[Updated] Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 8/23/2013 - Thresh CD on Death Sentence Increased - Reduced by 3 secs on Successful hit

Nexus Turrets Missile Speed Back to Normal

If you missed it - A few patches back we had a video showing that the missile speed of the nexus turrets were increased by 10800 - With this patch, they are now back to normal!

Pool Party Leona Files

Some new troybins were added for Leona - However nothing noticeable at this time has changed


Champion Changes


  • Death Sentence [ Q ] - Cooldown is now 20/18/16/14/12 seconds (up from 18/16.5/15/13.5/12)
  • Death Sentence [ Q ] - Tooltip now says "On successful hit, Death Sentence's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds." (Changed from 0 seconds from last patch) [Tested ingame - works with champions and minions]

[8/23/2013] Tentative PBE Changes & Discussion (3.11)

The following is for upcoming PBE changes - Not all these changes are live on the PBE

Originally Posted by Riot (View Redtracker Source)


We are always trying to improve clarity of the Patch Notes and would appreciate feedback on their format if you feel you can add anything. Except asking for numerical values. Quit it!

Hey Summoners,

As you know, we use the PBE servers as a testing ground for a lot of our experimental changes, but we’ve run into situations where sometimes a change requires a bit more nuance to understand. As a result, we’ll be driving these PBE context posts when we can offer more information.

Also note that these changes are tentative, like anything else on the PBE, so they are all very subject to change.

Context: Right now we know that Draven's passive can feel a little more powerful - both functionally and visually - so we're experimenting with it to see if we can get it to a better place while making it more relevant later in the game. Another note is that this change may not make it in this upcoming patch.

League of Draven
- Now consumes all stacks on kill to reward Draven with gold, up from only consuming half.
- Visuals and sounds for League of Draven play on every Draven kill, instead of only playing on kills that consume a large number of stacks.

Context: Fiora players have suffered for some time with how unreliable Blade Waltz is as an ultimate ability (it can even be interrupted if she loses vision). We've made some changes that will help her quality of life when using Blade Waltz.

Blade Waltz
- Will now choose untargetable and invisible targets if necessary to continue Blade Waltz. If Fiora needs to jump to such a target to continue the Blade Waltz, she will do so, though Fiora will still fail to deal damage to untargetable/invisible units to which she jumps.

Summary: Idol of Durand's cooldown reduced at all ranks and his mana cost has been reduced to a flat number (lower overall) at all ranks.
Context: Galio's powerful ultimate has several measures in place to keep it in check, but those counters in addition to his resource costs (mana / cooldowns) are currently too constraining overall.

Idol of Durand
- Cooldown moderately reduced
- Mana cost significantly reduced at later ranks (to a flat cost across all ranks)

* Special Context: These changes are in a high state of flux, so providing a direct summary and/or context post won’t be enough here. Instead we’ll focus on our overarching goals and will provide more insight as we go.

Our core problem with Olaf has been that, when played well, his kit allowed him to circumvent a lot of healthy gameplay interactions within League of Legends. A good Olaf played well was entirely dependent on his player's skill level (since his kit had built-in mechanics to ignore relevant counterplay). These changes are to make Olaf more powerful while still giving his opponents options to learn and play against him. 

We’ll discuss the difficulties of balancing around Olaf in the future, but for now our goals are to create more gameplay and counterplay within Olaf’s kit so that he remains true to his character design, but isn’t an overpowering presence within the competitive scene like before.

