Huge Update on Rengar, Skarner's Rework Won't Be Live Before the Finals, Ryze Reference Video, Matchmaking FAQ, and More

Huge Update on Rengar

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Update time!

So, after some tests, the big changes i've made are pretty close to what i'd like to see in the final version. I'll go through some of the core changes to my current changelist here, the reasoning behind it, and then update the main post with the differences as well. If i don't make mention of a mechanic from Live or from my previous post in these updates, it means they haven't changed.

Bonetooth Necklace
10 AD, 1 AD/Level
Recipe: Hunter's Machete + Long Sword + 100g
PASSIVE: 20% Increased damage to monsters

3 Stacks: Rengar gains Flat Movement Speed while out of combat, or while in brush

6 Stacks: Leap range increased

9 Stacks: Thrill of the Hunt lasts X seconds longer

14 Stacks: Rengar gains % Movement speed for 2.5 seconds upon exiting brush

Direction with Bonetooth as i've previously stated is to reduce the 'Stat bonus' focus on Bonetooth, and make it more Rengar-specific and use it as a tool to embrace and enhance Rengar's stalking/hunting gameplay. Feedback on this direction has been going well and people are digging the direction, i'll give my specific feelings about the bonuses.

3 Stacks - Enjoying how this is playing as an early-game reward that enables Rengar's roaming, jungle or otherwise. Live Rengar has the Movement Speed bonus at Tier 2, idea is to move it to Tier 1 and make it less-permanent (Boots of Mobility) while being able retain the Flat MS while chasing targets through brush. Basically, ganking sidelanes and using the brush or fighting in the jungle keep Rengar speedy even if he's flagged as in-combat.

6 Stacks - Really simple. *slightly* nerfed the leap range due to it moving to Tier 2 from Tier 3 and thus more accessible, but hitting this threshold really makes him 'turn on' in terms of midgame power. Liking this.

9 Stacks - Mostly placeholder, but i enjoy the effect. Likely could just add a bonus together with the increased duration to give a fixed power spike that Rengar can rely on for making it this far. Totally agree with any of you that this falls a little short on expectations especially at Tier 3. This is the only one i have less-than-high confidence for as a rewarding effect.

14 Stacks - very powerful. Not only does it synergize with Rengar's 3 stack for out of combat brush darting/chasing, this -also- means that Rengar has access to bonus movement speed after leaping from brush. Haven't gotten to this threshhold except for once, which when combo'd with the updates to Thrill of the Hunt that you'll see below made for some -really- epic hunting experiences. Might tune this up, might slightly change, but this is the type of thing i want to see from Tier 4 Bonetooth.

Battle Roar
-No Longer grants Armor/Magic Resistance
-Enemies hit with Battle Roar have their Attack Damage reduced

If you've read my prior posts, you know my feelings about Battle Roar - specifically that it doesn't especially inform who Rengar should be effective against, and thus just gives up a lump of power that's hard to tune while remaining satisfying. Feedback from this thread also has been consistent that Battle Roar's allure is Rengar imposing his will/intimidating opponents, not I AM LOUD AND TANKIER NOW.

Attack Damage reduction allows him to handle jungle minions pretty well, but also makes him a monster in fights vs champions that rely on basic attacks/physical damage abilities (like carries, or other fighters), while still keeping him vulnerable to magic damage abilities from tanks/mages. Overall, the goal is that if AD reduction can work out you can reach a spot where leaping onto Physical Damage dealers and roaring makes you feel more like you're actively shutting down their damage potential rather than just being beefier than usual. Before you guys start biting my head off about how he won't have the tankiness to survive , i totally see this as an opportunity to introduce better base stats if it shows that he desperately needs the durability.

Bola Strike
-Is now a skillshot
-Increased Range

Wav3break was always pushing for this and i was always pushing against it, but after having played around with it i really, really like it. Making E a skillshot allows the skill to generally have more power (Range, Damage, Effect are all vectors to tune, though i'd rather lean on the first two) - but also gives Rengar the feeling of 'i have an option at all times'. Even when out of brush and in a siege situation, a traditional weakness of Rengar, the ability to harrass or create picks with Bola/Empowered Bola grants him more flexibility. Similarly, playing against feedback has been great (Got first blood with a jungle gank using Empowered E - felt like a boss landing the clutch shot, opponent felt it was much more fair due to being able to dodge).

