Champion Sneak Peek: Ao Shin

Champion Sneak Peek: Ao Shin

It looks like the files we datamined here on RoG were indeed for a new champion! I feel better about doing a patch post about them now!

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

As the League of Legends community expands and grows around the world, so too do our influences and inspirations for the game. We thought it would be fun to give you guys a very early peek at one of the champions we're working on while he's still in the early stages. Meet Ao Shin, a powerful storm dragon and guardian of the natural world. Legend holds that when Ionia faces its greatest crisis, Ao Shin will descend from the sky. 

Let's start with the inspiration for his name: Ao is the family name of the mythological dragon kings, who rule water and weather. This tells us right away that this is a powerful, elegant being, above the concerns and rules of men. Shin can mean many things, one of which is prosperity. It also means a rising storm. Ao Shin embodies this elemental duality, capable of raining good fortune on his allies and, in the very next breath, bringing stormy, thunderous ruin upon his foes. 

The community's been asking for a dragon champion for some time, but we knew we couldn't just do any dragon. With each new champ, we try and push the limits of what's technically and creatively possible. Ao Shin is no different. One of the challenges we're looking forward to tackling is how to capture his unique anatomy and movement in a way that brings a new dimension to the champion pool. It's too early to go into much detail, but we're really excited about the ways this champion will move across the battlefield. 

Ao Shin isn't the next champion scheduled to come out, so he's still a ways off and many things are still subject to change. But we wanted to share our inspiration with you and give you a look at the early thought processes that go into champ design. Hopefully you're as excited about his potential as we are to keep working on him!


  • #87 Nightingrelle

    I don't care what role will have that champion <3 i just want it so much and i already started to save real money to buy his bundle

  • #86 JoltEnergy

          This is a page to promote the new champion and to change the name from Ao Shin to ThunderNoodle

  • #84 ProfessorSnape

    man, i've never been so pumped up by a champion sneak peek. This seriously has to be the most awesome art ever. Imagine AoShin, the Ruler of the Skies, slithering through the air like Janna.

    reminds me of Sliffer from Yu-Gi-Oh or Rayquaza from Pokemon :3

  • #80 Spiffy521

    Hmmm... Look familiar??

  • #81 ichigo2979

    The four dragon kings comes from Chinese mythology. 敖 (Ao) is their shared "surname," or first character.

    Different games can have similar characters when their references overlap.

    EDIT: In fact, Smite as a game doesn't do much to alter the mythologies of its characters. (In this case Ao Guang --> Ao Kuang, one of the four dragon gods) League is doing more with the character concept as far as originality goes.

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  • #77 Oniromancie

    I'm sure he'll be a ap support 0.0

  • #79 ichigo2979

    That would be extremely annoying.

    "...mythological dragon [king], who rule[s] water and weather... a powerful, elegant being, above the concerns and rules of men."

    Yet gets stuck babysitting some grandstanding gunman, getting yelled at if it kills a single minion? Nah man, this one will go mid, most likely. A caster for sure, or there will be huge discrepancies between his lore and gameplay.

  • #88 klocugh12

    I'd be more inclined to say tanky jungler, with a shot at being solo top.

  • #92 leafstorm001

    Still betting that he's a support

  • #95 Pikohchu

    ^ This.

    Out of the last 10 champion releases, 2 have been supports and 2 more are played support sometimes. And only one AOE mage. Maybe I'm being old school but I love my AOE mages.

  • #74 Pikohchu

    I feel like it should definitely be an AP champion. Usually AD champions are those that have weapons (which is kind of why I feel like Kat should be AD and Kha'zix should be AP, just from looking at them). When you have a dragon, you have so many possibilities for cool abilities (+1 for being rhymy) so it would be disappointing to be using autoattacks for a lot of his kit. AD Caster at least.

    LOL I just got my "Dragon" forum title just before posting on this.

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  • #78 Hyp3r1on

    yeah but what Kind of Dragon coudnt utilize his claws i admit ap champ is okay for as Long he is ging on the Brusier path i dont want to see Dragon dying fast he Need to have durability hope hes getting an AA buff something like dealing  0.3 of his ap as extra dmg dmg per aa would be nice to see

    but also im hoping sor some aa ratios too some Players can decide wheter playing as ap burst or as an sustained ad/ap  Bruiser

  • #94 Pikohchu

    Well, actually, I think most dragons in movies or games except Skyrim don't actually fight with claws all that much as breathing elements. Or swooping and picking up people with claws. Hey, there's an idea. 

    Ultimate: Ao Shin flies in the air and swoops down on enemy champion, picking them up and damaging them for x seconds.

    If the CC is long enough it could be good for support.


    But yeah, claws are cool, which is why AD caster maybe...but I don't think anything with fire (or any element, as it seems AoShin's is thunder/storm) should have AP ratios.

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  • #83 ichigo2979

    Congratulations! Your new main calls :P

  • #85 Hyp3r1on

    oh someone is understanding im in Love with Dragons and cant see them a Babysitter for support u Sir earned my fullest respect ^^

    im a huge fan of Chinese art especially im fasicantet about the Tiger and dragon Story 

  • #72 B3hr7

    Just by looking at the pictures, I'll take a few wild guesses as to his abilities:

    • Summons a rain cloud that buffs allies somehow while in the rain.
    • Ultimate turns him into a controllable typhoon, like Janna's Q but on super dragon steriods.
    • Fire piercing lightning bolt.
    • Covers himself with a wind slashing spell that acts like a sunfire cape.

    ....when he comes out finally in a few months, I would love to see him as a support....Riot plz...

  • #75 LimeyGreg

    A support would be cool, but seeing as Janna is already a wind-elemental type thingy, it would kind of clash.  Also, SUPER DRAGON STEROID TYPHOON GG 2DAMOUF

  • #69 HollywoodCool

    I hope this is a support

  • #67 Zocoe

    Ao Kuang from smite?????

  • #65 LimeyGreg

    " champion will be storming the battlefield..."

    Posted by I-forgot-who-but-it-was-a-Red when talking about next champions.



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