the NA forums for these.
Also when we started Spirit Guard Udyr, there was no such thing as a relaunch team. In fact that didn't start that until late last year(when he was already done). Again these are my personal opinions, but we should have reworked him and THEN done an Ultimate skin. But don't take those comments the wrong way, reworking a champ means to me we sort out the back-end code to make it easy to go in next time to make a skin. We just released Maser Yi whose effects and animations scripts are lean and mean and ready for the next person to dive in and make something(probably better than me :) ) So take those comments solely as someone who works on them and not a decision maker in rework/skin release stuff.
A major factor in releasing rework champs is...ready for it... me :( . Not because I'm withholding but some champs take longer than others due to how complex they are. When I was on the New Champ team,I worked on Vi for about 3 weeks and I worked on Lissandra for a month and half(with others helping) because the worldload and content demand is different per champ. We have to pepper in the hard ones with the more straightforward ones.
We have a BIG list of reworks and we agree, Udyr and Shaco needs them and they will receive them(one day). Master Yi was just release, Sivir is in the works as well as another champ, and we have some great ones coming up!

So I hope this behind the scenes banter helps ya a see to see into world of reworking champs.
Thank you for taking the time to respond to this thread, I am glad to hear that champions such as shaco and sivir will be recieving redo's in the future and I look forward to seeing the new Sivir
Sivir is coming up, not next tho, we had one started that'll be ready for primetime before Sivir. I'm super excited about this champ!
Sion.... plz
We agreee!!!!!! We took an internal poll as well as collected feedback from the forums and he is the most needed for a rework.
With that said, we'll need a complete overhaul which will take a bit longer. But please know we all agree.
Hang out here more DudeBro!

I spoke to you at PAX and asked you about the Sivir rework. I have to say you got me excited over it :D I hope you and the rest of Riot turn up at PAX next year!

By the way, how many people make up the rework team? How many teams contribute to the rework team? I know you're from the Art team but who else is involved? I'm curious about how much work goes into reworking champions.
We hope to return to Pax next year. Please invite us :)

The rework team officially is like 8 people(IronStylus(concept art),Grumpy Monkey(concept art and 3d), 2 animators, our awesome sound designer,a texture artist,me, Ququroon (QA Analyst,and a creative designer(for bio/lore/vo stuff). We sometimes have guests but that's usually it.

It's pretty similar to a champion team. The champion "team" is pretty big and they have like 2 or 3 groups working on new champs and they leapfrog their releases. Skins has a team is big as well, their number fluctuate but it's roughly double the size of ours. In my very humble opinion, that's not enough people :)
The Art team isn't separate, in my mind at least, from other disciplines. I'm usually hanging out with Ququroon as he helps get my work across the finish line. Grumpy And Stylus hang sometimes with creative designers to understand the theme and lore and such. The art team includes the dudes who make icons and websites and motion graphics and splashes and all sorts of stuff but we are all integrated into little "pods" that zoom in on a champ/rework/skin/etc. How much work goes into reworking a champion? There isn't a quantifiable amount we put in, each one has challenges that take up more time/resources than the other folks. For example, right now I'm working on something I want to be amazing and I increased the scope a bit :) The other folks have moved onto the next thing but for me I made this one hard(on myself) but it's taking longer than everyone else wants. I do know we have a lot of conversations and long discussions about elements of the champ we need to retain and/or throw away. If we were to have a simple,simple champ, the wholes process should take about 3 and half months, maybe like 4. But a hard champ will be WAY more.
at 'Surrender @ 20", it stated that riot is doing rework for Sivir, then Eve! is that true?:D [http://www.surrenderat20.net/2013/08...key-talks.htm]
also, any hints for Championship Skin season 3? ;)
So Rioters will never tell you what's coming up next because it changes all the time. Even if you are clever enough to figure things out,and you guys certainly are, it will change. Our release and development cycles are very different so I never know exactly what will come out and exactly when. On top of that, even if we did know we wouldn't come right out and say it in a forum tread. We wait until the official announcement before doing that.
I can say both Sivir and Eve are in the development process; as with a bunch of other stuff. When we will be done with them and when they will be released is something we won't know. I had Spirit Guard Udyr finished and sitting on the shelf back in Christmas time and he just came out. :)
Sion he needs a few balance issues then he will be fine :) ,thnx Riot
I disagree, his old stuff needs to be nuked from space and redone entirely. :)
... I got completely ignored by DudeBro.
Sorry bro, you asked a direct question about release that I can't answer. :) I made some other posts in these forums giving a quick reason why. I'm not ignoring you, just choosing not to answer. :)
I worked on the original Skarner and I think he needs a new skin myself.
Battlecast Skarner confirmed.
What has been your personal favourite champ that you helped design?
I'm not apart of the design process but I do have influence on how it looks and behaves in games. I came up with the spirit idea for Spirit Guard Udyr although he was not fun to work on. I think the Eternum Nocturne skin has been my fav becuase I love sci-fi stuff and had a very specific idea in mind for him.