In general, making Rengar's pattern once he leaps on a target require more play/interplay and less guaranteed allows him to feel much better when he -does- succeed. This change has been trending well, but is something that we'll be watching across future playtests to tune to appropriate power.

And for the big one:
Thrill of the Hunt
-Cooldown decreased
-No longer plays Voice Over or gives an Icon to enemies within Rengar's sight/detection range
-Consumes current Ferocity on cast - each point of Ferocity consumed increases the Duration of Thrill of the Hunt by 1 second.
-No longer stealths Rengar for the duration
-Duration greatly increased, scales with ult rank
-Movement Speed increased
-Rengar's first basic attack while in Thrill of the Hunt will cause him to leap at his target - Rengar retains the Movement Speed increase from Thrill of the Hunt for 3 seconds after leaping.

So, we tried something crazy with the ultimate when concerns came about that the VO/Icon gameplay, while functional, was removing a lot of Rengar's threat because people knew his gameplan. By taking -off- the stealth entirely and just overloading the parts of Rengar's ult that people were appreciating (Ferocity Generation, Insane Mobility, True Vision) and let him have access to it more. Mid and end-game Rengar's spend a majority of their time being predatory in nature, stalking brush and being opportunistic upon chasing down low-health targets post-fights - which is also made easier by giving him movementspeed post-landing, allowing him to execute his Q-train combo/Bola strike without just failing to keep up to his prey. On the other end making Rengar's gank + ult combo reliant on 'brute forcing' a gank ala Hecarim's E or Rammus' Powerball gives your opponent ways to play against it either by seeing them coming on wards and running or by otherwise predicting the gank paths a Rengar may take.

I agree that it sounds big...but the more we've played with it, the more people have realized the Stealth part of Thrill of the Hunt is perhaps the least-appreciated part. You still run insanely fast, you still leap. Removing Stealth also allows us to pull back slightly on some of the damage nerfs we've done to Rengar, as he telegraphs his intent very easily by being an insanely fast rocket cat.

(Bonus Round - To give you an idea of what we're dealing with, Rengar with no Boots, 14 Stack Bonetooth, Rank 3 Thrill of the Hunt and 5 Points of Ferocity can run from the bottom lane brush to the toplane's river brush before the Ultimate's duration times out, as long as you make clever use of all the brush inbetween.

That's with no boots. It's pretty awesome to see.

So, be sure to let me know what y'all think about this version. When Rengar goes to PBE (SoonTM), this is likely very close to the one that i'll throw up for players to mess around with. A lot of your feedback has helped a ton in shaping the versions of Rengar in testing and lot of the conversations we've been having, so don't stop now!
Well to be perfectly honest I neither like the bola change or the ult change. I get you guys don't like stealth as a mechanic but i'd rather have had the "They know i'm coming" than losing it. Thrill of the Hunt isn't even going to give him an AD boost or anything while its active? Not going to generate Ferocity anymore?
To be frank its hard to look at these changes as anything but massive nerfs. Movement speed is great and all, but it doesn't mean anything if Rengar can't do the damage he needs to do to be effective. Not to mention that the Bonetooth is about as cost inefficient as anything i've ever seen. Consuming Ferocity on the ult as well seems unnecessary as well, given that is just providing a longer movement speed increase.
I sincerely hope you're at least planning on buffing the **** out of his base stats because without it, I can't see him being effective in any situation.
Edit: For clarity, given that you're referencing Rammus Power Ball (When was the last time anyone saw a Rammus) and Hecarim as an inspiration.. Given that we already HAVE both of those champions, why do you feel the need to introduce that kind of mechanic on another champion?
To your first point, it still generates Ferocity. As i said before, if i didn't mention it changing it stays the same - that's the reason the 'consuming' ferocity on cast part exists to an extent. If you Ult with Rengar at 5 stacks sometimes it feels like you're missing the Ferocity Generation part of the ultimate - so casting R with Ferocity stacks pre-built allows to you 'Empower' it by giving it more duration, and you'll buyback the Ferocity anyways over the next few seconds.

My reference to Rammus/Hecarim may have also been a tad unclear as well - these champions due to their incredible speed make it such that standard ward placement isn't near as effective to prevent ganks as other junglers - Seeing a powerball in your river brush isn't giving you at all the time necessary to react - Rengar's ultimate functions the same way, but gives flexibility to go from different locations due to the Leap associated with it (from behind tower wall is an example of a place Rengar could get to an leap from with relative ease). This wasn't to say that Rengar plays similarly to them or serves the same role, just that they share the same Gank strengths. (say what you will about Hecarim or Rammus's power levels, but you can't deny that ganking is kind of their thing.)

