[Updated]Forecast Janna Login Screen and Music

Forecast Janna Login Screen and Music

UPDATE: NA and EU servers reporting that she can now be bought! 

UPDATE #2 - 04:25 a.m. GMT: The new login screen is now Live!

The login screen files have just hit the LIVE patch servers. All that is left now is to wait for Riot to flip the switch. Usually the skin will go live by the end of day (or next day) once the files are up on the server unless something goes wrong. Riot also said "Soon" with a winky face.

Skin is now Live

Riot also has a fancy promo site up



  • #28 Vuldin

    too bad i dnt play janna :<

  • #27 theDarknesse

    No matter how long I look, that skirt doesn't fly up. 

    I know this.. I KNOW this.. but I still check each time.

  • #26 NightOfWallachia

    Dem hips. Now I'm just waiting for Anchorman Nautilus.

  • #25 SteppenKat


  • #24 Yazla

    Even tho eveyrone is focusing on the skin ( I got it too, great skin ),in one of the articles of the site, they speak a lot of Warwick ( without mentioning him ), could this possibly mean he is the next visual update/rework that is coming before Sivir?

  • #23 decoy134

    I love it when they do promo pages for skins. It makes me seriously consider buying skins that I would otherwise not consider.

  • #21 Dankaw

    No initial discount = no skin : (

    Staying with my Victorious one

  • #20 MrDrus

    She's BEAUTIFUL. Bought that skin a few mins ago and this is the BEST 1820 RP ever spent :D Thank you, Riot!!!

  • #18 Rickrosee

    how is janna fun to play with or against ....... i'm tired of these passive boring supports 

  • #19 OuterRaven

    Quote from Rickrosee »

    how is janna fun to play with or against ....... i'm tired of these passive boring supports 

    Janna may not be as aggressive as Leona or Thresh, but she's only passive if you play her as passive.

    The only true passive support is Soraka, which is why she was nerfed.

  • #22 ChosenoftheMoon

    Fun part of her is that she is the Queen of Peeling. She protects her teammates like no other one does. It is up to people's personal taste to find staying back and helping teammates as Janna/Sona/.... or go in as Thresh/Leona/.... fun.

  • #29 Basinator

    Actually, while people are saying Alistar is UP atm I am having decent success with him. He is a peeling monster.


    Actually, though, I don't play aggressive with him in lane. I usually stay back and don't force engages but rather react to them making mistakes as Alistar can put enemies into bad places rather easily (such as Leona's diving your carry just shortly before you knock them further into your own  tower). After all, aside from him countering some all-in tanks, he has a heal just like Taric. TBH when I play Taric again I will possibly play him passive like Alistar (Stun will wear off otherwise if you engage with it and your carry have to walk some distance first, especially after nerfs).

    Alistar is one of my top picks when I need peeling power and a tank. I feel he is a pretty good choice vs assassins, especially if is more than one of them.

  • #17 VanGovv

    I will miss Lucian...

  • #16 TBStyler

    but i think i dont buy this skin :P

  • #15 klocugh12

    Animation looks incredibly rigid.

  • #14 Sanear

    after Lucian login screen music something like that.... ech at least i will disable both animation and music this time :D

  • #13 Benegesserit

    Dat Dreamworks face

  • #12 TauManifesto

    The music is just too perfect. Log-in animations not so much


  • #11 Timeless3


  • #10 NevanPTF

    I think the results are not what they expected this time. This is an awful login screen and music, with all respect to Riot.

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