- Base Mana moderately reduced
- Mana per level moderately reduced
- Attack Speed per level moderately reduced
- Attack Damage per level moderately reduced
- Base Damage moderately reduced
- Slow Percent moderately increased
- Slow Duration moderately reduced (based on distance traveled)
- Slow no longer decays
- Minimum distance added
- Axes now stick in walls and structures only if they would land in impassible terrain
- Axes now make jungle monsters ignore unit collision to enable Olaf's Axe pickup play in the jungle better
Vicious Strikes
- Mana cost significantly reduced at later levels (to a flat cost across all ranks)
- Now provides % extra healing for every __% health Olaf is missing
- Health ratio removed from AD component
- Base Damage significantly increased
- Lifesteal minorly reduced
- Spellvamp removed
Reckless Swing
- Cooldown moderately increased
- Damage moderately reduced reduced (more at later ranks)
- Bonus AD ratio added
- Cost is equal to __% of total damage dealt (unchanged ratio)
- Basic attacks lower the cooldown of Reckless Swing
- Cooldown changed to be higher at lower levels and lower at later levels
- Mana Cost removed
- Now provides Armor / Magic Resistance passively
- Active Reworked: Now removes the passive portion of the ability while active, grants a significant AD bonus
- Olaf now turns Red when Ragnarok is active
- Retains his immunity to disables

Summary: Zac's bloblet drops are now more contestable by opponents in lane.
Context: This is a bit of a complicated change to Zac, but one we felt would be better for his overall health rather than continuing to reduce his numbers due to his high power. When we first designed Zac, our initial concern was that his bloblets would be difficult to use if we didn't stack the bloblet variables in Zac's favor (IE: counting as "picked up" for Zac if he is within a certain distance even if his opponent is closer, or having a brief window of invulnerability to being squished but free to pick up). As we've seen in competitive and normal play, however, this was proven to not be the case and Zac's ability to sustain and bully in lane with his bloblet regeneration is just too strong. We've since recoded Zac's bloblets in a variety of ways so that Zac's opponents will have a fair and equal chance to stomp out his bloblets in lane.

Cell Division
- Adjusted passive chunk drops to be more contestable in lane


Attack Speed Buffs
Context: Champions previously only saw the benefit of attack speed buff skills after activating the skill and attacking once. These changes mean Champions with the relevant steroid skills (Graves, Twitch etc.) will see the increased attack speed instantly rather than after their next attack.

- Fixed a bug that now all the temporary attack speed buff would effective immediately, rather than after first attack

Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar

Sanguine Blade
Context: Similar to the changes made in 3.10 with the removal of Needlessly Large Rod, the recipe change on Sanguine Blade is to alleviate frustrations surrounding having to save for a B.F. Sword.

Sanguine Blade
- Recipe Changed: Pickaxe + Vampiric Scepter + 500 gold = 2175 Total Gold

Context: Nidalee Bushwack traps grant too much vision and control on our wardless maps. Durations have been changed to reflect the shorter game lengths of Dominion and Twisted Treeline.

- Bushwhack reveal and Armor and Magic Resistance shred significantly reduced
- Bushwhack trap duration significantly reduced

Context: Like Nidalee, Teemo's Noxious Traps grant too much vision for and control on wardless maps. We've reduced their durations to reflect the shorter game lengths of Dominion and Twisted Treeline.

Noxious Trap
- Noxious Trap map duration significantly reduced

Crystal Scar

Context: Wild Growth has amazing team utility and it being up for nearly every fight was giving Lulu a little too much power.

Wild Growth
- Wild Growth cooldown moderately reduced at early levels and significantly reduced at later levels

Context: Wukong was getting a lot of free tank stats, allowing him to build damage without worrying about being too squishy. For similar reasons to Lulu, we've increased the cooldown on Cyclone.

Stone Skin
- Stone Skin Armor and Magic Resistance per rank moderately reduced

- Cyclone cooldown reduced at later levels

Context: Kassdin is in a much better place after his initial changes, but he's still a little strong. This silence duration change should bring him in line while still allowing him to remain competitive.

Null Sphere
- Null Sphere silence duration reduced at later levels

Context:Kha'Zix's isolation mechanic too easily accessible on Dominion. With these changes, he will still have plenty of killing power, but now his enemies will have a chance to react.