As for seeing them as nerfs, i entirely understand. I'm not posting numbers here so it's hard to really feel the impact the changes will have, especially when so many of them (Bola strike, R) require playing to get the feel of. While i'll continue to iterate internally, i'd like to get this on PBE within the next few patches so that you and others who share your opinion can get a few games on and see if you feel the same way.

But...can we still get the VO clips? And the Predator vision? Those were the best parts!
Unsure about getting the VO - Predator vision is staying the same as it is on live. In fact, increased duration means you get longer time in Infrared! My comments about removing VO/Icons is referring specifically to the VO/Icons that the Enemy would see when Rengar ulted in my previous iteration, not the ones Rengar himself sees currently on Live..

Wow I might actually have to play Rengar now because these changes look amazing. And now I feel like he is really different from Kha'Zix. And is the bonetooth necklace 20% increased damage passive a unique one?
At present, it's a unique passive but doesn't share the Maim/Butcher keyword like Wriggles or the Spirit Items, meaning you could very easily double-up on them if you so desired.

i LOVE what you guys done with th ult.
but imo this version of the bonetooth nec isn't worth an item slot :P (maybe change the 9 stack ?)
or like at 14 stack he gets like a leap reset on kill like kha ?
Effects have been testing positively, would like to tweak the stats so that the item feels appropriately slot-efficient statwise, but not by too much - the vision for Rengar isn't that this item is a 'must-buy' - it's still a risk/reward item, but retuned so that the item itself is appealing to those who want to really embrace and play up Rengar's identity as a hunter.

I'll echo my previous post and say that i'm not super stoked about the Tier 3 as a standalone, but everything else feels really powerful/enabling for Rengar.
Bonetooth feels bad in like 90% of situations. 28 ad at level 18 for some utility upgrades doesn't seem worth it. E change seems nice.
Between losing tankiness on w, lack of extra damage on empowered q, and no stealth on his ult, how do you expect him to perform in teamfights? He can't get through the front line by force. He can't sneak through the front line. Even if he gets through he can't put enough damage out to instagib them, and for him to have a chance he'll be squishy enough to die to AOE in two seconds. He can't triple q from his ult. AD reductions are not very effective lategame, unless it is a percentage. I feel like this will be new Yi all over again, he will stomp at low elo where no one wards, and splits up and is out of position all the time, but in high Elo where no one goes into an unwarded jungle alone, he just is going to split push, because that's all he can do. And similar to Yi, he will be nerfed until he isn't in any better spot than he was before, except worse now that everyone who played him for stealth gibs won't be able to. Just like Eve, Kat, and soon-to-be Yi, no one will improve their opinion from now and you just spent a ton of resources on a circle that actually lost fans.
On bonetooth, i'm definitely looking to make it feel better for Lane Rengar as well, and if this needs more stats i'm more than willing to give them, as long as it doesn't end up being a must-buy or too good for its stats.

His damage itself hasn't been reduced -that- much, it's just spread out over a slightly longer period of time so that opponents have a greater time to react. If Rengar needs more damage, i'll easily put more damage back on to the kit. In general though, damage dealers aren't really expected to jump into the middle of 5 people, kill their target and then live. Rengar still has to be opportunistic, and his ultimate gives him a large window of time to capitalize on enemy mistakes and mispositioning, especially when fighting near Dragon/areas with a lot of brush.

We'll be keeping an eye on his performance in teamfights (nothing out of the ordinary so far), but this is not a champion where you should expect to dive in alone to a team with no backup and carry out an assassination. When played appropriately however, you can really flank/control an area with the amount of mobility he has access to and kill people out of position one-by-one.

I would like them to stay...and maybe have it so that nearby allies/enemies with vision of him hear it. I like those signature quotes upon activating an ult, and Rengar's are all very intimidating. And since he doesn't stealth, it should be pretty obvious he's activating his ult, so what's the harm in hearing that?
What I'm saying is that I'd like to hear the Ult VOs for Rengar without having to actually play Rengar. Kha'Zix is much more my thing.
Also there are special VOs for Thrill of the Hunt that interact with Kha'Zix that are already in the game. Those MUST stay.
As i mentioned previously, Rengar will keep all of the VO he currently has that opponents can hear in and around Thrill of the Hunt that he has on live. Adding -more- VO as a warning that he has activated his ult to people that can't even see him is something i can't guarantee.