Rank Decay Explained

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At the moment you'll only be moved down a tier (e.g. Gold to Silver) if you don't play for a while, causing your rank to gradually decay. Losing repeatedly will move you down divisions (e.g. Gold 3 to Gold 4), but not down tiers. It will however continue to lower your MMR (a hidden value that's used for matchmaking calculations), causing you to be matched against players who are probably in lower tiers than yourself.

Fixing Your High Ping

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Overall it looks like things are improving for those prefixes that we moved. We will continue to monitor to see what prefixes we should move next through the weekend as we don't have enough data yet to make an informed decision. There are a lot of posts but two thirds of them have been incomplete or have wifi enabled so we can't use those logs to troubleshoot.

With that being said, please check your riot-lol-results-pc-v2 txt file to see if the r3d and netlogs are included in the script output. Normally there is a huge collection of debugging information, but if you see this in your output file, then we didn't find the data we need:

Last R3d Log:

Last Netlog:

The script only looks for your installation in C:\Riot Games\ (the default installation folder) so if your installation path differs then please adjust the script or move your installation to where the script is pointing. In addition, please plug in a wire and disable wifi to test. There are too many variables that could go wrong while using wifi and we have no way of ruling them out other than plugging in a wire so please do so. Bonus: this has a very high chance of fixing your issue so please give it a shot.

Chow Time: Summoner Showcase #111

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League of Legends art comes to the kitchen in this edition of the Summoner Showcase! With a cornucopia of edible treats, some candy-inspired art that's too sweet and the wickedest tree you've ever seen, it's time to press play and start the show.

Trio of Teemo
BlairCat's delicious Yordle bento serves up three delicious varieties of the adorable Scout. Whether Classic, Rabbit or Panda, this little guy is packed with flavor. And mushrooms.

A Second Course of Teemo
Sometimes one serving of Teemo just isn't enough, and Empress of Winter delivers another helping of rice and a scrumptious assortment of meat. Try not to look at his adorable expression though. That innocent smile might make it harder to chow down, but keep in mind that you're nibbling on a vicious, poison-planting Yordle.

Candy Annie
Ayashiroi brings us back to the land of lollipops, licorice and, oh my goodness, is that an actual gummy bear?! Tibbers looks oh-so-sweet, but crossing paths with this ursine beast might make for a rather sticky situation.

Rammus cake? OK!
When it comes to culinary creations, a spiky armordillo might not seem that inspirational, but Snowemiri landed a taunt on all of us with this incredible pastry. Ice cream cones for spines, sign us up!

Jello Zac
When you're an amorphous mass built for combat, it's hard to fit a certain mold. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Keagan Leafy's Zac joins the party as a green gelatinous blob, sure to delight any holiday gathering. We dare you to disagree.

Wired-up Teemo
If you're anything like us, all this talk of candy and food has you wired up, just like TheMathWhiz's wirecraft. From the logo to the tiniest details in his outfit, this design has us hup-twoing like Teemo for more twisted talent.

Maokai comes to life
Bacon Dispenser built this life-sized Twisted Treant, but you've got to fight the urge to hide. This brilliant cosplay is easy on the eyes, although if you're the type who prefers your plants stay silent, we understand wanting to make like a tree. And leaf. That's the joke, right?

That wraps it up for this Summoner Showcase, but we still need your help to make sure the next edition is as tasty as this one. Send in your arts, crafts or culinary creations to our submission box, and we'll see you on the Rift.


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