Taste Their Fear
- Taste Their Fear isolation damage reduced
Evolved Enlarged Claws
- Evolved Enlarged Claws additional missing health damage reduced

Context: Yorick in a solo lane has some strong counters but, if you do not specifically counter him, he tends to crush his opponent. These changes are meant to slow down some of his harass and sustain.

Omen of Famine
- Omen of Famine cast range moderately reduced
Omen of Famine
- Omen of Famine cooldown reduced at early levels and increased at later levels to a flat number


  • #53 ABeltonS

    Wait, so about kass? Is it that as you level his Q the silence duration goes down?

    If so you could max it second. Keep the mana cost on it low. pfft. So that's a thing.

  • #55 Gameguy301
    the wording is wonky, you just get less silnce per level than your normaly do, rank 5 will still be longer than rank 1 if thats not clear.
  • #56 klocugh12

    Doubt it will go down, but increase per level will be reduced, maybe to the point of being flat.

  • #43 Softseek

    i find it impressive how teemo's been nerfed so much in this season based on 3v3 that only a great minoroty play's. afecting heavilly the play on the 5v5 and making him more of a pariah than he already is.

    as a player who mains teemo as a mid ap champ on plat leagues, with over 70% win ratio, i think you should seriously consider the changes you're doing to only afect champions on the 3v3 map, like an aura on them when they are on that map. that way you wont destroy a champion on the 5v5 that most ppl play at.

    teemo counterplay is called pink ward/oracle, plus shrooms vision range is weak as hell, unless some1 steps on them its irrelevant, plus on 3v3 the shroom lasting 3 or 10m doesnt matter a bit. while on 5v5 it means the champ loses his strenght into the mid/late game, since early shrooms are used to prevent random ganks together with wards anyway.

    aparently riot suffers from the same problem as the newbies on LOL: they think shrooms are wards. SHROOMS ARE NOT WARDS, they provide little vision and are used to adress the lack of excape mechanics the champion doesnt have. its not an offensive tool, it doesnt replace wards, its easily countered as a tactic by a well placed pink or oracle or a tank scouting.

    shrooms been nerfed in 30% of their dmg, E has been nerfed almost at strt of season, even malady was nerfed and removed, despite most champs using it not being the teemo's (hello diana)

  • #44 kYwzor

    You know that this nerfs only apply on Dominion, right? People that "play on the 5v5" won't be affected at all.

    And the changes for 3vs3 only apply on 3v3... get your shit straight man

  • #45 Gameguy301
    Why are you talking about 3 minute shrooms on SR? These changes effect TT/DOM only. Riot has recently launch map specific balancing changes that effect that map only. the reason they have nerfed teemo in the past has nothing to do with TT in the first place.

    Teemo is an obnoxious lane bully, who uses shrooms to block off gank routes and split pushes. Rainman used this strategy to hit #1 back in season 1 since then teemos purpose has been quite clear. Lane against a bruiser, harass him into submission, and avoid ganks with proper shroom placement. Fun fun fun. He received nerfs in season 3 because better itemization made him much stronger than he was in previous seasons.
    Last edited by Gameguy301: 8/24/2013 9:52:19 AM
  • #38 dnagemo

    we've increased the cooldown on Cyclone. But it says - Cyclone cooldown reduced at later levels

    Shouldn't it be INCREASED?

  • #39 klocugh12

    Same for Lulu ult.

  • #34 Gameguy301
    why are they afraid to hit zacs numbers? he leads the way in burst from aoe tank initiators the likes of amumu, malphite, sejuani, by HUNDREDS of damage. i could understand if his number were weaker but they are not. his total aoe damage is 1270 + 8% max hp. so thats 1430 - 1590 for squishies(2kHP) and tanks(4khp). all of it AOE even. zacs not even close to hurting for damage as an initiator but they are hitting his mechanics first?