Could tier 3 maybe extend the vision radius? Also, can you use empowered battle roar or empowered bola without breaking ult?
Unlikely to do this -exact- change (Since sight radius increases with rank, and could very easily just be flat but a big number if we wanted to etc), but something around this powerlevel to couple with R duration+ is a good fit.
Thanks Scarizard! In my opinion the changes look great. As a Rengar player here are some things I would like clarifications on though:
1) Does the bola strike reveal the target hit? This would be great to allow to get leaps off to jungle monsters in the jungle or to escape in the jungle by hitting a monster and leaping to it over the wall.
2) Does Rengar continue to generate ferocity in his ult after he leaps onto his target? This is something I would like, although at a slower rate if necessary, because it allows continual chase and fighting power during ult (like how Renekton gets when his ult generates fury per second for the entire duration).
Just let me know on these questions. Overall I think the changes look promising, and I can't wait to play the new Rengar!
1. This is very scary - but has a lot of good feels from a flow perspective. Elise's Cocoon and Syndra's Stun both reveal targets hit so you can more easily follow-up your combos and dashes. It's a change that would have a lot of cool play associated with it, but it's unclear whether or not it's good for the game overall. (this exact situation came up today where i really wanted to leap to the blue buff that i bola'd!) We'll be having a lot of conversations on whether or not we should, but if it's not too disruptive i'd like to!

2. Unlikely that we'd go with this - it doesn't take very much time for him to generate his ferocity while in R, and the duration of it is so long already (12-18s base currently, with the potential to get all the way up to 28 seconds!) that we really want you to relish the feeling of hunting and stalking, since you'll have vision all this time. If you really need to Rocket-boost before your Fury is generated fully, it's likely that it's more important you make it to your target rather than have full ferocity when you get there (it's also more likely you'll still have a few points built up once you get there, so this hasn't been a particular worry).

Question: How silly does rengar look while going rocket cat fast?
Also, have you tested at all on Dominion?
Not silly at all, in fact. He has a really cool run animation when in his ult that makes him look really cool while booking it.

Haven't tested on Dominion, i'm afraid. We're near the end of the ideation/exploration phases of Rengar, and once we're confident in them will begin balance testing (where a lot of the number tuning takes place). At that time, it's up to our resident ManWolfAxeBoss to decide how he'd like to handle Rengar with concerns to dominion.

Skarner's Rework Won't Be Live Before the Finals

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Been asking for a while but you haven't been here for a bit scruff so I'll just repost it.
Is there any time frame for the release of the new improved skarner? Could we get a really loose one, like before the end of the year or even first quarter of next year?
Don't have many specifics about when the rework will go out to live. It will most likely not be before world finals so that Skarner doesn't disrupt the competitive scene.

Ryze Statue Reference Video

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Happy Friday summoners!

Today I'm happy to share some video reference Tom Jech created to find the perfect pose for our HUGE Ryze statue! You'll see Tom Jech, myself, and RiotBamdragon trying to find poses, with RiotSilver taking what we did and finding the PERFECT pose!

Sometimes, you have to try a bunch of ideas that you just throw away to finally land on something you like.

I hope you enjoy!
RiotSilver denies using his face for Jayce! :P
What were your co-workers thinking? Or is this normal to be seen occuring?
This is pretty much normal for the animation team! We have been known to be a little on the silly side at times

Link Between Wi-Fi and High Ping

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Hi Summoners!

I can't stress further how detrimental using Wi-Fi to connect to your router at home will be for your in-game experience. A Google search of "Why Wi-Fi is bad for online gaming" returns about 18,000,000 results alone.

Due to the issues that Wi-Fi presents, any test results supplied over a Wi-Fi connection can't be trusted as being accurate and it makes further investigation very difficult. In most cases, swapping to a wired connection will improve your in-game performance - and in cases where it doesn't, we are able to take these results and dive in further.

Thanks to everyone that has submitted logs so far, and those that continue to do so. We look at these constantly to try and improve things for everyone, and it's only with your help that we'll continue to progress with attempting to resolve these issues.

 Official Forum Disruptions

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I'm writing to let you all know that we're aware of the situation with certain forum accounts posting private player information and engaging in forum and in-game harassment.

