Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 8/29/2013 - Very Small Patch - Temp files for "Aoshin Run Test"

Temp files for "Aoshin Run Test"

A Super small patch hit the PBE at 2:39 AM EST. However some unknown "temp" files were included in the patch - Not sure what they are at this time, they could easily be nothing [UPDATE UPDATE - CONFIRMED AS CHAMPION]But they are random so we are sharing. There are also some more touch ups to the pool party lee sin skin. Servers are still offline at this time

UPDATE: It looks like a LOT of testing items made it in with this patch. Also note the DATA\Characters\TempMovableChar\TempMovableChar.inibin has been changed to deal with these new files, including the "temparrow"

  • DATA/Particles/ball_test.skn
  • DATA/Particles/0test_sand.troybin
  • DATA/Particles/0cost.troybin
  • DATA/Particles/000_void_test_big.troybin
DATA/Characters/TempMovableChar/TempArrow.skn [This looks like an arrow as in one that points to a direction]


Annie R's Mana Bug Fix

As reported on Reddit - there was a bug with Annie on live - With this PBE patch - there was a change in "InfernalGuardianGuide". Setting the mana cost to 0 at all ranks. It looks like riot is indeed working on this issue



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