    "the base damage on his spells are insane!" - riot pwyff http://www.reignofgaming.net/redtracker/topic/103007-8-23-2013-tentative-pbe-changes-discussion-3-11 straight from the horses mouth so why not nerf those values?

    if youve watched an OGN game im sure youve heard the casters talk about how Op zac is, or the player interveiws were they talk about how Op zac is, or just watch the games as he dominates game after game. watch SKT insec, or C9 meteos on zac.

    on a possitive note the attackspeed buff changes were quite nice, its good to see some consistency to these as some already did this (skittering frenzy and savagery) and most did not.
    Last edited by Gameguy301: 8/24/2013 1:11:20 AM
  • #27 Kureanu

    Changes to olaf :/ why riot? 

  • #29 Reallshotgg

    because olaf is shit tier right now and needs help

  • #35 Gameguy301
    if you would read the olaf threads, the red tracker, or even the context message just right here you would know that.

    1. old olaf DOMINATED the professional scene
    2. even at the peak of his strength his winrates in solo que were garbage
    3. olaf was nerfed into the ground to throw him out of competitive play
    4. this made his solo queue winrates MORE garbage than before

    they are attempting to get his power more even across all skill levels and then raise that power up.
  • #37 RoakOriginal

    olaf rework upcoming but best olaf skin is on sale now... T_T i dont want to throw rp for that skin (even if it is awesome) if olaf will be unplayable again... T_T

  • #41 Gilgamarsh

    I'm not confident in Riot's ability to actually do that, though. They were trying to do the reverse with the Yi rework and really didn't accomplish anything towards that goal. SO much has changed in the meta since Olaf's early S3 domination that I think they could revert the nerfs and see what happens. People exaggerate how good he actually was in the pro scene even then anyway.

  • #42 heavymcguy2

    I think that olaf top is fine but riot nerfed jungle olaf where he was usually played.

  • #25 xkirix011

    I don't wanna Wukong to be too squishy though.

  • #36 dustbucketau

    crystal scar only

  • #23 Reallshotgg

    riot always talks about things being unhealthy for the game, you know what really fucking sucks

    losing lane to a tryndamere because he crit you twice at lvl 1-2, tryndamere needs to have his passive nerfed into the ground early game (make the amount of crit he gets scale with level so he cant win lane through luck alone) people shouldn't be losing lane because the RNG gods decided to bend you over and have their way with you

    Last edited by Reallshotgg: 8/23/2013 9:02:41 PM
  • #59 SadisticPotato

    A diamond player complains about Trynd?!? I thought only us noobs complained about him cause all you have to do is ''cc him and he dies''. Back when they nerfed Darius I was talking about how Jayce and Nidalee were deciding teamfights before they even started and everyone was like ''herp derp dodge the skills''...now they are trying to change Jayce and they did nerf Nidalee. Same with Zac when he came out(and Lissandra). Their jumps are too strong and their utility becomes op simply cause of the damage they bring (nobody complains about Lissandra yet).

    Anyway, regarding Trynd my problem is not that he wins by RNG. It's that winning or losing his lane is pointless. He outscales everyone with only 2 items and never shows up for the teamfights in which the ''pros'' would cc him. He just splitpushes all day and you have to send at least 2 dudes to stop him...if they can that is. Since you have to do that the enemy team has an advantage in regards to objectives and simply wins the game by having 5-10k more gold without the need for a fight you know you'll lose. And if you manage to catch Trynd he has his roflcopter on a 9 sec cd with an 120% ad ratio that can have it's cooldown reduced (WTF?)...not to mention his ult >:D

    Last edited by SadisticPotato: 8/24/2013 8:47:30 PM
  • #60 NoobyBanana

    And people complain that Master Yi is broken. I keep telling them to look at tryndamere but no one listens. :/ An invincibility ult is way better than yi's q, and trynd's spin basically resets the same as yi's q on auto attacks since trynd's crit chance is so high due to his passive. Trynd also has a heal that doesn't reduce dmg but it can't be interrupted like yi's can. 

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