Xerath's Rework Coming to PBE With 3.12, More Galio Changes Soon, Jungle and Support Gold Income Conclusions, Sale

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 9/12/2013 - Some More Olaf Changes

Xerath's Rework Coming to PBE With 3.12

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I've seen a number of new threads about Xerath's new splash art cropping up in various forums. To talk about this directly:

This splash art is actually based on the new VFX for the Xerath rework by Bitsplosion. Xerath was slated to begin PBE testing this patch, with an expected release date sometime in the future. However, after some discussion, we feel the new splash art is supremely badass and will be releasing it early with 3.12.

Xerath's new VFX (including his new ultimate pictured in the background) will be released alongside the Xerath rework once PBE and competitive testing have concluded.

Hope this answers your questions, and thank you for your incredible patience as we finish up his rework.
I'm a fan of it. Do you have a more exact date as to when he'll be available on the PBE?
Sadly, Riot dates are generally related to patches and not real life dates. 3.13 should commence the start of PBE testing, with testing slated to wrap up in 3.15, giving us plenty of time to tune him competitively.
May not be your department but, Will Scorched Earth Xerath have amazing new animations to match?
I don't know. Bitsplosion is doing some work to improve Battlecast and Runeborn Xerath, but I haven't seen Scorched Earth's updates yet.

More Galio Changes Soon

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sorry for the late reply, but i wanted to pop in and say that i still have plans to get some more galio changes out on the pbe very soon. i went ahead and made the ult changes and delayed myself just a little bit so i could shift some time into getting some jayce changes finalized and shipped—xypherous did most (if not all) of the work and i really didn't want to see them sit for very long.

almost done with that, so hopefully we'll be talking about galio in the very near future. :3
Jayce changes you say?! :0

as far as turnaround, i hope to have the jayce changes out in 3.13—we'll see how it goes though. :3

Jungle and Support Gold Income Conclusions

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Whew, I finally finished.

Major takeaways:

* People are interested in Clairvoyance being improved
* There is interest in alternate forms of wards, vision and items that interact with the vision system
* A substantial amount of interest exists in seeing the basic ward formula re-evaluated
* Ward limits are frequently brought up as a way of bringing relief to supports
** Additional ways of allowing you to take objectives is still important if ward limits exist
* There's some concern about the power of supports with high AP items

And tons and tons of ideas about things to try. More than I could ever comment on specifically.
Be sure to tell that to your collegues so they include us too in the future instead of forgetting us
Anyway thanks for including EUW in such a big discussion, I think you are the first to ever do that. Also can u get it so that the redtracker tracks you? It makes it so much easyer to follow this thread.
I contacted them about this.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Champion and Skin Sale: 9.13 - 9.16

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Give your champions a new look with these skins, on sale for a limited time:

Add these champions to your roster, on sale for a limited time:



  • #15 aTomic

    Clairvoyance needs to be worth taking again. Ideas:

    • Clairvoyance becomes a ward that can be placed globally, and its cooldown is the same as its duration. No more getting obliterated when trying to ward Baron!
    • Clairvoyance reveals the position of all stealthed objects on the map/in an area for a short time. Like Oracles, but short-term and much larger radius.
    • Clairvoyance reveals the position of every enemy champ on the map - but only their position and not their identity or condition (so they appear as a cloud or something on the main map, and as a ping on the minimap). Say once every 3 minutes or so. 
    • Clairvoyance improves existing wards in some way - perhaps activation makes all Sight Wards into Vision wards briefly, or passively means that all Sight Wards briefly detect stealth when placed.

    Something! It's just such a weird spell. Jungle timers, wards and minimap information means that Clairvoyance can't tell you anything you weren't pretty sure of to begin with.

  • #16 n4zArh

    I am strongly against 3rd point. Showing where all champions are is TF job and specialty. If you will give half of his ultimate to any champion, it will be really bad. I don't like 1st or 2nd points either - 1st, because if you have control over map it means that you earned it, and going around this would be like cheating, and 2nd - because I am strongly against current situation with oracles and vision wards (I'd rather see limit on normal wards and no way to detect them with any item). That also goes against 4th iteration from ur comment. I agree on one thing though - CV needs changes.

  • #18 aTomic

    I wasn't advancing any of them as fully-fleshed ideas, I was just spitballing as to things you *could* do with CV. There's a ton of ways it could be improved - right now there's not a whole lot of things you can do with it that you couldn't be doing with wards, or inferring from existing vision. 

  • #17 FleurDeLiz

    Don't need to buff CV if vision is at a premium instead of the current condition of pay 75g for map hax, no limit.

    CV is not valuable because the vision it currently provides is not worthwhile in the face of just how much warding you can do.

  • #14 Vuldin

    yyyyeess. galioooooo cahnges

  • #12 JoeyMakesMagic

    I hate ward limits in DotA and I will hate ward limits in League.  Please don't do that.

  • #6 dnagemo

    Xerath rework will be on pbe 3.12 . So that means can he be live on 3.12?

  • #8 PenisDump

    Nope... He will go to pbe while 3.12 is live, that is in the testing build for 3.13. Live will be most likely something like 3.15!

  • #4 Energetic_Fuzion

    So, Im guessing Xerath 's new ultimate will be placed in an area and lightning beams will come down and explode all over the area, kind of like Soraka's Starfire but more powerful. ?

  • #7 MGBarotto

    that sounds like a remote kennen there

  • #9 IONDragonX

    If you want to see the info that we currently have of new Xerath, go to :http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Xerath and click the blue button that says "Upcoming Rework" above his picture. Then scroll down and look at the new abilities. Basically, everything is different but his theme.

    • His R is swapped with his W, giving him all his damage spells by level 3.
    • The new ult makes his spells free and with increased range but drains mana over time. It also changes his autoattack into AoE bolts and gives him extra armor+mr.
    • The new W is a single blast from above, with either bonus damage or a slow effect at the dead center. I'm not sure which and they were considering allowing a second cast.
    • His passive is now free magic pen from total mana instead of free armor from AP. Rod of Ages and Archangel's Staff incoming.
    • His Q is a charged ability like Varus's Q. Other than that, unchanged. Technically, this is a buff because you can snap cast it now.
    • His E is a skillshot, passthrough stun with no need to activate a mark. You could potentially stun the whole enemy team but it is no longer targeted. This makes him 100% skillshot based.
  • #10 Nakhan

    Thanks for this.

  • #11 keybler86

    You couldn't have just linked directly to the source?



  • #13 IONDragonX

    Quote from keybler86 »

    You couldn't have just linked directly to the source?


    I couldn't find it and I knew the wiki had it.

    BTW, that link you have isn't very relevant. Try this one : http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=38786873#post38786873

  • #2 McCIoud

    :O You quoted my question about the Scorched Earth skin 

  • #1 NinjaBenny1

    Title is incorrect, it says the new splash is coming with 3.12.  The rework won't even be on the PBE until after that.

  • #3 BrienWright

    They mean that when 3.12 is LIVE, Xerath's rework will be put on the PBE for testing.

  • #5 overneathe

    I hope it's clearer now =]

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