LoLNexus Has Been Buffed, Xerath's Kit,Team Builder, Morgana "FAQ", Haunted Zyra's Sounds, The Future of EUW, Sale, and More

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 10/17/2013 - More Kassadin and Xerath Changes, Sivir Model Updates, Turret Indicators, The Twisted Treeline is Out of "Beta"

LoLNexus Has Been Buffed

A great portion of improvements was made to LoLNexus and it deserves to be checked out! Here is a small part of the updates, but you should definitely read the rest over at LoLNexus itself.


  • On the homepage, game region will now be auto-selected for you, based on your country. We'll also remember the last region you searched for.
  • Search result pages have been redesigned to give you all the info you need to dominate your game.
  • League points are now displayed next to the summoner's league ranking.

New Features 

  • The Featured Games page shows you Riot's featured games for each region.
  • Random allows you to quickly go to a random featured game.
  • You can now login to LoLNexus using your Curse account. This is the same account you might use to login to Reign of Gaming or LoL Pro. If you don't have an account, register now!
  • Once you've logged in you can send private messages to other LoLNexus users, choose a site avatar and post comments. We'll be adding more features for logged in users soon.
  • Comments! You can now comment on any of our articles.

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An Inside Look at Xerath's Changes

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Hey guys, heading out now, but before I do I'll copy paste my changelog mail that I send around nightly to the rest of our design team. Sorry about the lingo; my target audience here is the other designers, but I thought you guys might enjoy this peek behind the curtain:

* High level: Getting there. Continuing to observe the passive. Slight changes to reliability on his Q, E and R mostly in this update.

* Passive:
-- Will now consume the buff and restore mana on champ hit even if it would overfill mana (and thus lose the remainder) so long as Xerath is missing at least a minion hit’s worth of mana.
-- Getting consistently positive feedback on the mana restore VFX. Nice!
* Q:
-- Self-slow while charging up to 35% from 30%
-- THOUGHTS: May need to speed up time to full charge. This is mostly so the charge and hold window is a real vulnerability, which it isn’t currently.

* W:
-- No change

* E:
-- Decreased missile width to 60 from 70
-- Increased missile speed to 2300 from 2200
-- Changed stun duration scaling to 0.5-2s from 1-2s
-- Updated placeholder particle to better indicate cast duration
-- THOUGHTS: we’re getting to a good place here both in terms of dodgeability and safety. Decreased missile width a little to make dodging in the cast time more feasible, but also gave it a little more speed. I like seeing the offensive use case (at the cost of Xerath’s only true safety) and want to see if that comes out a little more. Point blank stun of 1s was excessive, but liked the full duration stun, so only dropped the floor for now.

* R:
-- Decreased the size of the impact to 175/200/225 from 200/225/250
-- Decreased fixed travel time of the shots to 0.5 from 0.65
-- Dropped vision gained. Want to test with no vision for a bit before I put the radar back in (if necessary)
-- THOUGHTS: This iteration should make it clear that the ulti is less about the AoE damage and more about hitting that one high value target. May need to adjust AoE size further down to get this point across. I don’t want players to spend time thinking about “do I use this to AoE a bunch of dudes or do I snipe down Ashe?” You always snipe down the Ashe. Adjusted travel speed to match, should feel about the same to dodge/hit, but particle work next week should make play/counterplay clearer. Additionally, your next shot now becomes ready the instant your last shot landed. Should lead to overall smoother feeling.

Testing focus: please focus on hit/dodge play of E and R. I am interested in aggressive use cases of the E as well as personal safety against heavy divers without move blocks such as Udyr and Volibear.
Why not play around with fusing his MP-passive and the direct-hit on Locus of Destruction?
"Enemies hit directly are debuffed with Unstable Magic for 4 seconds and are instead slowed by 40-60% for 1.5 seconds. Xerath gains 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 % magic penetration against enemies marked with Unstable Magic."
That doesn't buy us a lot more interesting gameplay and just makes defensive itemization for the class most likely to be hit by W bullseye, tanks, less meaningful.
This quote makes me wonder more about the power budget system that you are using. If the damage is low and unsatisfying to those who are playing the character and not problematic for opponents (despite it being an ultimate), than that would seem the definiton of "room in the power budget before the character becomes overcharged"? Or am I misunderstanding the power budget system?
Thanks in advance for any reply you might give.
You understand it perfectly, but I would argue that this is currently not the case. When we get good mid players on Xerath in our internal playtests, they carry super hard and their ultimate damage definitely does feel problematic for enemies.

