[Updated] Unofficial PBE Changes for 9/11 - Olaf and Xerath Splash Art and More

Update: Improved Garen Dreadknight and Rugged Skins added at the bottom of the post!

Base Ward Look to Have Been Updated

Update Splash Arts

New "Profile Icons" Without the S3 background - and more teams (looks like worlds)

Note - These are all active on the PBE - These look to be 100% free. We probably get to use these for free during worlds.


Champion Changes


  • Base Armor is now 11 (down from 15) [Back to live values]
  • Base HP is now 360 (down from 400) [Back to live values]

Updated Dreadknight Garen Skin

Comparison with previous look:

Updated Rugged Garen Skin

Comparison with previous look:



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