We've actually been working hard behind the scenes to understand and address the situation, but want to let you know:

(a) Adjudicators, Wrenchmen, and even the vast majority of Rioters don't have access to your personal information (including email address and password)

(b) We don't condone the sort of behavior that we’re seeing; we ban those who engage in disruptive behavior in game or on the forums.

We’re still investigating the situation and we'll share details once we’ve made good headway towards resolution.

Thanks all.

Matchmaking FAQ on the Way

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As has been previously stated, we try our best to create fair matches, but in the pre-made case this can be very difficult. We’re working on posting a FAQ to answer these and other questions you might have about matchmaking.

Previous Reworks from Grumpy Monkey

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Hey dudes, I am getting ready for Gamescom in Germany, then Pax Prime in Seattle! If any of you guys are around stop by the riot booth and say hi! I might even have an Arcade Hec or Riot Blitz for you!

And before I leave here are some older production art stuffs Here is some stuff from Varus's production.Before He was Varus, He was known as Jubei the Demon Archer. The writing department and creative teams came up with a story and his direction changed a bit.

Also here are some of the first reworks,Gangplank and Ashe. I don't think Ash's face was that jacked up on live, I think it was just an error on my viewport. It's fun to look back sometimes.

I also dug up some old feedback notes on Nautilus. He was initially a bit more colorful, we toned a few things back to make it feel more deep sea/ scary, and made the Anchor darker to separate him off the body. One of the first Champs I worked on.

And lastly my very first skin ever, Scarlet Hammer poppy. (used to be called Abyssal Armor, but then we made it red )



  • #51 budun

    How you look at such changes or Rangar:

    Give ability to use Unseen Predator on target which are slowed by Bola Strike and Bola Strike = skillshot


    Give ability after using Battle Roar to use Unseen Predator
    WIth 4.1 his AD was nerfed he is no so scary, his heal decreased from 450 to 200, so now he will not be a tank, now he is only assassin but without gap closer skill.
    So maybe just try to give him gap closer skill and he will be fine? without alot of rework.
  • #50 Underageace

    This rework is bullshit.Riot just make fun champ to useless champ.Stupid riot always be stupid.

  • #49 Mikeynatorr

    Riot please, I beg you, don't reword rengar like this. Idc about the e and w changes but his ult. They are gonna take away all the fun about his ult. No stealth, are you serious? Also that it takes away your ferocity when using your ult and then coming with the excuse "rengar can't make use of the ferocity he gets when he already has 5 stacks". Think about the triple q combo. You need to do your ult with 5 ferocity stacks to use it. It is always just so much fun to go sneaky on the adc with your triple q combo ready and kill them in just a second and then they are like "huh what happened". But with this new rework you can't even suprise the enemy adc. Just let rengar how he is now, he is just too much right now

  • #52 klocugh12

    It is always just so much fun to go sneaky on the adc with your triple q combo ready and kill them in just a second and then they are like "huh what happened".

    Now think how fun it is from the other side: to be blown up in just a second without warning or means of retaliation.

  • #46 Elzam

    I'm honestly a bit intrigued about Rengar after this. Not so much his ult or anything related to it, but with E being a skillshot, using minions as cover will reduce 4-E 1-Q level 2 cheese. I always thought it was a tad silly that he could poke you inside the minion line and then in ten seconds when he hits level 2 he can kill you in 1-2 hits by jumping on top of you. 

    If I had my way I'd remove Rengar's heal entirely and just make it a decent chunk of resistances, the heal doesn't fit the theme at all and is still a tad overtuned, likely for the sake of a designer saying "Well, it IS 5 ferocity." It leads into a one-fight situation where if Rengar outplays you once or just wins a trade, you cannot recover in lane without external help. 

  • #45 Liquid_R0ach

    Rengar will be crap without his stealth ult :/

  • #44 Vuldin

    Skarnar rework! :D

  • #36 Syanac


  • #32 GunPerfect

    Is it just me or does Rengar just feel like he's going to be bad?
    Unless his skill shot bola does super mega damage, I don't see the "assassination" and "hunting" he was known to do. Gonna be pretty hard to get bonetooth stacks without empowered Q because you spent all the ferocity to ult......