More on the Team Builder

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

The thing is that once you give players, or in this case a Team Leader, the option of saying, "No, I do not want that champion in that role" it changes the whole dynamic of the interaction. In reading your posts you have repeatedly said that "you" (Lyte) would happily accept non-conventional champions in certain roles and that your internal research (davin's group) has shown that "many" players are of a similar mindset, which is all good to me, I love to see odd champs in odd roles however I see several problems with this line of reasoning.
I'm at home right now, so I don't have the data in front of me (meaning I can only give the trends, not digits). For all but two cases of hypothetical team compositions the average of a random sample of players (across the range of skill levels) were varying degrees of positive--super positive when things were "top tier" at the time, very positive when things were in the meta or small deviations thereof, and regular 'ol average positive when the composition was a little nonstandard but the champions were still in viable positions (so no solo Sona). Even compositions featuring one or two champions that weren't considered "common" at the time did well.

So in this case, "many players are ok with" means "the average reaction was a degree of positive". Not a little 10% slice My pedantic self would go nuts if I tried to pass that off as many!

Now, that's across the general playerbase. Which means in certain subgroups (for example, if you're in certain Ranked tiers) perceptions may vary. But since this feature is also going to debut with a more general audience, that should be ok. For something like Ranked we'd need to evaluate some other assumptions and challenges.
I feel that if the team actually wants to win in the slightest, these champions get MASSIVE toxicity directed at their players simply for choosing them. Heck, I don't even have to lock heimer, if I were to go into a blind pick right now, click heimer without locking, I could see my team immediately go "welp, I guess this game is whatever goes." Locking in draft produces 1 outcome, although a long time ago it used to be 2.
Draft mode is a different story (I can't really speak to that from these data), but we did explicitly try comps with champions that we thought would be considered "unviable" at the time (based on how forums were discussing 'em). We put them in roles/positions that made sense for them at the time (like jungle Eve), and the average response was positive. It was less positive than some of the other setups, but still positive overall. Which actually surprised quite a few of us--we were worried some champions would basically make a composition unacceptable to players. While that's true for some, it's not for the majority. Which is cool!
Jungle Eve is not a great example, as she is very good just maligned by the idiots on GD...
That team composition example was in one of the older studies conducted, when it was pre-stealth rework Eve and players had no preview yet of the rework. It was a great example because at the time, Eve was considered one of the least viable champions by the general playerbase.
Still, you may wish to include, if not 'roaming' specifically, something like a 'wildcard' choice.
Potentially so even using the teambuilder, new strategies can emerge more easily.
Right now, team leaders can use "Any Role" as an option, which is where we expect some new strategies to emerge.


Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

oops, i think i just deleted a wall of text instead of posting, meh whatever, ill try to repeat it in short =/
dear riot-people,
i see two(three) issues even though i havent used the feature yet (dont get me wrong, what you did is definitely an improvement and good work so far), but worry not, im giving you solutions as well!
problem one:
i assume a really high percentage of players might decide something along the lines of "i want to play a mage top, but i dont really care whether its ahri, cassio or viktor".
solution to problem one:
let the solo-player select several champions (just like when making item-sets) and/or roles and/or possitions and when you get presented as a choice to accept the camptain gets to choose what he wants you to do.
e.g.: i want to play either elise, swain or zyra in either top, mid or bottom lane as either mage or support. when my selection gets presented to a captain, they dont get a "do you accept a mage-elise on top?" but rather something like 3 collums where he can then click on, lets say, viktor-mid-support and then i join the team as just that(or, of course, they decline).
problem two:
when i selecting a champion, role and position isnt that much of a choice nor much information for captains. i might have selected an elise/mage/top but im actually playing and building as a mixture of a support, mage and fighter. i have to tell my intentions the moment i join somewhere, then i might get kicked and have to tell the next and the next and then again... and then i get accepted as lets say the third player in a team and then i have to explain again and again and again every time a fourth player joins (and gets kicked and replaced) and a forth player joins (and leaves and gets replaced).a lot of typing/copy-past-spamming
solution to problem two:
let players create tooltips/mouseovertexts/something-like-a-memo for themselves, where they can place some additional information.
e.g.: "i dont play as max-dps-mage but rather as utility-heavy mage"
problem three(its actually only a problem when emerging from the previous two points):
having many options to select when queueing up solo or creating a game as captain means you have to click around a lot every time, even though one might have certain preferences.
solution to problem three: let players save presets (for champion/role/position as well as captain choices and tooltips) just like the items sets.
best regards,
your fellow organic life form and definitely not a robot
Those are some good points, initially we really want to look at the results rather than overload. There are a lot of bells and whistles that can be added to Team Builder but we want to start out from a position of confidence in what we expect from the system. That confidence is stronger when it's more streamlined.

