[Live Update Blog] Relaunch: Redefining Champions in League of Legends - Pax Prime Panel

[Live Update Blog] Relaunch: Redefining Champions in League of Legends - Pax Prime Panel

We have representatives at the Pax Prime Panel, so keep checking this post, more updates are coming soon! You can also discuss this over on our reddit thread!

We have a FULL video, getting it up ASAP!

The Updates:

5:11 PM: Riot announced several things they're working on

5:19 PM: A new picture from the panel

5:27 PM: Relaunch Timeline Shown (Pic)

5:30 PM: Q&A session

6:03 PM: Sivir Rework preview shown

06:25 PM: FULL video of the panel on the way!

5:11 PM: Riot just announced several things they're working on:

  • Better textures
  • Poly counts
  • Old champs fitting in with new ones
  • Giving skins team cues for where to go next
  • Giving characters more personality and story
  • Good voice overs

5:18 PM: Another thing Riot are working on:

  • Making the game competitively balanced

5:19 PM: A new picture from the panel:

5:27 PM: Relaunch Timeline Shown

Relaunch team goals:

  • Visual fidelity and stylistic consistency
  • Making things look like they are all in the same world, theme fits character (ex: Sejuani's metal bikini didn't make sense)

Relaunch team was a result of the positive response to previous champion relaunches.
A lot of things go into a relaunch; This is one of the more difficult things Riot does.

5:30 PM:Q&A time:

Q: Teemo relaunch? Rework + visual update? Or Teemo Rework?
A: Teemo removal (joking). Teemo is not a rework priority right now.

Q: Rammus? He's been out since beta, needs some sort of update.
A: His geometry and animations are pretty good, but what we're doing is a texture update, making look more rich. Very low cost easy updates. Just need to QA and make sure it looks good.

5:40 PM: Q&A continues:

Q: What is the long term? Will there be constant relaunches or is there a set end goal?
A: 40-50 champs are main targets. Past that there are secondary and tertiary champs that we'd like to hit on. No real stopping point. Maybe even up to Vayne. Only recently did we start consistently establishing our style.

Q: With Vayne there was new splash art, and then new new splash art. Why?
A: Ten cent knows some styles are more appealing to players in China, they gave us the temporary solution till we have something more permanent. We're trying to redo a lot of the splash art, but a lot of.times we get too emotionally attached to one art, don't wanna change too rapidly.

Q: Are there teams that are working on just one champion at a time or do they bounce around?
A: Little of everything, with some people being on multiple teams at once.

Q: As the pool of champions increases, how do you balance that: with either limiting the overall number of champs or possibly removing champs in future?
A: We get this question a lot. There IS a number that's too many champs. But we don't know what that number is. Less about number and more about learning curve - take a break and come back to new champions that you don't recognize. We need a way of teaching players basic info about new champs. We'll see how bad that problem is before addressing the issue of limiting number of champs.

5:57 PM:

Q: I play undervalued champs like Poppy, and I loved Sejuani. How do you go about nerfing champs like Poppy? How do you change them while still making them fun for people who LIKE them because they're unbalanced?
A: it's a matter of popularity vs. balance issues. There's a difference between niche champ and flat champ. We don't wanna change intricate niche champions. We get data from player feedback to determine how to fix champs like Poppy.

6:02 PM:

Q: Models - what's the max poly count and which one's the highest?
A: 5k - 7k. Can get up to 10k but don't wanna go past that.

Q: Which champ rework has been most controversial?
A: All of them. There's no one most controversial rework, everyone has a different opinion. But possibly Trundle, we learned a ton on his relaunch. It was abrupt, could've been handled more delicately.

Q: Akali had recent balance changes. What is coming up for her? There was talk on forums about making her ult a skill shot. She's not fun to play when she's fed but she's not fun to play when she's not.
A: Making sure there are opportunities for her to play poorly or well. She's snowbally and we don't want preordained scenarios. You should have the opportunity to beat her even when the odds are against you. Might add more opportunities for her to make mistake.

Q: Where's Heimerdinger going? He needs something.
A: We're doing something a little different here. Yeah, he needs new art, but he REALLY needs new gameplay.

6:03 PM: Sivir Rework preview 

06:25 PM: We are in the middle of getting a FULL video up!



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