  • #34 pWally

    He says at the beginning anything not mentioned as changed from live still exist and confirms in his first reply that Rengar still generates ferocity from his Ult. So if you have 5 stacks they will be consumed and will regenerate to 5. They changed the feel of the Hunt from stealth to speed, only time will tell if its better no hard figures to math anything.

    Last edited by pWally: 8/17/2013 10:27:01 AM
  • #29 AzeExMachina

    So now rengar just runs? Wow... I don't think that now the issues of rengar teamfighting will be resolved, he's less tanky due to changes to W, he doesn't have invisibility so enemies won't even bother to spend money on oracles or stuff. He will run to an AD carry and he'll get peeled like crazy and kited from summoner's rift to howling abyss. Nice.

  • #47 ninefall


  • #21 MrNinjaFlex

    I'm just tired of these unfocused patching and some champs that are just so broken and never get touched. So I've decided to make a list of WHO SHOULD NERF OR FIX. 

    1. Elise. Why? Her Q. I mean seriously, 6 second cool down? and when she gets a build like frozen heart that makes her tanky with sunfire cape and liandrys, that's just the most broken thing ever. Even when holding onto a spirit visage she pens through all mr and all health like it's always true 8(3% per 100 ap) max hp dmg of opponent. I mean fix this seriously. She's the most viable champ, got the best escape tool and a jungle gank-closer e. I just don't understand what kind of champs you are making. 

    2. Annie. Why? Can you make a passive more op? I mean at lvl 1 it's just outrages 1.75 stun and she can just free farm that with her q since it refunds mana back after killing a target. 1.75 Second stun is enough time to stun, get a jungle to do his or her cc and just K.O. Based on other types of mid laners, I don't see anyone soo viable to counter such drastic cc as a passive and Annie's damage output is just broken also. Counting the stats, she just somehow gets a steroid from her abilities even though it's 70% multiplier. I haven't seen any work on Annie at all, and that's what just makes her broken. 

    3. Hecarim's q. Has anyone looked at not only the ratio but how much dmg output hecarim does+the iceborne gaunglet? Now you are pretty much thinking Q.Q but guys count all those updates in. it's like a 2 second flat freeze speed and you can't do anything about it because that pony moves so quick. However, his q dmg ratio at lvl is 60(+40% ad) it's on very low cool down. I don't understand why you would give this jungler such a steroid move speed and also a steroid slash attack AoE. These are my thoughts so don't be rude and also ignore them. 

    4. Update Fizz. Fizzes ult does that stupid glitch again where it doesn't react to catching champions that are hit by the ult. Whenever I cast one and hit like 3, it sticks to only 1 champion. Now wtf riot? I'm not saying Fizz needs a buff, but fix these glitches. He's also too strong. I mean giving him an e that he can dodge like a ton of abilties is absurd. But not only that, AD Carries have no chance against fizz. If fizz wants too kill a ad carry, he will literally flash, ignite, use w, then q, then ultimate, and then e for escape or e to initiate and zhonyas incase of danger. It's just asburd of the damage steroid output he does. Now you can believe or not but there are OP champions and right when that era hit, this game has been falling. Back then people would say there wasn't any op champs, because there wasn't any back then. Everyone did great damage, but since you started to nerf, and buff and go back and forth, you've lost your math on doing what's right. 

    4. Pantheon. Just to take a look at his base stats, why on earth does he have 355 move speed, ton of health start and regen at start? But most of all I complain about his q damage and his pancake stomp. I mean seriously, riot seriously? That stomp isn't even one second. It's more than 1, because I have the time to stomp on a enemy, throw me q, and still hold my e for the entire duration before they even start running away. Do the math, like 2 seconds or 3? I'm pretty sure you now count 1 second from the time they are actually get to run way. >.> Why on Earth is Pantheon's Q 65 (+140%AD) i mean this multiplier is broken. Why not make his q a skill shot that you throw but it passes through minions. Change him around, make him a bit more to battle against, because that Aegis of Zeonia hop is broken in my opinion, in addition to his broken Q poke. One q from pantheon will leave ezreal like almost at half health at lvl 1. You tell me if that's not op at all. And his ult makes him more viable then ever. That's all for champ complains.