Allowing players to multi select Champions or roles has a lot of potential value. This adds a ton of complexity to the design. An example Lyte gave is:
If 2 players are suggested to a party, and both of them have Miss Fortune as a proposed champion, then we now have to consider additional collision cases. From a Game Design side, if you allow multi-select Champion designs you now force team leaders to choose the preferred champion among a mix of 3 (or however many you propose). If you propose only 1 Champion, say a B Class Champion, many players will say "OK, that's fine, let's play!" If you propose 3 Champions, a B Class with 2 A Class Champions, you now actually hurt champion diversity because you force team leaders to make a value judgment here and many will opt to select the A Class Champions even if they were OK playing with the B Class.
It's definitely something that can be solved, but we want to start out with some clear goals and then look to improvements. The potential in Team Builder is huge and we want to make sure it achieves that potential with your feedback and iteration.
I like the idea but honestly I don't like that you have to pick a champion essentially before you've even seen what your team is playing let alone what the opponents are playing.
What if I queue with a jungler, get accepted to a team and decide I don't like the synergy with their laners, can I then change it or am I stuck? If I do change it won't the rest of the team start *****ing at me that I was supposed to play jungler X, causing more arguments that this thing is supposed to prevent.
Also doesn't this completely remove the skill of counter picking etc from the game? When going into champion select I'm usually happy to play any position whilst picking from a few champions in each depending on what my team and their team picks and depending on my pick position. With this new thing I have to completely railroad myself from the moment I sign up, I'm not sure I like that.
Wouldn't just a plain role select be a more flexible system, sign up as a Jungler, play as a Jungler, once the team has 5 members you are matched up and regular champ select takes place, thus stopping the whole "im mid", "no im mid", "i said first" bull**** that goes on. Picking 1 champ and role from the very start just seems to simplify the whole selection process far too much and I'm not sure I like that idea personally.
After all in challenger and pro games (something that while unattainable for the vast majority should be something the playerbase learns from and aspires too, if they don't isn't the whole point of a ranking system just moot at best and completely useless at worst), champion select is an important part of the game and team synergy and good matchups are of paramount importance. This feature just seems to remove any need for that.
You can rejoin the queue from a lobby with no harm done and the Champion you choose is the one that the team bring on board. If you take Darius and choose him as a jungler then the team have accepted you base don that and there's an understanding from the very beginning that is what everyone wants.

As said this is not intended or built for Draft or Ranked, counter picking won't be a step in the process.
OK, not intended for Draft or Ranked, I will believe you for now that you won't just add counterpicking and add it to ranked.
So, what about all those people who will main this mode, and thus will think that playing only one role is normal, and will go into Ranked with this mindset?
Is there anything planned to deal with them?
Since I am pretty sure that having such a player will make champion select worse and not better.
Player action and the knock on effect is a huge part of consideration for anything we do. It has to be, because if we introduce a positive in one aspect that has the potential for negative in another then we have to walk a fine line of balance and iteration.

If a player really wants to play a game as a Champion, which many people do like to do, sometimes you gotta play that Pantheon mid, then Team Builder is there to facilitate that. I see you're concerned about player mindset, but when you can credit working with a team as being a fun and successful experience even in defeat to the extent that it informs how you want to play the game wouldn't that actually lead to more positive Ranked games as these players have seen the benefits of teamwork and cooperation?

If a player has played one Champion and role exclusively in Team Builder with great success then for sure they'll want to take it to Ranked in the same way someone using Normal Queue would. However an attitude toward exclusivity of Champions is difficult in Ranked due to Picks and Bans and understanding that is an integral part of the experience. If someone has that mindset to a detrimental degree then we need to educate more people about Ranked.

Which is something I wholeheartedly agree with personally, education and information is lacking in that regard and we do have an eye on it.
I am loving this Team builder concept.
Riot seems to be planing this new feature carefully and that is a good thing.
My only concern right now is the waiting times for people wanting to play popular champions or lanes. I assume it will be long.

This is something we'll be looking at both from data and practical feedback, we could have added a lot of features from the outset but we wanted to provide a core experience. You're absolutely right we're planning carefully as it offers so much potential for good team synergy and strategy and a positive cooperative experience.

