Lucian Login Screen and Music - 6 Sounds files - 5 Login Screen Videos - THIS IS CRAZY!

Lucian Login Screens and Music - Please Read First

IMPORTANT - What you need to know 

  • There is a Loginscreen Music Like normal and a Lore.mp3 (found below)
  • The swf file holds 4 sound files 
    • Sound 1: sounds like when he shoots
    • Sound 2: Goes with video 3 (Play the video - and then sound 2 at the same time - 100% perfect sync)
    • Sound 3: Sounds like ANOTHER login music
    • Sound 4: I think is the loginmusic repeated - havnt heared all the way through
  • I HAVE NO IDEA how these 5 videos combine - nothing in the login screen tells - Also replacing this with the live login.swf does nothing :(
  • Uploaded a video that loops the animations with music THIS IS NOT WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE LIVE (For exmaple the thresh scene should have sound 2 playing)

Login Music


Videos Combined with Music - Will not Repeat like this on Live

I Randomly Loop the Screens and Only include 1 sound file - The LIve Login Screen will be much more advanced than this video

 Click the Spoiler to See Each Video in Raw Form

Number 3 of 5 - This one seems to be the longest!

Lucian Login Screen Part 1 of 5

Number 2 of 5

Number 4 of 5

Number 5 of 5




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