Wit's End MR Math, Malzahar's Voidlings to be Fixed, Urgot Gets Changes 'at Some Point'

Wit's End MR Math

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Yes, you'll always get at least some bonus damage on Thresh's auto attacks. Just watch out for the magic damage number in the floating combat text if you want to see exactly how much when constantly attacking.
Fair enough. Will Wit's End add much damage to that?
How much extra damage you get from the MR reduction on Wit's End depends on how much Magic Resistance the target has. As a quick example though if the target happens to have exactly 25 MR that you reduce to 0 you'll be dealing 25% more magic damage (25 MR would otherwise reduce your damage to 80% of the listed value, 100% is a 25% increase on 80%).

Malzahar's Voidlings to be Fixed

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Don't know what drugs you guys gave the malz's voidlings last patch, but now they're really sluggy

it takes them time to select a new target and they get really lost if you aren't right clicking with them

seeing how you usually want your voidling to attack with you asap its pretty big, and it makes him much weaker in lane.

Not many play malzahar and I would find it unfortunate if it stayed this way because of it. You guys need to either revert what you did to the voidlings, or optimize their reaction times (which were fine pre patch). Its the kind of thing which doesn't sound too bad but really matters in practice
This was an unintended consequence of what were intended to be small optimizations to the Voidling's AI. We've got someone working on a fix which will be included in an upcoming patch (not sure on exact patch date, sooner rather than later though).

Urgot Gets Changes 'at Some Point'

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We will likely do some work on Urgot's gameplay at some point, won't be for a while though, there are other reworks (Xerath, Heimer etc) we're prioritising instead along with some other big live design projects (Season 4 changes especially). As far as his E goes it's intentionally got clear tells for the enemy to watch out for and a travel time that makes it dodgeable given how powerful the lock on effect is - counterplay's needed. If you having trouble with Urgot because you can't land it often enough have you tried laning with a support that can help set up a combo for you? Taric stun, Zyra root, Blitz hook etc all combo quite nicely (and Taric especially's a really solid support for Urgot in general too).



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