The data we have shows the % of players who Support or Jungle is higher than most suspect. I'm a big fan of kill lanes personally and I'd love to see more of those coming into play. We have our expectations and good data to back it up, but it's going to be you guys who really help us build this out and make it the best it can be. It's super exciting.

Morgana "FAQ"

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

it's 'soon' now, which means i'm finally getting around to a proper morgana post.

"so, what's going on with morgana? why the sudden attention?"
no major event or anything. in our patch planning meeting i said i wanted to try to get in a buff/update for morgana if i could find the time.

"morgana is fine and/or has a good win rate, why would you change her now?"
although she's cool and strong, there are a few things holding morgana back right now. some players find her to be clunky, some of her mechanics are obscure/unappreciated, and she has an atypical power curve. ideally, i wanted to use some of my spare time this patch to give her updates that address at least some of these issues without much disruption to them.

"why are you trying to kill morgana's wave clear? she needs that to function!"
that's totally not even a goal. truth be told, if we were doing a morgana rework we'd probably try to add more play to her laning (for both sides) but the scope of these changes isn't anywhere near that so i'm not looking to kick that hornet's nest. the furthest i'd go is something like require morgana to 'spec' into getting her early wave clear, but that would be more of a cost paid than an immediate design objective.

that's basically it for the preface. i think she's awesome and could benefit from a little love/attention. no secret agenda or anything—if i can't get the changes to something i'm comfortable with before it's time for the patch to ship, then i'm just going to pull them and not think too much on it until the next time i have a small pocket of free time.

as for the specifics, i wanted to mostly focus on 'modernization' changes like making her basic attack not awful/archaic, making the tormented soil ticks more responsive, and trying to add clarity to some of her sources of power. the last part is the trickiest since there's two things that are most obviously in need of improvement: her passive, and the magic resist shred on tormented soil.
  • the passive is pretty straightforward to people that understand spell vamp, but even then it's not clear to most players just how much health you're getting from the passive. might do something with the tooltip(s) but otherwise not looking to do much this patch regarding the passive.
  • addressing her magic shred is easily the biggest gain to be made. it dramatically complicates her highs/lows, and requires too much awkward 'gaming' of a mechanic that isn't directly tied to the really cool and visible aspects of her play patterns. dark binding and soul shackles do pretty well in this regard—morgana's opponents are able to pretty easily figure out what the ability does and what they should do in response to it. tormented soil should also be clear since the response should just be 'don't stand in the puddle' but a lot of the ability's power is indirect, and that doesn't come across as strongly as it should—tormented soil should command a lot more respect as a pvp ability than it currently does. anyway, the theory here is to make it such that if tormented soil is getting you killed, it should be tormented soil killing you. this should be super clear to both a first-time morgana player and first-time morgana opponent.
so yeah, that's the long and short of it. things i'm looking to do in the near future:
-implement those changes i mentioned before (basic attack improvements, riven-esque execute mechanic)
-get more 'feel' feedback (do basic attacks feel better? how does tick rate on soil feel?)
-make sure her core functions are in tact (can reasonably wave clear compared to live)
-answer any followup questions you guys might have.

sadly i don't have a ton of time left to work on this stuff (getting 'pass out' feverish in the midst of iteration cycles is the worst by the way), which means we're getting relatively close to the final hurrah before i decide whether or not to pull the changes. hopefully we're able to get something done for morgana by patch time—i'd much appreciate any collaborative efforts. ♥

Haunted Zyra's Sounds Coming Next Week

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

The sound her Thorn Spitters make when they shoot definitely doesn't fit this works fine in her other skins, but it just doesn't fit this one.
Also, is her passive's appearance on the PBE just a placeholder? I really hope so. Shouldn't just look like a bigger version of hte Thorn Spitter.
Never fear, new sounds incoming next week!

Feedback on Heimerdinger's Passive

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

A couple important things to keep in mind when brainstorming passive ideas:
  • It's about shared goals, not popularity: whatever gets Heimer in the best state is what I'll go with
  • Try to "yes and" people whenever possible: This is a collaborative process--more like a co op game than mario kart, there's no banana peels here
  • I am going to be a huge jerk dictator about the first bullet point: Definitely want to stress that agreeing we want a new passive isn't the same as having found one
  • Think positive!: Negativity has its place, but in pure brainstorming an atmosphere of positivity creates the most effective result

We all care a lot about this lil champ of ours, it's important to remember not to step on each others' toes in the rush ^^
The turret ult's slow is only on the beam attack, from what I have seen, and that only applies after the turret has fired
Actually, the new ult applies the slow on its autoattack and has a much greater range than a normal turret ^^

The Future of EU West

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Greetings Summoners,

I would like to introduce myself and talk about the stability problems we have been having in Europe. My name is Paul Breslin and my role at Riot is to head up Europe. Our top priority is delivering the stable platform you deserve. The recent problems on EUW stem from a storm of capacity, Internet connectivity and patch updates issues. As a player, I know this is not good enough and I would like to talk about what we are doing to level up our services dramatically for Europe.