    Next up is Masteries. Not only me(Notice) do we have these masteries that give huge buffs to bruisers, junglers and anti-ad carries. For example, Udyr with Utility and defense rating, will have like no slow and run at 500+ move speed all the time out of the jungle use his e buff and run almost at 600 and have it at like couple seconds to kill any ad carry. Also about Jarvan, please nerf his sustain not just in 1 vs 1, but make him a harder champion to skill with in the jungle. He has been op and popular past end from S2 and now till end of S3. His tankiness is just broken and same for nautilus. He grabs just a spirit of the ancient golem and already tanks a whole team. What is wrong with this? If i grab that same item on another champ like lee sin for example or sej i won't be as tanky as naut. Nerf these defensive shields, and defense steroids from tanks and bruisers. They don't need a free Locket of Iron Solari. Especially Nautilus. I'm just looking forward to seeing new masteries because the Offensive ones are just really bad and defensive are just soo over powered. I want to see the ad carry role be dominant or at least somewhat more balanced opportunity into the game. You now see the ad carries get shut down soo hard in seconds. Now you guys think, oh you are a noob you don't know how to play. You should go troll somewhere else then? Because clearly I know how to play or else I wouldn't be saying such things that make me want to complain about. Even Ezreal gets caught out in a teamfight while he stays back. Either fizz can get him, zed, zac leap op, ryze tanking and getting to him, vayne getting to him quickly, pant jumping on him, blitz or thresh grab, or leona ult and stun grab. I mean these things are just soo not viable for ad carries. Rofl the funny part is that cleanse is soo off the timer, that when i activate it, it should drop me instantly off the stun, slow or anything else except a knock up, or pull. BUT IT DOESN'T. IT's waits like a day to get rid of that fear, stun or slow and by the time i finally get to walk it off I'm penetrated by their entire team. Thank you riot for ruining the adc role this season. Not to mention the turrets are so bad this season 3. Also, that the hp of the champions at start are so darn high, there's no more fun with blitz to pull anyone to turrets and turrets are now weak to even defend themselves when tehre's only a support inbound to defend the lane after an ad carry dies or the ad carry is ganking. I just hope the turrets get a lot, lot strong so that even scumbag udyr dies while diving in. Hope you understand my thoughts riot and please make this game a lot better in Season 4 or ASAP. 

  • #22 Arannan

    Man, what are you smoking?

  • #23 Kinaro

    The last time I heard someone talking about Pantheon it was about how weak he is.

    Are you sure you know better than a team of dedicated people at Riot, who actually have the data and means to identify and test the state of the game?

  • #24 iNeedMesos

    Sounds like you had a hard time against Elise, Annie, Fizz, Pantheon, and Hecarim.  Learn to adapt to the game.  There's a lot of ways to counter those champions you mentioned, you're just not using your time to effectively play against them.  Instead you complain on how "op" they are because you can't handle them yourself.  Just reading  your comment alone tells me, even the others that it's a rant of how badly you've gotten stomped by those champions.  Not because of how op they are, probably because you don't know how to play against them or your team lost against them and just snowballed you into submission in games.

  • #27 Naisp

    They don't need a nerf you just need to learn how to fight them.

  • #28 Nevran

    Elise is perfect right now, they removed the free tank stat, they make her more mana starving, they fixed her E. What do you want more than that? Yes, she does damage, but her hit isn't easy to use, you can screw yourself if you try to rush too quick a Q human/Q spider. Elise is perfect, and trust me, I used to be angry about the champ before the nerf.

    Annie = Stop getting stomped. Annie has no mobility and a short range. Her stun is HIGHLY telegraphied and make her not using her spell anymore.Yes, she is quite good against these damn melee mid. But she get wrecked againt long range mage and high kiting mage (Brand, Anivia, Lux,
    Zyra, Xerath, Ziggs). She is an AOE burst mage, she can OS many people by a full combo, it is true. But she is gonna have a hard time landing her spell.

    Hecarim has been nerfed to oblivion, stop whining when the poor pony has been beaten by the nerf bat during a lot of month.

    And for panth... He is mana starving, no escape, he can't be really tanky and can't really stand long dual if he isn't fed. His gap closer is strong yes, and it is normal. He is an anti carry, Pantheon isn't a huge TF player, and he fall of late game.

    Honestly, stop being mad, start being better.

  • #30 Zerglinator

    Fizz's ult is supposed to only stick to one champ. It's not a glitch.

  • #33 GunPerfect

    I've never heard someone call panth op...... His ult is slow, his Q is mana whoringly hungry, his item builds are expensive to be able to do damage so going tear of the goddess really reduces a lot of damage I should be doing for a while.. 

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