Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 8/21/2013 - Pool Party Splash Screens

Arcade Hecarim Voice Changes

They have made VERY small changes to Arcade Hecarims Voice. I will upload a few samples - Not worth posting them all


New Strings

  Enable Full Scene Anti-Aliasing

Pool Party Graves [1350 RP (975 first few days)]

Pool Party Lee Sin [975 RP]

Pool Party Leona [975 rp]

Pool Party Renekton [975 RP]




  • #105 zekaBRO

    what about pool party ori on the lee sin's art and zac on the renekton's art

  • #104 Arcane_Azmadi

    I dunno, I know IronStylus makes a big deal out of not sexualising Leona, but come on... you can barely tell that's she's even WEARING a swimsuit under that top and waist wrap.

  • #102 Miaoumoto
    Damn it riot, now i have to spend 975 rp again, this happens far too often!
  • #101 EmeldirEUNE

    Any possible bundle for those skins?

  • #99 jhawkjayhawk

    i dont no i think the old arcade hec voices sound better :/

  • #100 Shadeful

    In-game they were kinda "WTF did he just said?", now it's a bit cleaner. But I agree, the metalic sound was quite cool.

  • #98 xmanors

    When there is a party Noxus chills with Demasia. 


    Wtf, no wet fox Ahri skin? 

    Last edited by xmanors: 8/21/2013 11:55:39 AM
  • #95 Philly484

    YAY!!!! More Skins! Cannot wait I have so much free RP coming to me, and I must add them all to m collection. Props Riot massive props!

  • #92 KingOfThe23Stars

    Only Graves' Skin Becoming More Expensive? Maybe The Author Can Tell Me

    Last edited by KingOfThe23Stars: 8/21/2013 10:20:07 AM
  • #93 oOSharsharOo

    Pretty simple, he's the only one with new particles.

  • #94 KingOfThe23Stars

    Ok Thank You :) But Can U Explain The Particle-Thing? I Dont Understand This

    Last edited by KingOfThe23Stars: 8/21/2013 10:30:24 AM
  • #96 Racerwhy

    His autos are different and his abilities are different. His autos are water and his abilities are water based so its 1350. 

    However renekton also has new particles (but not on his autos) and Leona has a fancy new sound for her autos. We may see an update soon, but lee sin doesn't have much.

  • #97 KingOfThe23Stars

    Ok Thx

    Was Confusing While Reading It The First Time But Now Its Ok ^^

  • #103 oOSharsharOo

    Yah there's just more work put into the Graves skin is all, if you watch all of the videos you can tell that he's been more of a focus (probably because coming up with good ideas for replacing particles with water on him is more easily done).

    Leona would have to be like, a water ring on her W that explodes into a water ring and her ult is a water ring and her Q splashes people. I could just see newer (or even experienced players on first glance) mistake the abilities for other ones or other champion abilities.

  • #88 Fitzkrieg

    Anyone else find these crabs' faces a little off-putting?

  • #91 KingOfThe23Stars

    Reminds Me Of Pokemon .........Kind Of.........Or?^^

    Last edited by KingOfThe23Stars: 8/21/2013 10:29:16 AM
  • #87 aTomic

    Dat Graves splash!

    ...I'll be in my bunk.

  • #85 MikaDoooo

    Taric in Leona's splash art running after lux, leaving Ezreal sitting lonely....

    things get complicated here.

  • #89 Philly484

    Quote from MikaDoooo »

    Taric in Leona's splash art running after lux, leaving Ezreal sitting lonely....

    things get complicated here.

    I'm pretty sure that Taric isn't chasing after Janna, I think he is just frolicking with her in the sand. Ez is just mad that it's not legal in Runeterra to marry the same sex yet lol!

  • #84 darkserenity24

    My wallet's going to be annihilated.

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