First, I’d like to tackle a claim that really hurts to read – the idea that Riot doesn't care about EUW players. I can personally promise to you that this isn’t the case. Improving service here is a top priority across Riot and I promise you no one is blind to the pain you’ve been experiencing. It’s an historic problem for European players, I get that – but it’s one we’re truly dedicated to solving.

New EU Server Centre – We have been building a brand new facility in Amsterdam to house the EU servers. We’re building it with the latest designs in infrastructure, all new hardware and bigger/more servers than the current facility has. It will be the newest datacentre for any Riot region, and will be the latest in terms of overall system architecture. This is a massive undertaking that’s already been in the works for several months, and it’s not something that can happen overnight. I hope we can share some more behind-the-scenes details from the new data centre once it’s ready to power on.

Dedicated EUW strike team – On top of the team working on the long-term solution of the new data centre, we also have a dedicated strike team of Rioters from many different disciplines, who are responsible for the stability of EUW. The team is headed by Riot TMX from Europe. To give example of what the strike team do, over the past couple of weeks they have upgraded load balancing hardware, added chat servers, and diversified our internet connectivity by adding more circuits to our data centres. As a result, we’re seeing less impacted playtime on EUW over the last week and that trend is continuing to improve.

Communication – You’re all absolutely right that a big weakness here (and one of the core reasons European players rightly feel neglected) is that our communication around service issues hasn’t been timely or sufficient in the past. We’ve taken great care to solve this, and I hope you’ve noticed an improvement in the visibility, frequency, and quality of our communications during recent service interruptions on the forums. Feedback is greatly appreciated here.

Riot Direct – We know that the internet routing from you to our servers isn’t always ideal. In the past we’ve worked with partners and our datacentres to help direct traffic from you to our servers, but there are constraints that we weren’t willing to accept. With that in mind, we will be taking over the management of network traffic from players to our servers. We’ll be able to change how player traffic hits our servers, and can react quickly to changes/service disruptions and can constantly fine tune traffic flow to best suit players.

Game Metrics – We are building performance monitoring tools into the game client and server that will allow us to track framerate, network performance, and a host of other performance metrics. This new layer of monitoring will alert us to make pre-emptive adjustments to network and game settings to prevent or limit any impact on players.

I hope this gives you better visibility on the issues and reassures you that our top priority is to deliver the game experience we know you deserve. As the above initiatives come online weÂ’ll go more in depth about them ahead of time to make sure everyone is aware of the changes.
This is awesome,I trully hope you can make it(it seems EUW is quite difficult to handle lol)
It can be, but TMX and the team have strong backs to carry this through and you guys deserve it.

Also just to add as some may not have noticed the Season is extended until 11:59 on 11/11.
Does this mean people who live in The Netherlands will have less ping?
We have not fully committed on what services will migrate to Amsterdam and what services will remain in our current data center. However it is the responsibility of Riot Direct to bring optimal ping to EVERYONE in Europe regardless of platform. We have some really smart dudes building relationships with major ISPs in Europe to optimize the latency for players as soon as possible.
Even if it is just someone saying "we're working on it".
That would make the fact that we can't play less frustrating.
Our motto is to be the most player focused game in the world. I strive daily to help fix the issues with the current infrastructure and hope that these changes will make playing our game easier and less rage inducing
Thanks riot !
I think you could give the same kind of proffessional information you just gave us instead of only saying on the lol client that rankeds are down for (always same reason) DETAILS is key
One more thanks for this great post from riot
We're working on a message anywhere initiative that will provide better info on player experiences in more places. It's still at an early stage, but ideally we'll be able to message in a wide variety of places that players are (launcher, in game, etc as examples) but also be able to give more detail.

For now though, whenever you click on the message inside the client, it should take you to a forum that goes into greater detail about what is happening and why. If it doesn't, let us know because we're not doing our job.

Can you shed some light on riot direct, how much of the internet traffic is riot going to be routing?
I can't get into to much detail about the amount, but I can say that we are significantly increasing our upstream capacity and taking our routed edge to the edge of some pretty serious ISPs in Europe.

With every ISP we add, we bring the routed "hops" closer and closer to the players until (hopefully), all traffic will take the optimal route to and from the data center, and the overall latency for players will lower.

We can't promise green ping for 100% or players, but the goal of Riot Direct is to bring the *Green* to as many players as possible.
everyone in europe, what about, not in europe?
i dunno, say... the southern tip of africa?
serious question though, will this effect me?
Very valid concern. Our team is dedicated to bringing in game latency down for everyone playing on all our platforms world wide (pretty big task). Once our data center is servicing traffic in Amsterdam will have more granular control of traffic and the way traffic flows to us. It will be our responsibility to choose the best paths for traffic, and it is not always an easy choice. Hopefully we will be able to optimize routes to you while keeping routes to everywhere else stable as well.
tldr: the answer, like we've said 100000x, was add more servers
We've actually added a lot of servers to the EUW infrastructure in the recent past, but there is a point where you hit a diminishing return for adding servers because the entire infrastructure needs to be redone. Amsterdam gives us the opportunity to go through and completely rebuild it and to make changes and advances based off the lessons we've learned since EUW was built. So yup new servers, and more of them, but also a better layout and configuration.


S3 Ranked Play Is Being Extended

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Hello Ymir!
Just a quick question: Are you guys planning on extend the soloq deadline beyond the 31th october?
In the past 3 weeks I was only able to play on 5 days, sadly.
Either the queue was incredibly long, rankeds were disabled or the server were dead.
Furthermore I couldn't duoQ with my friend because the chat had problems, too.
Best hopes for EUW!
We've extended the end of season to 11:59 11/11.
It has just been anounced on the official website also, Ymir is not pulling a joke on us.
Source here!

It's not worth my life to joke about this
For NA too? lol.
They had the same downtimes as we I guess ...
The end of Season is a really global event that has impact on everything we do. It is something that has to land on the same day worldwide for a number of things to work.
Since youre here what happened to the eu event we were promised?
Manpower and the S3 finals in honesty.

We also need to make sure if we do something it isn't just a thing, it needs to be good enough that people remember it as being done as specifically for you guys. There's things moving, but it takes time.

That was a contest and not truly an event. We've ran similar contests in other languages where there are specific days that make sense, but for EUW English there's not a lot of unity beyond the major holidays we all celebrate together (Christmas etc) that means we need to think outside the box.
Since youre here what happened to the eu event we were promised?
Manpower and the S3 finals in honesty.

We also need to make sure if we do something it isn't just a thing, it needs to be good enough that people remember it as being done as specifically for you guys. There's things moving, but it takes time.

That was a contest and not truly an event. We've ran similar contests in other languages where there are specific days that make sense, but for EUW English there's not a lot of unity beyond the major holidays we all celebrate together (Christmas etc) that means we need to think outside the box.
is this true?? because that's all i wanted.
Well I wouldn't want to be me if I had to answer no to this question

(Yes it is true)
is this PDT, CET, CEST? just asking cause i bet its PDT, and i have to calculate when that will be in europe.
It should be GMT, but I'll make sure and clarify that 100%.
Hahaha, i bet your life would be on the line for such jokes. But i would love them kind of jokes though. Knowing how much Riot already does get flamed i wouldn't dare to risk it either.
Btw i personally wouldn't expect you to joke about it but we know the community and there for i thought the source post would be nice to be posted with it.
Appreciate the link!
What if we're in a game at 12:00 finishing off? :3
Monkeys riding terriers through blackened hellscapes. The warbling song of the awakened moon as it breaches our atmosphere and causes chaos.

Tides running red as they ebb and flow at unnatural speed to tear apart the very realms of men.

You, yes you, sit chugging your juice and focusing on the promo series to Diamond will notice none of it despite being the prime cause of the very ending of this world.

Rent asunder the infrastructure of the world will collapse crafting a cruel new empire in its wake, one formed wholly from the bitterness of those who failed their promo series.

In the ashes of this new land a chant will rise, echoing through broken streets and reverberating through the bones of burnt out buildings...

'Nerf Zed...'

Champion and Skin Sale: 10.18 - 10.21

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Give your champions a new look with these skins, on sale for a limited time:

  • Wicked Lulu 487 RP

Add these champions to your roster, on sale for a limited time:



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